Contracts in the Treasure Hunt event are different from those in other events. Instead of doing multiple tasks for one person, players will find contracts hidden under the clouds on the map for various Seaport characters (one contract per destination).

They are divided in three parts, depending on player's level.

All travels take 2h for sending.


From level 20Edit

These contracts are available for level 20 (recommended 25) and higher. Minimum crew is 20 Crew.

# Contractor Required Bonus
1 Columbusportrait Columbus 600 Wood x6
500 100 Vellon + 20 Capacity Captain
2 Vascogamaportrait Vasco da Gama 560 Fish x7
550 110 Vellon 500 Stone
3 Blackbeardportrait Edward Teach
1,000 Coin x10
600 40 Pesodeocho 300 Iron
4 Kendrickportrait John Kendrick 600 Wood x6
650 120 Vellon 2,000 Coin
5 Amerigoportrait Amerigo Vespucci 1,000 Coin x10
700 50 Pesodeocho 750 Crew
6 Bartolomeuportrait Bartolomeu Dias 750 Wood x6
750 130 Vellon 600 Crew
7 Magalhaesportrait Fernão de Magalhães 700 Fish x7
800 60 Pesodeocho 800 Stone
8 Magalhaesportrait Fernão de Magalhães 400 Crew 850 140 Vellon 600 Iron
9 Isabellaportrait Isabella of Castile 500 Stone x5
900 70 Pesodeocho 800 Crew
10 Bacardiportrait Facundo Bacardí 400 Iron x4
950 150 Vellon 1,000 Wood
11 Vascogamaportrait Vasco da Gama 750 Wood x6
1,000 80 Pesodeocho + 25 Capacity Captain
12 Winstanleyportrait Henry Winstanley 600 Stone x5
1,050 160 Vellon + 30 Crew Captain

From level 50Edit

These contracts are available for level 50 (recommended 60) and higher. Minimum crew is 60 Crew.

# Contractor Required Bonus
1 Amerigoportrait Amerigo Vespucci 4,000 Stone x10
4,000 500 Vellon + 60 Crew Captain
2 Columbusportrait Columbus 9,000 Coin x20
4,300 200 Pesodeocho 400 Cocoa
3 Leifportrait Leif Eriksson 4,500 Stone x10
4,600 550 Vellon + 35 Capacity Captain
4 Erikportrait Erik the Red 10,000 Coin x20
4,900 220 Pesodeocho 15,000 Fish
5 Kendrickportrait John Kendrick 3,600 Iron x8
5,200 600 Vellon 800 Cloth
6 Erikportrait Erik the Red 6,000 Wood x12
5,500 240 Pesodeocho 20,000 Fish
7 Brobertsportrait Bartholomew Roberts 7,800 Wood x12
5,800 700 Vellon 2,250 Crew
8 Bartolomeuportrait Bartolomeu Dias 4,000 Iron x8
6,100 260 Pesodeocho + 30 Capacity Captain
9 Blackbeardportrait Edward Teach
5,000 Stone x10
6,400 800 Vellon 700 Cloth
10 Vascogamaportrait Vasco da Gama 7,000 Fish x14
6,700 300 Pesodeocho 3,000 Crew
11 Mingzhouportrait Ming Zhou 4,400 Iron x8
7,000 900 Vellon 8,000 Stone

From level 80Edit

These contracts are available for level 80 (recommended 100) and higher. Minimum crew is 100 Crew.

# Contractor Required Bonus
1 Drakeportrait Francis Drake 100,000 Coin x40
25,000 1,500 Vellon + 100 Crew Captain
2 Isabellaportrait Isabella of Castile 72,000 Wood x24
30,000 600 Pesodeocho 250,000 Coin
3 Magalhaesportrait Fernão de Magalhães 4,000 Grapes x4
35,000 1,700 Vellon + 60 Capacity Captain
4 Bacardiportrait Facundo Bacardí 40,000 Iron x16
40,000 800 Pesodeocho 75,000 Stone
5 Brobertsportrait Bartholomew Roberts 120,000 Coin x40
45,000 1,900 Vellon 200,000 Wood
6 Vanderdecken2portrait Hendrik van der Decken 72,000 Wood x24
50,000 1,000 Pesodeocho 12,000 Crew
7 Winstanleyportrait Henry Winstanley 50,000 Stone x20
55,000 2,200 Vellon 300,000 Coin


