Samuel de Champlain
Contracts info
Contracts: 60
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 100 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 115
Complete: Francis Drake
Bonne Renommée (Ship)

Samuel de Champlain (born Samuel Champlain; 13 August 1567 - 25 December 1635), known as "The Father of New France", was a French settler, navigator, cartographer, draftsman, soldier, explorer, geographer, ethnologist, diplomat, and chronicler. He made from 21-29 trips across the Atlantic, and founded New France and Quebec City on July 3, 1608. He is important to Canadian history because he made the first accurate map of the coast and he helped found the settlements. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Samuel's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 3,000 Wood x6 500 5,000 10,000 Coin
2 3,500 Fish x7 500 5,500 2,500 Stone
3 1,000 Crew x2 500 6,000 2,000 Iron
4 5,000 Coin x10 500 6,500 4,000 Wood
5 500 Grapes x1 500 7,000 6,000 Fish
6 2,000 Iron x4 500 7,500 15,000 Coin
7 7,000 Fish x10 700 8,000 8,000 Wood
8 3,000 Stone x5 600 8,500 10 Gem
9 7,000 Coin x10 700 9,000 3,000 Iron
10 6,000 Wood x8 750 9,500 8,000 Fish
11 1,500 Crew x2 750 10,000 5,000 Stone
12 750 Grapes x1 750 10,500 20,000 Coin
13 4,000 Iron x5 800 11,000 12,000 Wood
14 10,500 Fish x12 875 11,500 30,000 Coin
15 10,000 Stone x10 1,000 12,000 5,000 Iron
16 30,000 Coin x30 1,000 12,750 12,000 Fish
17 18,000 Wood x18 1,000 13,500 15,000 Stone
18 2,000 Crew x2 1,000 14,250 40,000 Coin
19 10,000 Iron x10 1,000 15,000 10 Gem
20 1,000 Grapes x2 500 15,750 20,000 Stone
21 21,000 Fish x20 1,050 16,500 25,000 Wood
22 12,000 Stone x12 1,000 17,250 10,000 Iron
23 24,000 Wood x20 1,200 18,000 20,000 Fish
24 40,000 Coin x32 1,250 18,750 30,000 Stone
25 1,500 Grapes x2 750 19,500 45,000 Wood
26 12,000 Iron x10 1,200 20,250 60,000 Coin
27 2,500 Crew x2 1,250 21,000 10 Gem
28 28,000 Fish x25 1,120 21,750 20,000 Iron
29 15,000 Stone x12 1,250 22,500 90,000 Coin
30 36,000 Wood x24 1,500 23,250 50,000 Fish
31 80,000 Coin x64 1,250 24,250 45,000 Stone
32 24,000 Iron x20 1,200 25,250 65,000 Wood
33 2,000 Grapes x3 667 26,250 140,000 Coin
34 56,000 Fish x32 1,750 27,250 30,000 Iron
35 3,000 Crew x2 1,500 28,250 15 Gem
36 30,000 Stone x20 1,500 29,250 90,000 Fish
37 48,000 Wood x30 1,600 30,250 40,000 Iron
38 100,000 Coin x64 1,563 31,250 60,000 Stone
39 70,000 Fish x35 2,000 32,250 85,000 Wood
40 4,000 Crew x2 2,000 33,250 200,000 Coin
41 40,000 Stone x25 1,600 34,250 130,000 Fish
42 2,500 Grapes x3 833 35,250 50,000 Iron
43 60,000 Wood x30 2,000 36,250 15 Gem
44 32,000 Iron x20 1,600 37,250 80,000 Stone
45 200,000 Coin x100 2,000 38,250 120,000 Wood
46 140,000 Fish x70 2,000 39,750 60,000 Iron
47 5,000 Crew x2 2,500 41,250 300,000 Coin
48 144,000 Wood x60 2,400 42,750 200,000 Fish
49 100,000 Stone x50 2,000 44,250 70,000 Iron
50 3,000 Grapes x4 750 45,750 175,000 Wood
51 80,000 Iron x40 2,000 47,250 120,000 Stone
52 250,000 Coin x100 2,500 48,750 15 Gem
53 168,000 Fish x80 2,100 50,250 85,000 Iron
54 168,000 Wood x60 2,800 51,750 400,000 Coin
55 7,000 Crew x2 3,500 53,250 300,000 Fish
56 120,000 Stone x50 2,400 54,750 250,000 Wood
57 96,000 Iron x40 2,400 56,250 20 Gem
58 4,000 Grapes x4 1,000 57,750 550,000 Coin
59 224,000 Fish x80 2,800 59,250 150,000 Stone
60 300,000 Coin x100 3,000 60,750 100,000 Iron


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 26,000 -26,000
