Vasco Núñez de Balboa
Contracts info
Contracts: 60
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 100 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 130
Recommended: 150
Complete: John Fitch
San Anton (Ship)

Vasco Núñez de Balboa (1475 – around January 12–21, 1519) was a Spanish explorer, governor, and conquistador. He is best known for having crossed the Isthmus of Panama to the Pacific Ocean in 1513, becoming the first European to lead an expedition to have seen or reached the Pacific from the New World. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 2,500 Iron x5 500 6,500 5,000 Wood
2 10,000 Coin x10 1,000 7,150 3,500 Stone
3 1,500 Crew x2 750 7,800 9,000 Fish
4 4,000 Stone x5 800 8,450 20,000 Coin
5 7,000 Fish x7 1,000 9,100 3,000 Iron
6 4,500 Wood x6 750 9,750 7,000 Stone
7 750 Grapes x2 375 10,400 25,000 Coin
8 2,000 Crew x2 1,000 11,050 8,000 Wood
9 5,000 Iron x8 625 11,700 10 Gem
10 20,000 Coin x16 1,250 12,350 10,000 Stone
11 14,000 Fish x10 1,400 13,000 15,000 Wood
12 5,500 Stone x5 1,100 13,650 7,000 Iron
13 1,500 Grapes x2 750 14,300 15,000 Fish
14 7,500 Wood x6 1,250 14,950 40,000 Coin
15 2,500 Crew x2 1,250 15,600 15,000 Iron
16 40,000 Coin x25 1,600 16,575 30,000 Fish
17 12,000 Iron x12 1,000 17,550 18,000 Stone
18 28,000 Fish x18 1,556 18,525 50,000 Coin
19 2,000 Grapes x2 1,000 19,500 10 Gem
20 10,000 Stone x10 1,000 20,475 45,000 Fish
21 12,000 Wood x12 1,000 21,450 70,000 Coin
22 3,000 Crew x2 1,500 22,425 25,000 Stone
23 50,000 Coin x25 2,000 23,400 65,000 Fish
24 22,000 Stone x16 1,375 24,375 26,000 Wood
25 42,000 Fish x20 2,100 25,350 100,000 Coin
26 20,000 Iron x16 1,250 26,325 15 Gem
27 2,500 Grapes x2 1,250 27,300 40,000 Stone
28 24,000 Wood x16 1,500 28,275 120,000 Coin
29 3,500 Crew x2 1,750 29,250 35,000 Iron
30 60,000 Coin x25 2,400 30,225 90,000 Fish
31 38,000 Stone x38 1,000 31,525 55,000 Wood
32 70,000 Fish x40 1,750 32,825 140,000 Coin
33 30,000 Iron x20 1,500 34,125 55,000 Stone
34 3,000 Grapes x3 1,000 35,425 15 Gem
35 50,000 Wood x32 1,563 36,725 45,000 Iron
36 4,500 Crew x2 2,250 38,025 120,000 Fish
37 100,000 Coin x40 2,500 39,325 80,000 Wood
38 50,000 Stone x25 2,000 40,625 55,000 Iron
39 84,000 Fish x40 2,100 41,925 180,000 Coin
40 3,750 Grapes x3 1,250 43,225 90,000 Stone
41 55,000 Iron x32 1,719 44,525 150,000 Fish
42 5,500 Crew x2 2,750 45,825 250,000 Coin
43 75,000 Wood x40 1,875 47,125 20 Gem
44 140,000 Coin x50 2,800 48,425 120,000 Stone
45 112,000 Fish x40 2,800 49,725 170,000 Wood
46 80,000 Stone x50 1,600 51,675 65,000 Iron
47 4,500 Grapes x4 1,125 53,625 300,000 Coin
48 7,000 Crew x2 3,500 55,575 200,000 Fish
49 85,000 Iron x40 2,125 57,525 200,000 Wood
50 280,000 Coin x100 2,800 59,475 150,000 Stone
51 150,000 Wood x80 1,875 61,425 85,000 Iron
52 196,000 Fish x80 2,450 63,375 20 Gem
53 95,000 Stone x50 1,900 65,325 450,000 Coin
54 5,000 Grapes x4 1,250 67,275 100,000 Iron
55 8,000 Crew x2 4,000 69,225 300,000 Fish
56 100,000 Iron x40 2,500 71,175 200,000 Stone
57 192,000 Wood x64 3,000 73,125 650,000 Coin
58 224,000 Fish x80 2,800 75,075 25 Gem
59 320,000 Coin x100 3,200 77,025 300,000 Wood
60 130,000 Stone x52 2,500 78,975 130,000 Iron


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 37,500 -37,500
