Vasco da Gama
Contracts info
Contracts: 20
Voyage: 2h
Crew: 20 Crew
Ships: Sailing (1 slot)
Contractor requirements
Level: 12
Complete: Exploration 5
Vasco da Gama (Ship)

Vasco da Gama, 1st Count of Vidigueira (1460s – 24 December 1524), was a Portuguese explorer and the first European to reach India by sea. His initial voyage to India (1497–1499) was the first to link Europe and Asia by an ocean route, connecting the Atlantic and the Indian oceans and therefore, the West and the Orient.

Da Gama's discovery of the sea route to India was significant and opened the way for an age of global imperialism and for the Portuguese to establish a long-lasting colonial empire in Asia. Traveling the ocean route allowed the Portuguese to avoid sailing across the highly disputed Mediterranean and traversing the dangerous Arabian Peninsula. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Vasco's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 30 Coin x2 15 400 5 Gem
2 50 Wood x2 25 450 1,200 Coin
3 70 Fish x2 35 500 10 Gem
4 60 Coin x2 30 550 200 Stone
5 90 Fish x2 45 600 70 Iron
6 30 Cocoa x2 15 650 15 Gem
7 90 Coin x2 45 700 2,000 Wood
8 80 Stone x2 40 750 120 Iron
9 90 Wood x2 45 800 25 Gem
10 110 Fish x3 37 850 2,200 Coin
11 120 Coin x3 40 900 3,500 Wood
12 50 Cocoa x3 17 950 300 Stone
13 150 Coin x3 50 1,000 150 Iron
14 170 Wood x3 57 1,050 2,600 Coin
15 120 Iron x3 40 1,100 350 Stone
16 180 Coin x3 60 1,150 30 Gem
17 170 Fish x3 57 1,200 3,700 Coin
18 190 Wood x3 63 1,250 300 Iron
19 200 Coin x3 67 1,300 700 Stone
20 70 Cocoa x3 23 1,350 35 Gem


Sent Reward Difference
Coin 830 9,700 8,870
Gem 120 120
Fish 440 -440
Wood 500 5,500 5,000
Stone 80 1,550 1,470
Iron 120 640 520
Cocoa 150 -150
Xp 17,500 17,500


Vasco da Gama
Level required: 32
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (1 slot)
Museum reward: 2,500 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 Reward 40 12 500
2 5,000 Coin 3,000 Wood 300 Iron 130 50 13 600
3 8,000 Coin 5,000 Wood 800 Stone 130 60 16 700
4 13,000 Coin 5,700 Wood 700 Iron 140 70 19 800
5 16,000 Coin 15,200 Wood 1,200 Stone 150 80 24 1,000
42,000 Coin
28,900 Wood
2,000 Stone
1,000 Iron
550 Gem
3,600 Xp


# Story
1 Olá, meu amigo!
Have a glass of wine and take a seat. As you’ve heard, our king’s highest wish is to break into the world of spice trade. Are you in? Then grab your cash and join me!
2 More is more!
It will be a long cruise and one ship won’t be enough. Two ships? That’s for amateurs! Three ships sound reasonable but we can do better. We need to build at least 4!
3 Join me for a meal
Fishing is not really my thing and I guess yours neither. We need fishermen to join our crew so I’ve arranged a little dinner with them. Don’t forget to suit up!
4 ... got change?
That was a fancy meal, wasn’t it? Oh no, I seem to have forgotten my money at home, could you lend me some? I’ll pay it off right away, I promise.
5 It’s a done deal!
Great news amigo! Fishermen are thrilled to join us but they have one condition - the king’s cooks will have to use exclusively their catchings. Sounds fair, right?
6 Visit Christopher
I’ve heard that you’re friends with Mr. Columbus, why haven’t you told me? That’s wonderful news! Visit him and bring some cocoa. It might come in handy later.
7 Bring the crew!
Even the best ship is worthless without a skillful crew. We need the best navigators, sailors and translators in the whole kingdom so choose wisely and pay them well.
8 Let them eat cake
Or a steak! Make sure the chefs have a fully equipped kitchen. Can you imagine eating only boiled meat all the time? Disgusting! Each ship needs a nice stone oven.
9 Beware the waves!
No great voyage has ever been made without a single scratch. Hope for the best - prepare for the worst! Don’t forget to load up materials for reparations.
10 Before we leave...
We need to have one last dinner with our king. This time, it’s on us so we have to make an effort. If you’d like to ask him anything, do it now or never!
11 Weigh anchor!
The big day has come. Please, do me a favor and pay the last harbor fees. Oh, and just so you know - our first stop is in Africa.
12 Land on the horizon!
I’ve just checked the cocoa from Mr. Columbus and I must say that he used to be more generous. Luckily, there’s Africa on the horizon so we can debark and get some more.
13 Can you believe it?
We’re sweating in Africa while it’s Christmas in Portugal! Look, I’ve made you a belt as a gift. No, it’s not a sailing rope you silly! What will you give me in return?
14 Touch ups needed!
If only our king were more generous with the wood. The ships need a bit of repair work so go and get some wood before we leave.
15 A few weeks later...
What is this place? I’m afraid that my navigation skills have failed! Don’t tell anyone or I’ll be the first man overboard. Let’s pretend we’re trading iron with sultan.
16 Congratulations...
We have successfully managed to offend the sultan with our poor metal exchange offer. Lesson learned, we'd better focus on coins. The locals are furious, let's get away!
17 India is near!
Let’s try not to insult the local citizens this time. Bring these lovely people on board and tell the chefs to prepare the best meals Portugal can offer!
18 Dinner's nice but...
We don’t have any gift for the Indian king! I’m afraid I’ll have to use my craft skills again. Bring me wood and I’ll figure something out.
19 King’s not impressed
Well, my wooden decoration isn’t very appealing. At least, the king seems to be amused, don’t you think? Or... maybe not. A handful of gold will surely be more appropriate.
20 Spice would be nice
Let’s not forget why we came here! Take all the cocoa and trade it for spices our king has never tasted before. I’m sure your devoted service will be generously rewarded.
That's all partner! I'm really surprised that you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude, I give you my most favourite ship.