Coin 1,012,000 1,855,000 843,000
Gem 95 95
Fish 728,000 816,000 88,000
Wood 507,000 789,000 282,000
Stone 330,000 527,500 197,500
Iron 260,000 475,000 215,000
Grapes 15,250 -15,250
Xp 1,620,000 1,620,000


Bonne Renommée
Level required: 115
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 135,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 500 80 42
2 375,000 Coin 125,000 Wood 20,000 Iron 120 90 46 40,000
3 525,000 Coin 150,000 Wood 30,000 Stone 130 100 55 48,000
4 850,000 Coin 185,000 Wood 30,000 Iron 140 110 67 60,000
5 1,200,000 Coin 260,000 Wood 45,000 Stone 150 120 84 85,000
2,950,000 Coin
720,000 Wood
75,000 Stone
50,000 Iron
540 Gem
500 Gem
233,000 Xp


# Story
1 Chance meeting
Pardon the intrusion, captain. I am looking for a partner to supply our expedition to New France. We will need a lot of materials, especially during the long winter.
2 Authorized by king
I am Samuel de Champlain, a royal geographer. I have been entrusted with the exploration of our new colony across the ocean. Come, I will tell you the details over dinner.
3 Set sail!
I will be a passenger on the ship of François Du Pont. He is an experienced captain, and has already been to New France before. We are sailing off tomorrow, so tell your sailors to be ready.
4 My tasks
The main goal of this voyage is fur trading. My official status is just an observer, but I will be looking for a suitable place for a permanent settlement, and establishing relations with the natives.
5 Treasures of France
François is a good man. You will get to like him too, I am sure. How about we spend the evening together, and talk about your sea adventures, while drinking some fine French wine?
6 Caution advised
I looked up all I could about the previous expeditions, and why they failed. We must befriend the natives, not alienate them. However, some weapons to ensure our safety will be necessary.
7 French fish soup
We have two Indians on board, who came with the last expedition. They learned our language, and can translate for us. They love bouillabaisse. If you want to win them over, bring some.
8 We are here
This is Tadoussac, a port where we trade with the Indians. We will set up a camp on the shore. François was here before, he will know where to find materials we need.
9 Geographer's tool
I forgot to bring my astrolabe. We might get lost easily without it. There is an English expedition camping to the south. Ask them if they have a spare one they could sell to us.
10 People of the woods
I have noticed there are Indians gathering on the other side of the river. If you are done with setting up the camp, bring a barque, and let's go across. We can't pass up this chance.
11 Make them busy
Give your sailors some work to do before we leave. We don't want them marching around, and appear threatening. They can go gather firewood, or look for some food.
12 First encounter
Here we go. Smile, and don't look them in the eyes. Our two translators are with us, so leave the talking to them for now. Have you brought something as a gift?
13 Strong gift
They like our wine, but it seems to affect them quite strongly. Maybe we should give it out sparsely. Go look what they have in the kettles. It smells wonderful.
14 So much food
I never had moose stew before. It tastes almost like beef to me. There is also roasted meat of bear, seal and beaver. It's definitely exotic, but I think I still prefer a grilled fish.