Coin 1,020,000 2,395,000 1,375,000
Gem 115 115
Fish 777,000 1,024,000 247,000
Wood 515,000 859,000 344,000
Stone 434,500 718,500 284,000
Iron 309,500 540,000 230,500
Grapes 23,000 -23,000
Xp 2,106,000 2,106,000


San Anton
Level required: 130
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 165,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 90 47
2 400,000 Coin 145,000 Wood 40,000 Stone 120 100 52 45,000
3 550,000 Coin 175,000 Wood 35,000 Iron 130 110 61 55,000
4 800,000 Coin 220,000 Wood 60,000 Stone 140 120 75 75,000
5 1,250,000 Coin 250,000 Wood 55,000 Iron 150 130 94 100,000
3,000,000 Coin
790,000 Wood
100,000 Stone
90,000 Iron
540 Gem
275,000 Xp


# Story
1 On Hispaniola
Where do you come from? Are you from Spain too? Which ever country you hail from, I am sure we can become friends. Come, I will show you around my farm.
2 Small loan
I grow here some crops, and breed mainly pigs. However, it's not as prosperous as I hoped. I have made quite a few debts already. If you could lend me some money, I will surely return it.
3 You won't lose money
You are very kind to help me repay the debts. I assure you I will pay it all off to you together with the interests. If you and your men have time, I could also use help with the work around the farm.
4 Little experience
Actually, I am an explorer. I have little experiences with farming, maybe that's why my farming adventure is not very successful. Enough talking. Now let's repair the pig shed before the pigs run away.
5 Money troubles
I spoke to my investors today. Seems the interest has increased my debt to ridiculous heights. I don't even have money for food now. I will have to disappear from here.
6 Covert escape
You are a captain, you say? I would never endanger you by hiding on your ship. And I have already found the perfect escape route. But I will have to hide in a barrel.
7 My dog Leoncico
Leave the pigs some grapes, they love them. It shall be my goodbye gift for them. But I can't leave my Leoncico here. I hope you found a barrel big enough for me and my dog.
8 In San Sebastian
I am lucky I got to the continent at all. When captain Ensico discovered me, he wanted to leave me stranded. But the situation here looks dangerous. You better keep your men close.
9 Dangerous land
Mr. Pizarro, the supervisor of this colony, says they were constantly attacked by the native tribes. I hope you have some weapons. I worry that we can expect another attack soon.
10 Proper motivation
This was the third attack in two days. We need to leave this place. I suggest we move westward to the jungle. If we tell Ensico and Pizarro that there is gold, they will surely want to go there.
11 Relocating
They agreed to move the settlement where I suggested. We should start packing now. You take care of the food supplies and I will help with the building and farming tools.
12 We must fight
Of course there is a clan living here too. There must be at least 500 native warriors. But don't worry, I am sure we will defeat them. If you don't want to fight, ready the material for the houses.
13 We won!
But we are no cruel monsters, so let the captives go. They know now how dangerous we are, so they will avoid us. Now we can open a bottle of wine and celebrate our victory.
