The main editor stepping down Edit

If you've ever used Seaport Wikia, chances are you used content that I created, as I am the author of about 90% of it. This is not a bragging post, but I'd like everyone to understand from what position I am writing and how serious this is.

I will probably be stepping down from covering new Seaport updates on Seaport Wikia, at least as the main editor. I'm a bit overloaded with commitments. I am the type of person who has difficulties letting go of anything, but I've reached a point where I just have too many obligations, and so I need to drop some of them.

I would hate seeing Seaport Wikia's legacy go to waste though, and it would be ideal if we could find people to cover the weekly updates instead of me.

The weekly update coverage Edit

  • Updates in Seaport happen every Tuesday
  • About once in a month, a new event releases, this means about 25 ships, and 2-3 achievements. Contracts are already completely relegated to a 3rd party site, so this just requires making a basic info page with

proper links.

  • The other 3-4 Tuesdays without a new event, you can expect 2-3 ships per update, sometimes new achievement levels, sometimes new level-ups for end-gamers, and that kind of thing.
  • Realistically, depending on how efficient you edit the Wikia, and how big the updates are, covering a new event takes from 3 to 5 hours, and covering a regular update takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Requirements Edit

  • NOT REQUIRED - Advanced technological / IT knowledge - NOT REQUIRED
  • Willingness to help other players for free (in case this wasn't obvious - you are not getting paid)
  • Being reliable / regular, the updates happen every single week

Closing words Edit

I am not going to disappear shortly after posting this. I will be here and I'm willing to assist any players who wish to become regular editors of Seaport Wikia. I can explain the features of the wikia itself, as well as teach you how to datamine the game to get all of the information right after the game update goes live. All you need is WILLINGNESS.

If you feel you're up to the task, contact me either via message here on Seaport Wikia, or reply under this article, or (which I would prefer) in our Facebook group - Seaport International and we will talk further.

PS. I know that in the past some people WANTED to help with editing but couldn't due to permissions, but these were set so that others don't interrupt my work, which happened a couple times. All the permissions can be sorted, and people can be given higher rights to override them too.