15 Common enemy
The tribes gathered to celebrate the victory over their common enemy, the Iroquois. Let's help them build more lasting totems as a sign of their success. They are not very good stone masons.
16 Forming an alliance
The chieftain believes, we can help them fight against Iroquois, once they attack again. This is a perfect chance to form an alliance. Now we can get to business, so let's buy some furs.
17 Sleep tight
It's time to return to our camp. Tomorrow we set off to explore the land along the local rivers, so get a good night's sleep. I hope the barques are ready for the exploration.
18 Ready?
Wake up the sailors, who will join us on the expedition. A part of them has to stay here, they can hunt for seals and wild animals. We need to bring a lot of furs back to France.
19 Favorite weapon
We should take our weapons with us, in case we meet the Iroquois. We are friends of their enemies, so expect an attack should we meet them. And don't forget my favorite arquebus.
20 Warming up
The winter is not even here, yet the weather is freezing cold. A delicate French wine would make me warm, and remind me of my beloved homeland. Do we have some bottles left?
21 Beautiful beluga
We have gone quite far on the Saguenay River, yet the land around does not look promising. But I have seen beautiful white beluga whales under the water. Let's try to feed them some fish.
22 Time to rest
Feeding the whales was an experience I will remember for long. The sun is setting down, we should make camp for the night. Find some rocks to form a circle around our fire.
23 Plan for tomorrow
Tomorrow we turn back and explore the St. Lawrence River instead. I hope the land will be more pleasant there. Here are only rocky mountains and forests. At least we have enough wood for the fire.
24 Taste changes
We are passing Tadoussac again. There are still some natives camping here. Let's buy a few supplies from them for the voyage before us. I would not mind a bit of the moose stew, too.
25 Disappointment again
The country looks the same here as it did around the Saguenay River. I am disappointed, this is no land for a settlement. I think I am in mood for another glass of wine.
26 In his footsteps
I believe this is the island that was explored by my fellow French explorer some 60 years ago. The land is more level here. Let's anchor at the narrowing of the river called Kebec by the Indians.
27 Fertile land
Let the sailors make camp, and we can look around. I like what I see here. If this soil were cultivated, it would be as good as ours in France. This might be the place we were looking for.
28 Pretty fish
This land looks promising, but we should not get too far from our base camp. We can explore more on our way back. I can see there are a lot of colorful fish in the river. Maybe they taste good.
29 Let's play miners
We have still some time. I heard from the chieftain that there are caves with precious stones under a steep hill, near the sea. I think it's worth exploring.
30 King is waiting
Our time of exploration is coming to an end. The king expects my report soon, so we must return to France. After we make some necessary repairs, we can set the course for home.
31 Goodbye, captain
Your help was indispensable. Now I must go give my report to the king. I have also written a book on the way back, read it when it comes out. I hope we meet again sometime.
32 Several years later
Captain! So good to see you again. We meet when I need you the most. We are setting off to establish a new colony. Join our fleet, and take some materials aboard, we have a lot to transport.
33 Previous failures
While we cross the ocean, let me tell you about the hard times I have experienced. We have already built a few settlements, but all ended in failure. We are lucky the king approved this expedition.
34 Lessons learned
The sites we have chosen before were the reason for our failure. This time I found the perfect place near the St. Lawrence River. It's easily defensible and near the center of the fur trade.
35 Craftsmen
We will need people with skills such as woodcutters, smiths, masons, carpenters and many more to make the colony prosper. I have also enlisted a gardener and a surgeon.
36 Tadoussac again
We are at our old base camp again. Little has changed here since you have been here the last time. We will anchor our ships here, take some of the material, and continue on small boats.
37 Quebec
This is the place I chose for the new settlement. We were here before, remember? We will start with clearing up the place, cutting down trees, and making beams and planks from the wood.