14 Santa Maria
This place here is ideal for a new settlement. You have already brought some stone, but we will need wood too. A new settlement deserves a new name and it shall be Santa Maria.
15 Gold fever
We have found some golden ornaments in the village of the natives. The men are like crazy looking for more gold. If you want some of it, you should send your sailors searching too.
16 Fair share for all
Have you found some gold? You know we must share it between each other? So that everyone in the settlement gets his part. I hope you understand that.
17 They chose me
Seems the people really like me. They choose me to be their governor. The thing I want to concentrate on is exploration. But with so many native tribes here, we will need to be well armed.
18 Man of few talents
I want to make a large feast for the whole settlement to thank them for choosing me as the new governor. Help me prepare some food. I am not a good cook, nor hunter or fisherman.
19 Planting season
Before we leave to explore the land, let's plant the grape vine near the settlement. The earth is rich and fertile here. It should grow well. I can't wait to taste the fruits already.
20 Careta's offer
The local chieftain Careta wants to become our ally. He promises to supply us with food if we help them rebuild their houses, which were destroyed in the battle. That's not a bad deal.
21 River ships
Careta told us about another sea to the south across the land. We can sail down the river. It will make the crossing easier. But our ships are not made to sail shallow rivers. We need new ones.
22 Reinforcements
I wrote a letter to the king of Spain asking for more men. We will need more soldiers to guard the land we have already won. And some carpenters and builders to build a shipyard.
23 The precious metal
Don't take me for a greedy man, but gold is power. We need it to spread Spain's influence around the world. You wouldn't keep it just for yourself, if you found some, right?
24 The land of gold
The natives told us that there is so much gold in the land to the south that the people eat from golden plates. Let's hurry up with the building of ships and shipyard, so we can go there soon.
25 Native guides
We are setting off soon. Careta's men will join us. They know this land and will guide us through the jungle. Let's have a tasty meal before we get underway.
26 Be ready
We are entering a territory of a dangerous clan. It's not wise to underestimate these warriors. Be ready to anchor the boats when they attack, it would be no use to try and flee. We must fight.
27 We won't be stopped
That was a tough fight. We lost a lot of men, but we must go on. Careta said when we cross this mountain range, we will see the south sea. Let's drink something before we go on.
28 Pearl Islands
We found a lot of pearls in the last village. The natives say they come from the isles in the bay. We had to leave our boats upstream, so we need to build new ones to reach the islands.
29 Many treasures
Send your men to look for more pearls. If we can't find gold, pearls are good too. But be ready to meet the natives. These are densely inhabited lands.
30 Lost in the jungle
We have obviously lost the way. Which fool thought the pearl clams will be inside the forest? Try asking the locals to tell us how to get back to the beach. Some gold might make them friendly.
31 South Sea
At last we are back at the seashore. Let's return to the mainland. It's time I claimed this sea for the Spanish kingdom. We will leave there a text etched in stone, which will mark our discovery.
32 Way back
Now it's time to return to Santa Maria. I want to take a different route back to explore more area. We should plan the way back during dinner, so we can get on the road tomorrow.
33 Deadly poison
Let's delve into the jungle again. Watch out for the poisonous snakes. One bite and you are dead. It's best to just cut off their head with your sword, before they get to strike.
34 Back in Santa Maria
It seems the settlement flourished while we were gone. Our soldiers have protected it, the crops are growing well, even the first harvest was plentiful. Let's taste the fruits of our labor.
35 News for the king
We must send a ship with the news of our discovery to the king together with a part of the treasure. Is one of the ships ready for a voyage across the ocean?
36 You must stay
I need you here to help me around the settlement and with further exploration of the land. But send some reliable men with the treasure back to Spain. We don't want it to get lost on the way.
37 The deal
Have you loaded a part of your treasure on the ship? We must give the crown one fifth of everything we obtain here. That's the deal. We can still keep quite a lot, you won't become poor.
