Krystyna Liskiewicz
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 350
Recommended: 365
Complete: Joshua Slocum
20 Gem

Krystyna Chojnowska-Liskiewicz (born 15 July 1936, in Poland) is the first woman to have sailed single-handed (i.e. solo) around the world, repeating the accomplishment of Joshua Slocum. She sailed from the Canary Islands on 28 March 1976, and returned there on 21 April 1978, completing a circumnavigation of 31,166 nautical miles (57,719 km) in 401 days. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 506,000 Fish x60 8,433 150,000 759,000 Stone
2 805,000 Coin x100 8,050 158,000 886,000 Wood
3 333,000 Stone x45 7,400 166,000 518,000 Iron
4 12,000 Crew x3 4,000 175,000 880,000 Coin
5 396,000 Wood x50 7,920 184,000 1,822,000 Fish
6 2,000 Mechanicalpart x1 2,000 194,000 20 Gem
7 152,000 Iron x25 6,080 204,000 548,000 Stone
8 594,000 Fish x60 9,900 215,000 1,089,000 Wood
9 990,000 Coin x100 9,900 226,000 693,000 Iron
10 2,000 Oil x1 2,000 238,000 460,000 Fish
11 14,000 Crew x3 4,667 250,000 1,027,000 Coin
12 229,000 Iron x25 9,160 263,000 825,000 Stone
13 561,000 Wood x60 9,350 277,000 655,000 Iron
14 14,000 Cloth x2 7,000 291,000 1,610,000 Fish
15 398,000 Stone x45 8,844 306,000 973,000 Wood
16 16,000 Crew x3 5,333 322,000 1,174,000 Coin
17 12,000 Grapes x2 6,000 339,000 20 Gem
18 668,000 Fish x60 11,133 356,000 1,002,000 Stone
19 278,000 Iron x25 11,120 374,000 1,224,000 Wood
20 12,000 Fruit x2 6,000 393,000 420,000 Iron
21 1,398,000 Wood x120 11,650 413,000 4,660,000 Coin
22 828,000 Stone x75 11,040 434,000 3,100,000 Fish
23 3,591,000 Coin x300 11,970 456,000 1,800,000 Stone
24 13,000 Cloth x2 6,500 479,000 720,000 Iron
25 2,346,000 Fish x180 13,033 503,000 2,350,000 Wood
26 19,000 Crew x3 6,333 529,000 20 Gem
27 604,000 Iron x50 12,080 556,000 4,840,000 Coin
28 1,566,000 Wood x120 13,050 584,000 3,660,000 Fish
29 18,000 Wheat x2 9,000 614,000 1,350,000 Stone
30 4,386,000 Coin x300 14,620 645,000 1,610,000 Iron
31 897,000 Stone x75 11,960 678,000 2,160,000 Wood
32 2,650,000 Fish x180 14,722 712,000 5,890,000 Coin
33 22,000 Crew x3 7,333 748,000 2,060,000 Fish
34 784,000 Iron x60 13,067 786,000 1,960,000 Stone
35 3,000 Mechanicalpart x1 3,000 826,000 20 Gem
36 1,748,000 Wood x120 14,567 868,000 1,610,000 Iron
37 5,267,000 Coin x330 15,961 912,000 4,470,000 Fish
38 1,012,000 Stone x75 13,493 958,000 2,430,000 Wood
39 2,969,000 Fish x180 16,494 1,006,000 6,600,000 Coin
40 17,000 Grapes x2 8,500 1,057,000 1,280,000 Stone


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 83,000 -83,000
Coin 15,039,000 25,071,000 10,032,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 9,733,000 17,182,000 7,449,000
Wood 5,669,000 11,112,000 5,443,000
Stone 3,468,000 9,524,000 6,056,000
Iron 2,047,000 6,226,000 4,179,000
Cloth 27,000 -27,000
Grapes 29,000 -29,000
Mechanicalpart 5,000 -5,000
Oil 2,000 -2,000
Xp 18,845,000 18,845,000