38 Beaver hats
Like before, we are financed by the fur trade. Hats from beaver pelts are the latest fashion in Paris. You buy the furs from Indians for a tenth of the price you get for them in France.
39 Replenish energy
The men need a filling meal to keep up the good work. There are excellent cod fish in the river which will make for a hearty dinner. Catch some while I prepare the fire.
40 Material needed
We need more material to continue the works. We have left a part of them at the harbor in Tadoussac. If you have some men, who are not needed here, send them for the supplies.
41 No more hunger
Winter will be here soon. The first building standing needs to be a storehouse, where we can keep the supplies. Our previous settlements had large difficulties with food during winter.
42 Wine cellar
The storage is finished and we can place the most treasured thing from home in it - French wine, of course. A glass of wine will lift our spirit even in the hardest of times.
43 Architect
Now we can concentrate on the main structure. I made a design with three connected buildings, one for the workers, one for me, and the third will be a forge and a workshop.
44 Special decoration
The functionality is essential, but one convenient decoration on the main building won't hurt. I want to place a great sundial on the front wall, as a symbol of light, time and order.
45 Well deserved money
All the people here don't work for free. I promised them a monthly pay, otherwise they would not be here. And they do a good work, so let's pay them.
46 Treachery
I learned something alarming. There is a conspiracy against me. A few men plan to kill me, and take over the settlement. We will prepare a trap for them. Come, I will explain the plan by dinner.
47 Time for action
I hope everything is clear. Let's go get these treacherous betrayers! Tell a few men you trust to be ready. The conspirators might resist detainment, we can't let them escape.
48 We have them!
There will be a trial for the conspirators. I detest unnecessary cruelty, but at least the main organizer will have to hang to deter anyone else from such plans. You should prepare the gallows.
49 Build defenses
We have established good relations with the natives, but not all tribes are friendly. Other colonists from Europe can be dangerous, too. So we will dig a moat and build a wall around the houses.
50 Reap what you sow
The soil here is rich and fertile. We should not have much difficulties with farming. We will need the seeds of grains, beans, some vegetables and fruit. And don't forget the grape vine.
51 I wish for peace
Our native friends have come asking for help in their fight against the Iroquois. We have to help them defend their people. I hope it will end in a lasting peace between the Indians.
52 First frost
The winter is coming. We should start gathering supplies. Our garden is ready for the first harvest, and our hunters are skilled. Still, it won't hurt to buy some things, too.
53 Hunting hardships
The land is covered in snow, and it seems the Indians have bad luck hunting. There was a party to ask for some food earlier today. Look if we have some salted fish in the storage.
54 Cruel winter
The snowstorm today is just getting more furious. The guards have spied the Indians trying to cross the river to seek shelter here. Get some of our barques out there, and help them across.
55 Help as you can
We don't have enough food for our people and the Indians, too. They can't stay here long, but we can give them shelter until the storm ends. Send the men to help the injured.
56 Set up a clinic
A sickness has broken out among the settlers. We need to keep the sick ones separated from the healthy. Make some space in the workshop, so we can move them there.
57 Keep them warm
It seems that our doctor managed to get the sickness under control. The patients are feeling better. We should build a new stove in the workshop, the warmth will speed up their healing.
58 Another plague
Now scurvy is ravaging my people. It's the lack of fresh food. We have enough bread and beans, but that is not enough. We need some fruit or vegetables. Have you anything left?
59 Canadian cod
The winter has taken it's toll. But, finally, the spring is here and our colony has made it through these hard times. Now that the ice has broken up over the river, we can catch some tasty cod fish again.
60 Just the beginning
There is still a lot of work before me to make this settlement prosper. But I know, you have also other engagements elsewhere. I thank you for your help. Good luck captain!
It was good working with you, my friend. As a parting gift take my favorite ship with you. It's the ship on which I sailed to New France for the first time, the beautiful Bonne Renommée.
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