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Ships can be sent to destinations in order to gain materials or coins, complete contracts, salvage shipwrecks, explore new lands, or simply bought for experience bonus. There are two ways to categorize ships. Firstly, Seaport ships can be divided into three generations. These are:

  1. Sailing ships. Sailing ships are propelled by sails that harness the power of wind. These ships take up 1 fleet slot.
  2. Steamships. Steamships are propelled by steam engines. These ships take up 2 fleet slots. Introduced in 2017 and redesigned on 3 April 2018. To view the statistics of the original steamships, go to Steamships (Old System).
  3. Motor ships. Motor ships are propelled by an internal combustion engine. These ships take up 3 fleet slots. Introduced on 6 November 2018.

Another way to categorize the Seaport ships is based on their purchase methods and stats. These are:

  1. Regular 1 star. Ships which are sold at 1 star and can be upgraded to 5 stars with regular materials.
  2. Premium 1 star. Ships which are sold at 1 star and can be upgraded to 5 stars with regular materials. Their prices are a lot higher than regular ships, but they also provide higher crew & capacity. Examples include: La Belle, Hoop.
  3. Gem 1 star. Ships which are sold at 1 star for gems and can be upgraded to 5 stars with regular materials.
  4. Gem 7 stars. Ships which are sold at 1 star and can be upgraded to 5 stars with regular materials. They also have 2 bonus stars (6th and 7th) which are available for gems only.
  5. Regular/gem 5 stars. Ships which are already at 5 stars when purchased. Some are bought for regular materials, others require gems to purchase. They are the most powerful ships in the game, crew and capacity wise.
  6. Scout ships. Ships which have an incredibly high crew value and incredibly low capacity value. They are intended to help players with exploration and crew requiring contracts.

On the pages below you can find details about the upgrades and statistics of all ships.

Regular Ships Edit


Event Ships Edit

Ships introduced together with time limited events are only available in the shop until the time of the event runs out. Once purchased, they can be used indefinitely by the players.

Contract Ships Edit

Some ships can only be acquired through contracts.

You can find the list of those ships here: Contract Ships

Special Ships Edit

Some rare ships are not strictly event related nor contract related. As of now, all such ships are acquired through level-related time limited offers.

See the list here: Special Ships

Ship Merchant Edit

Read about the feature here: Ship Merchant

Museum Descriptions Edit

An incomplete list can be found here: Museum Descriptions

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