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Welcome to Seaport's 3rd Birthday Event! In this event, Uncle Seaport returns to give you 20 contracts. After that, Rudolf Diesel will offer you another 30 contracts. Barrels are replaced by birthday cakes, and peanuts are farmed for peanut oil which powers the newly introduced motor ships!

Update 13 November 2018: Two new non-event ships were added, the Beaver and the HMS Wolverine. No new event content was added, but the travel time to Rudolf Diesel's contracts was reduced from 2 hours to 1 hour.

Update 20 November 2018: This was a big, big update and it will take some time to update all the information on the Wikia. Let's have a look:

Uncle SeaportEdit


All the contracts in this event are based on the player's level. In contrast to the Halloween Event, your total ship capacity does not influence these numbers. To calculate the exact material requirements and rewards of Uncle Seaport's contracts, visit Seaport Help - Uncle Seaport.

The travel time to this destination is 1 hour.

Stage Contractor No. of
Crew Final Reward
1 Uncle Seaport 20 30Crew 20Seaportlogo

Rudolf DieselEdit


To calculate the exact material requirements and rewards of Rudolf Diesel's contracts, visit Seaport Help - Rudolf Diesel I and Seaport Help - Rudolf Diesel II.

Originally, the travel time to this destination was 2 hours, even though the event announcement specified 1 hour. On Nov 13, the travel time to Rudolf Diesel was reduced to 1 hour.

Stage Contractor No. of
Crew Final Reward
1 Rudolf Diesel 15 40Crew +150%CapacityCaptain
2 Rudolf Diesel 15 40Crew 20Seaportlogo


Uncle SeaportEdit

# Title Story Send Get
1 Hello there! How are you doing, captain? Have you been taking care of my port? Well, it's your port now, I guess. Let's have some warm fish soup and talk about the old times when you arrived here. Fish Wood
2 Party Attire You are probably asking why I have come to visit you again? Just look at my hat. We are celebrating the third birthday of our wonderful port! Now go buy yourself such a hat too. Coin Stone
3 Tough start You might not have been here for so long but I remember the humble beginnings. We had to start from scratch building the first house and the first ship from scraps of wood. Wood Fish
4 Progress I can see you have moved on and your port has become a great modern town. Don't forget to upgrade your port continually. Progress is everything in the marine business and everywhere else too. Stone Iron
5 Celebration So let's prepare the Seaport birthday party. Bring balloons and party hats. It will be in a few days. You and all your sailors are invited. Crew Coin
6 Present and more There is a fantastic birthday present waiting for you. But that's not all. I will keep it a secret for now. Let me just say you will need a lot of materials for new ships, captain. Iron Seaportlogo
7 Peanut lover What would be a birthday party without some tasty snacks? How about peanuts? Everyone loves the salty crunchy nuts and I am no exception. Peanuts Stone
8 Seafood buffet Something more filling should be on the tables too. For a Seaport party, it should be some seafood. And show me a sailor who does not like fish. Fish Coin
9 The venue I think the best place for the party is the Town Hall. But is it large enough? How about you upgrade her once more. Just to be sure we all will fit in. Stone Wood
10 Last thing The Town Hall is ready for the celebration. We just need something to drink and then we can celebrate. So let's go buy some drinks for the party. Coin Iron
11 Happy Birthday! It's time I told you about the surprise. You have a magnificent fleet but the technological progress is going further. I have arranged a visit by Mr. Rudolf Diesel. He will help you make some great ships. Wood Fish
12 Great invention Mr. Diesel has made a revolution in the industry. He has constructed a motor run by oil. It's much more powerful than a steam engine. We must get this invention for our port! Iron Stone
13 Start of new age The motor ships are going to make our work so much easier. We just need to gain knowledge from Mr. Diesel and start constructing new vessels. Let me speak to your sailors to prepare them for this too. Crew Seaportlogo
14 Belling rumbling Let's prepare some food for our guest. We want him to feel welcome in our port. Well, technically it's your port now and I am a guest now too. So I might just eat some of that food too. Fish Wood
15 A place to work Mr. Diesel will need a workshop where he can do his magic. Let's build it now so he can get to work as soon as he arrives. Stone Coin
16 Peanut mystery I have acquired some secret information. It seems Mr. Diesel loves peanuts. He has ordered tons of them. Maybe he is secretly keeping an elephant but I doubt that. Peanuts Iron
17 Tomorrow is the day I hope everything is ready because our guest will arrive tomorrow. We should have some finances at hand in case he needs something for his research. Coin Fish
18 It's up to you I am sure you can handle the cooperation with Mr. Diesel on your own. You are the captain and master of the port after all. I will just jump on my boat and go as soon as she is repaired. Wood Stone
19 It's time My boat is ready to take me back home. And the future is already knocking on your door. Or maybe it's just Mr. Diesel. I can't wait to see the first motor ship in your fleet. Iron Coin
20 Good luck! See you later, captain! And just in case, bring more peanuts. I want Mr. Diesel to feel like at home. Peanuts Wood
Reward Until later, captain! I hope we will see each other again next year. Have fun with Mr. Diesel. 20Seaportlogo

