Facebook groups are the best way of acquiring help, finding neighbors and discussing Seaport with experienced players! Below is the breakdown of most notable Seaport groups on Facebook.

Important! Different groups might have different rules, make sure to learn them before posting in the group not to get in trouble. Particularly important are the rules for friend adding. Most groups will have a special place to do it and will penalize friend-adding outside of those places.

When it comes to national groups/groups for specific languages, they may only accept speakers of the specific language, so make sure to only join them if you speak the language.

This page will only list groups which are either public or closed, such that welcome new players to help them. Secret groups and groups limited for elitist circles of friends will not be listed here.

International Groups

Seaport International - 4262 members, the first Seaport group on Facebook. The home of Seaport Wikia editors.

Seaport Expedition Group - 403 members

Seaport Gamer's Group - 269 members

National Groups

Seaport (version Francaise) (French) - 583 members

Magyar Seaport játékosok közössége (Hungarian) - 564 members

Wir Sind Seaport Freunde (German) - 549 members

Seaport SK&CZ (Slovak and Czech) - 377 members

Seaport NT (Dutch) - 164 members

Seaport Polska (Polish) - 122 members

Seaport Italia (Italian) - 92 members

Seaport Groupe Francophone (French) - 74 members

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