From level 20Edit

# Story
1 Hello again, captain
Going for some easy exploration? I ventured out for a little voyage too. Unfortunately, my ship hit the reef. My eyesight is not what it used to be. Do you have some planks for the repairs?
2 Come closer!
It's always good to meet a fellow captain. We have been preparing dinner just now. You are welcome to join us, and bring some food, so we can share. We have meat and bread.
3 Stop right there!
If ye want to keep yer life, ye will pay with gold. And no heroics! Or ye will get me sword stuck into yer gut.
4 You seem familiar
Have we met before? Never mind, I have a problem. My shipment of fine cloth is endangered! A pirate stole the crates in which I planned to store the wares. I will pay you nicely if you sell me some.
5 Greetings, sailor!
I was once a captain just like you. But my old bones are happy to be on solid ground now. I have a lot of capable sailors under my wing. I can hire you some, to help you on your exploration.
6 Help!
Our ship has run aground, and now is sinking. I managed to get to the shore, but a large part of my crew is still in the water. If you have some boats, please, go, and save them.
7 How do you do?
I'm fine, just having some difficulties finding food on this forsaken island. There are no plants, no animals, just rocks, ash and lava. Even the sea here is barren, no fish as far as I can see.
8 Hello there
Taking a break on your voyage? This island has the richest iron ore mines I have ever seen. It would be sad to just leave all the iron here. If you help me with the mining, I will share it with you.
9 Good day to you
We are a bit behind the schedule with the renovation of ballroom in my palace. Our supplier of marble has backed out on us in the last minute. I will send some sailors to help you with the stone.
10 Look at the trees!
This is the perfect oak for the rum barrels. If I only had a saw and an axe, I would have the barrels ready in no time. The newest batch of the liquor needs to be stored soon.
11 Going south
One would think that, when going south it would get warmer. Wrong! I am freezing. There are not even proper trees growing here, so I could build a fire. Just moss and grass all around.
12 Careful, captain!
This is a dangerous passage. The rocks are hiding under water, ready to wreck your ship anytime. I am building here a lighthouse, to warn the ships away from the reef. Care to help?

From level 50Edit

# Story
1 Our paths cross
So you set out to explore? A sailor must sometimes venture into the unknown to prove his mettle. If you bring me some stone, I will give you some tips how to survive out here.
2 Wait a second!
How about something sweet to get your energy for the journey ahead? For just a few coins I will sell you this wonderful cocoa. Still hesitating? I will add some useful information, too.
3 Don't worry
I am not going to attack you. Even we vikings can be friendly sometimes. Anyway, I am too busy building a settlement for my people on this island we discovered. Actually, I could use more bricks.
4 Let's trade!
Our last raid did not go so good. If I return with empty hands, I will never hear the end of it from my wife. For some gold, I will give you useful information, and throw in a few fish for free.
5 What do I see?
Your sails look a bit damaged. The strong wind here can tear even the best of cloths. But not mine! I will give you a few rolls for new sails. With some needles we can make them in no time.
6 Come here, fishy
Say what you want, but the northern seas have the best fish. I have been out there fishing, but a playful whale nudged my boat. I need a new boat to bring some food home.
7 Not so fast, cap'n!
Let's make a deal. Not that ye have a choice. A few of me pirates are tired of the dangerous trade, an' wish to earn a living honestly. For a few treasure chests, I will release them to ye.
8 You found me
This is my home. I like to sit in my chair by the window and read about the adventures of other explorers. But lately wild wolves wander around our house. I probably need to built a fence.
9 Arrr, who goes here?
Another unsuspectin' sailor, I see. I'd have robbed ye like all the others, but I am mournin'. Me parrot died. He was a cheeky little bastard, but I miss him. Help me make him a proper grave.
10 Here, we are here!
I am so glad you came. Our ship was wrecked and sunk, thankfully all my sailors including me have managed to get to the beach. But now we are starving.
11 Welcome to Far East
Will you help me build an army of stone? I create soldiers and horses, they will all stand still, unmovable as a rock, no matter what kind of enemy comes. I just need tools for the finer engravings.

From level 80Edit

# Story
1 Hello, brave sailor!
Are you sure you want to explore these dangerous waters? Well, the reward will be surely worth it, but you will have to work for it. I can lend you a helping hand if you will hire me.
2 Dear captain!
I am pleased to see you again. I am inspecting the new land Columbus has discovered. Will you help my men establish a settlement here? We need some wood for the houses.
3 A little break
Come, sit down with me, captain, and bring a bottle of wine. I am a bit sad. My crew left me here after a little discord with the natives. They probably think I am dead, and so sailed away without me.
4 Come in, captain!
I am overseeing the building of a new rum distillery here. Part of my men are mining the stone to build the whole structure. But we still need some metal for the distilling apparatus.
5 Hands up!
Ye don't want to get hurt, right? Now place all the gold ye carry into these wooden boxes. I am sure ye are rich enough. But a poor pirate like me has to live from somethin'.
6 Why so scared?
I am tired of sailing on this phantom ship. Build me a real wooden ship, and I will let you go. I may even release these sailors, who are trapped on my ghost ship.
7 A little help?
I am building a bridge between the islands. The sea is restless here, full of whirlpools and strong currents. If we want to get to the riches of the island beyond, there must be a bridge.