38 Plans for winter
Now, that the ship is on it's way to Spain, we can concentrate on improving the settlement. Once the winter is over, I plan to go exploring once again. We should finish the rebuilding until then.
39 Ships in the harbor
Ships from Spain have arrived. They bring the men and supplies I requested from the king. Let's prepare a dinner for them and have a talk with their leader Mr. Avila. He brings some news.
40 New governor
The news were bad. Avila is here to replace me as the new governor. Someone has complained about me and convinced the king that I am trying to make a fortune for myself. Pour me some wine.
41 Expecting mutiny?
People like me here. Avila won't have it easy trying to command them. And I certainly won't help him. Not after he took away all my weapons to prevent a mutiny. How am I to go exploring now?
42 Overpopulation
There are just too many people here. We need to find a new location for another settlement. I asked the new governor for his leave to go exploring. I hope you and your men are coming too.
43 Along the coast
This cedar wood is perfect for shipbuilding. We will sail along the coast and look out for a convenient place for a settlement. I want to avoid the jungle if I can.
44 Unsuccessful
We have been exploring for many days, but haven't found a safe place for a settlement. I even conceded to going through the jungle. I don't want to get back empty handed, let's look for some gold at least.
45 Stop the bleeding
I always prefer making friends with the natives to fighting them. But that is not always an option. On this expedition it goes wrong all the time. I think I am bleeding, I need some rest and food.
46 Escape tactics
We need to return. The natives are following us. I have lost too many men, we can't face them anymore. Try to start a stone avalanche on the hill nearby. That should stop them.
47 Time to heal
At last we are back in the settlement. I will need some time to heal my wounds, but I have already planned the next expedition. But first, bring me some wine to calm my nerves.
48 The next expedition
I want to explore the South Sea next. Who knows what riches are waiting there for us. I already send a ship to Cuba to recruit the men stationed there, but we will probably need more.
49 Armed and dangerous
The last expedition proved how dangerous these lands can be. We must be prepared for more attacks by the locals. This time I am not going to let them get the better of us.
50 Small obstacle
The new governor would not approve this expedition after what happened the last time. You must buy all the supplies we will need. Nobody can suspect that I am preparing to leave.
51 Did you tell?
The governor found out about the expedition, and now wants to lock me up in a wooden cage. How could he have found out? It was not from you, was it?
52 Free again
Where did the governor get so much wood for the cage so quickly? You did not help him, I hope. Fortunately, our bishop persuaded him not to lock me up. Let's eat something, I am starving.
53 Let's get busy
It won't be easy to go exploring now, but don't think I gave up. I must go help with the house repairs as the governor commanded, but meanwhile I will think of a new plan.
54 Drinking distraction
I will drink with the governor tonight. After he falls asleep we will get onto the boats and leave unseen. In the morning his head will hurt so much he won't think about looking for me.
55 A bit unsteady
Good that I have such a high tolerance for wine. Still I had to drink quite a lot till the governor passed out. Help me get on the boat. I hope all our men are ready to set off.
56 Let's go!
Chain the remaining boats to the pier so they can't go after us. That will win us some more time. Let's hope they decide not to pursue us at all after finding the chained boats.
57 Look for cedar
When we get down the river, we will need to build new ships to explore the sea. These boats are not made for the open water. Look, if you can spot the cedar trees along the river as we pass by.
58 Locked up again
We met Mr. Pizarro in the jungle. It was he who locked me up. Again he accuses me of conspiring against our king and taking all the gold for myself. Just bring me some food for now.
59 A misunderstanding
Don't worry, I will be fine. They have to release me soon. These accusations are ridiculous. But you can try to bribe them so they let me go sooner.
60 A somber goodbye
I am sure all will end well. But I will understand if you leave now. It would be stupid to let them lock us up both. So good luck, captain. And be careful on your further explorations.
Thank you, captain! It was a pleasure working with you. As a token of my gratitude, I give you my favorite ship.
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