# Story
1 Ahoy, captain!
Welcome to Warsaw! Your reputation precedes you, even here in Eastern Europe. Let me take you to lunch! I would love to hear all about your experiences.
2 My plan
It has been great chatting with you. Actually, I had a reason for approaching you. I want to be the first woman to sail around the world solo. I know it will be expensive and difficult.
3 Rest
I'm so incredibly happy that you decided to support my plans! I know there are others with this ambition, so let's start the preparations tomorrow. But for now, let's get some sleep.
4 Getting started
I hope you slept well because we have a lot of work ahead of us. Building the ship and the journey itself will require a lot of effort and dedication from you and your crew.
5 Materials
Look here. These are the plans for my boat. It won't be large but it must withstand a long voyage. Can your men begin gathering lumber for the construction of the hull?
6 Polish cake
I've decided to name this yacht Mazurek after a traditional Polish Easter cake. I want it to be a simple boat, but we will still need some mechanical parts so I can operate it easily.
7 Strengthening
The plans are going along splendidly, captain! However, now I need you to get me iron to strengthen the hull. The boat needs to be sturdy if I am to sail around the world with it!
8 Progress
Alright, captain, let's meet up for lunch and discuss how the construction of Mazurek is progressing. I can't wait to get out on the water!
9 Material change
I've decided to make a change to the design of Mazurek. I want to use a polyester-glass laminate instead of wood as it is a more reliable material on such a long journey. But it won't be cheap.
10 Competition
Captain, we have a problem! I've heard that Naomi James is also planning to be the first woman to sail around the world by herself. Is there any way to speed up the construction?
11 Hired help
Your men are making great progress on Mazurek, but now that we have competition, we need to step it up. Let's hire some local workers to help speed up the construction.
12 Finishing touches
Mazurek is looking splendid and all ready to go! At this pace, Naomi James will stand no chance! Once we put on the finishing touches, we will be ready for the voyage.
13 Shipping crates
We should transport Mazurek to the Canary Isles and then set sail from there. Tenerife is beautiful this time of year. We will need a crate to transport it though.
14 Extra clothes
Tenerife really is beautiful! Now we just have to wait until my ship gets transported here and we will set sail. Meanwhile, I should get some more clothes to be prepared for any weather.
15 All set
I will set sail tomorrow. Your ship with your crew and a world record assessor will follow me. I will call on you if I need help. If we make it, they will build a statue of me in Poland!
16 Get ready
My ship has arrived and I am almost ready to set sail. Help me finish the last preparations for the voyage while your crew takes care of your ship. I can't wait to get going.
17 One for the road
I can't believe that we are about to embark on this journey. Let's have a toast before we depart! To the health and success of this voyage, cheers!
18 Voyage begins
Let's load the supplies on Mazurek and start the first leg of our journey, getting across the Atlantic. The weather should be nice, so I hope we won't run into any difficulties. Next stop, Barbados!
19 Battered at Barbados
Unfortunately, the weather forecast wasn't correct. Large waves really battered my boat on the way here. We better reinforce the hull of Mazurek before I continue the journey.
20 Eat your vitamins
Since we are already making a stop on a tropical island, let's use this to pick up some fresh fruit. I am sick and tired of stale bread and beef jerky.
21 Back to the sea
It's time to continue the voyage. I just need to get these food supplies into crates and stow them below decks. Storing them without the crates made quite a mess in my boat.
22 Panama Canal
So we meet again. It's good to see you are still with me, captain. How was your voyage? Mine was actually quite pleasant, but I could use a short respite on stable ground.
23 Broken compass
During the voyage, my compass broke. I still managed to find the way here but it was not easy to navigate without it. I did not count on such an unexpected expense. Can you lend me some money?
24 No washing laundry
The next stop is Tahiti. Before we set sail, can you lend me some shirts? I can't really wash my things on the boat and I feel like my clothes are starting to smell.
25 At Tahiti
This is a paradise indeed. I wish I could spend a while here and just relax. Maybe after I finish my voyage. I will go pick up some food supplies and you can check how tasty the fish are here.
26 Find the problem
I think there is something wrong with Mazurek. The boat is listing to the side a bit. Can your sailors take a look at it? I am not an expert on boats. They will have a better idea of what could be wrong.
27 Weak spot
So your men found a dented place on the hull. I thought I scraped some rocks at one point. Thankfully they did not pierce the hull. But the dent must be fixed before I continue the voyage.
28 My scarf!
Quick! Catch it! The wind has really started blowing hard. A storm won't be far away. It seems I will have to spend the night here before I set out on the sea again. Let's find some shelter.
29 Better option
I thank you for your effort in building a shelter, but I met a farmer from the village. She said that if we help her collect the wheat before the rain arrives, she will let us stay in her home.
30 At the farm
Now, this is much more pleasant than staying outside. The farmer even cooked a tasty dinner for us. I must have some of that fresh bread on my boat. Do we have some money to pay for it?
31 After the storm
The storm has blown over but it has damaged the farmer's pig shed. I think we should help her fix it. I mean you could. I need to get going already. But you can take a day to help her, right?
32 Meeting in Australia
Great to see you again, captain! How did the fixing of the pig shed go? I bet the farmer was happy for the help. What is this? Did she send me some salted fish? That's so nice of her.
33 Fresh food
I bet you grabbed all the fresh bread the farmer gave you. Nevermind, it would be stale now anyway. Let's go to a tavern instead. I would like some freshly cooked food. Invite your crew too.
34 Bored and hungry
This time Mazurek is in good shape. I did not run into any difficulties apart from a bit of boredom and hunger. I was wondering if you could get me some fishing rods to solve these issues.
35 Confused navigation
I still need some mechanical parts to fix my navigation system. It started acting up when I was testing it now. I can't afford to get off track now so please help me fix it.
36 Warning
Let's get back to the sea. See you on my last stop before the finish line, on Mauritius. Just a warning. The Indian Ocean can be quite turbulent during this time. Better carry some spare lifeboats with you.
37 Mauritius
We have seen some truly beautiful places on this voyage. And this island is one of them. Could you go buy me supplies while I look around? I will meet you back at the port in the evening.
38 Meeting a friend
While I was touring the island, I met a friend of mine. She moved here recently and is building a house. I promised her some help. Can you take care of it? See you on the Canary Islands, captain.
39 At the finish line
I made it, captain! I am the first woman to sail around the world alone! With a bit of your help, of course. So thank you. You are invited to my welcome home dinner.
40 I am here for you
It has been some journey. Maybe you can try sailing alone around the world too. It makes you strong and resilient. And I will be there to help, just like you were here for me. Now let's go to that party!
Before you leave, don't forget your reward, captain. You deserve it.
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