Rudolf DieselEdit

Contract Title Story Send Get
I 1 Call me Rudolf I received an invitation to visit your port. I love traveling by ships so it will be a pleasure to work with you. Have you already started amassing the materials? Stone Coin
2 Hungry visitor The voyage was quite long and I have grown really hungry. There was not much fresh food on the ship. Before we get to work, let's get something tasty to eat. Fish Iron
3 I forgot something I will need some things from my laboratory at home. Can we send your sailors for them? Meanwhile, we can start talking about the project. Crew Stone
4 Empty pockets Your men did a good job. Now I have everything I need to start work. I would give them some gold as a reward for being so swift, alas I have my pockets empty. Coin Wood
5 Prototype Currently, the diesel engine is just a prototype. We must be prepared for some failures. I will build a new one from scratch and try to avoid the previous shortcomings. Iron Fish
6 Dangerous project Do we have some secure space where we can experiment? In case of a failure, the engine could explode. That house will do, but we should put some warning signs outside. Wood Coin
7 Peanut Port Anyway, why do you have so many peanuts here? One would think you have an army of elephants in your port. Actually, I might have a use for them! For the peanuts, not for the elephants. Peanutoil Seaportlogo
8 Great fuel Peanut oil or any other vegetable oil is a perfect fuel for my engine. However, I am afraid it won't be efficient for mass production. But we will solve that later. Let's buy us some more oil. Coin Stone
9 Cold box I don't want you to go running around too much when I need you here to assist me. So bring in some food in advance. We can store it in another one of my inventions, the refrigerating box. Fish Iron
10 Accidents happen While you were gone, there was an accident. Thankfully, I was out too or it might have ended badly for me. But the house is quite a mess. Stone Wood
11 Too much oil With your sailors' help, we will be done with the rebuilding sooner. I know now where the problem was. I might have used too much oil. Let's be more careful in the future. Crew Coin
12 Solid material This new engine is going to work and it will be perfect for a ship. You construct the ship and I the engine. I would advise making the hull from metal in case of accidental explosions. Iron Fish
13 Almost done The ship looks great. And the engine is ready too. Now we just need to install it. I will take care of that. You make sure there is a dock large enough in your port for this new vessel. Wood Stone
14 Useful oil We need more fuel for the ship. I used the oil we had to fry fish when I was hungry. I am sure you can get us more, right? Peanutoil Seaportlogo
15 The best fish Actually, the fish tasted great. So if we could get more, that would be fantastic. Fish Wood
Reward Let's have a short break, captain, and welcome our two new assistants. I am sure they will help us finish our work much faster. +150%Capacitycap
II 1 She is amazing Well, look at her! No sails or steam and yet she is so fast. But a new technology is not cheap. I had to invest some of my own money to construct the parts. Coin Iron
2 Let me explain Let's show your crew how to take care of a motor ship. It's nothing complicated, but there are a few differences to sailing vessels or steamships. Crew Fish
3 Change is coming A Motor ship will be able to carry much more cargo than a steamer. Oil is much more space efficient than coal. You better prepare your warehouses for the change. Stone Coin
4 Almost safe At first, I advise taking some spare parts with you on the voyages. The ship version of the motor is not completely failproof yet. Let's go to the Hardware Store, I will tell you what you need. Iron Wood
5 Fuel issues I am sure that in time we will come up with a better alternative to the peanut oil. But for now, let's buy a few gallons. This was the first fuel I used for my prototype as well. Peanutoil Seaportlogo
6 There is more The ship is working fine but my work here is still not done. I have to give my know-how and then we can talk about the business part of our deal. But first, let's have a look at your fleet. Wood Iron
7 Important experience It is a great fleet but with the motor ships, it will be even better. Of course, you will need some experience to use the motor ships. Until then just keep on trading and fishing. Fish Stone
8 This is business The patent for the diesel engine will cost you some money. I like you, captain, but you must understand this is a serious business. I can't just give away things for free. Coin Wood
9 Good crew Maybe sometime in the future, there will be ships which can sail without sailors. But now we still need a good crew to manage the ship. Make sure you explain the new things to them. Crew Fish
10 We need space Now let's go have a look at your docks. I know you have already made some adjustments but the motor ships will take up much more space in your fleet than your current vessels. Stone Coin
11 Peanut Mania If you still have some peanuts in your warehouse we can produce oil from them. It's good to have some fuel in reserve and you can even use it for cooking. Peanutoil Seaportlogo
12 Bonus for free Look here, these are the plans for my earlier invention, the refrigerating machine. It can be a useful thing even on a ship. You will need some metal to build it. Iron Stone
13 Packing Now my work here is done. Your port is ready for the technological revolution. Help me pack my things, I need all the equipment delivered back into my lab at home. Wood Fish
14 Massage home I have just one more request for you. Please deliver a letter to my wife in Munich. I will take a ship home but I guess your sailors can deliver it sooner than I arrive. Crew Iron
15 Goodbye It was a pleasure, captain. You have a beautiful port and fleet. With my new technology, it will become even better. We will probably never see each other again, so take care. Fish Coin
Reward I hope you will take good care of my invention. A ship deserves love like any young maiden. Farewell, captain. 20Seaportlogo