Available during Seaport's 4th Birthday event in 2019 (Nov 5th - Nov 26th).

Tannenfels I
Propulsion: Motorship (Anchor.png 3)
Utility: Common
Type: Material Full Stars
Class: Event Ships
Event: Seaport's 4th Birthday
Museum reward: 3,320,000 Xp.png
Capacity info
160 Crew.png
419 Capacity.png
Purchase info
Level required: 140
Limit: 1
Cost: 4,000 Birthdaycake.png
Xp.png 1,660,000

MS Tannenfels was a German cargo ship owned by DDG Hansa, launched in 1938. During the Second World War, she was taken over by Kriegsmarine and served as a blockade runner. In 1942 she was damaged by British mines. She was scuttled as a blockship in the Gironde River in 1944.

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