Joshua Slocum
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 335
Recommended: 350
Complete: Arthur Phillip
20 Gem

Joshua Slocum (February 20, 1844 – on or shortly after November 14, 1909) was the first man to sail single-handedly around the world. He was a Nova Scotian-born, naturalised American seaman and adventurer, and a noted writer. In 1900 he wrote a book about his journey, "Sailing Alone Around the World", which became an international best-seller. He disappeared in November 1909 while aboard his boat, the Spray. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 707,000 Fish x110 6,427 131,000 643,000 Stone
2 11,000 Crew x3 3,667 138,000 220,000 Iron
3 792,000 Coin x120 6,600 145,000 1,452,000 Fish
4 11,000 Grapes x2 5,500 153,000 715,000 Wood
5 128,000 Iron x25 5,120 161,000 1,229,000 Coin
6 344,000 Wood x65 5,292 170,000 530,000 Stone
7 1,000 Mechanicalpart x1 1,000 179,000 20 Gem
8 242,000 Stone x50 4,840 188,000 291,000 Iron
9 843,000 Fish x110 7,664 198,000 997,000 Wood
10 13,000 Crew x3 4,333 208,000 1,040,000 Coin
11 504,000 Wood x65 7,754 219,000 1,706,000 Fish
12 283,000 Stone x50 5,660 230,000 340,000 Iron
13 14,000 Cocoa x2 7,000 242,000 910,000 Wood
14 174,000 Iron x30 5,800 255,000 20 Gem
15 983,000 Coin x120 8,192 268,000 1,803,000 Fish
16 13,000 Cloth x2 6,500 282,000 650,000 Stone
17 1,152,000 Fish x110 10,473 297,000 629,000 Iron
18 15,000 Crew x3 5,000 312,000 1,200,000 Coin
19 262,000 Iron x35 7,486 328,000 974,000 Wood
20 1,335,000 Coin x120 11,125 345,000 2,448,000 Fish
21 14,000 Grapes x2 7,000 363,000 840,000 Stone
22 778,000 Wood x90 8,644 382,000 3,380,000 Coin
23 1,200 Mechanicalpart x1 1,200 402,000 20 Gem
24 598,000 Stone x80 7,475 423,000 1,130,000 Wood
25 515,000 Iron x60 8,583 445,000 2,320,000 Fish
26 3,244,000 Coin x260 12,477 468,000 1,500,000 Stone
27 2,081,000 Fish x180 11,561 492,000 1,160,000 Iron
28 17,000 Grapes x2 8,500 517,000 3,320,000 Coin
29 17,000 Crew x3 5,667 543,000 850,000 Wood
30 16,000 Cloth x2 8,000 571,000 960,000 Stone
31 922,000 Wood x100 9,220 600,000 2,490,000 Fish
32 718,000 Stone x80 8,975 630,000 900,000 Iron
33 2,569,000 Fish x180 14,272 662,000 5,570,000 Coin
34 1,500 Mechanicalpart x1 1,500 696,000 20 Gem
35 729,000 Iron x70 10,414 731,000 1,250,000 Stone
36 20,000 Crew x3 6,667 768,000 1,800,000 Fish
37 4,246,000 Coin x260 16,331 807,000 1,640,000 Iron
38 865,000 Stone x80 10,813 848,000 1,630,000 Wood
39 18,000 Cocoa x2 9,000 891,000 3,510,000 Coin
40 1,289,000 Wood x100 12,890 936,000 1,550,000 Stone


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 76,000 -76,000
Coin 10,600,000 19,249,000 8,649,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 7,352,000 14,019,000 6,667,000
Wood 3,837,000 7,206,000 3,369,000
Stone 2,706,000 7,923,000 5,217,000
Iron 1,808,000 5,180,000 3,372,000
Cocoa 32,000 -32,000
Cloth 29,000 -29,000
Grapes 42,000 -42,000
Mechanicalpart 3,700 -3,700
Xp 16,624,000 16,624,000


# Story
1 Ahoy captain!
Hello captain, your reputation precedes you here in Boston! As two of the most experienced captains in these parts, we ought to have lunch together!
2 A proposition
Now, captain, I must admit I had an ulterior motive for wanting to have lunch with you. I am planning a dangerous voyage and I would love to have you and your crew on board.
3 Rebel suppression
Admiral Monteiro of the Brazilian government contacted me. He wants me to transport the torpedo boat Destroyer to Brazil and then annihilate the rebel fleet. Monteiro promised to pay us handsomely.
4 Getting even
I must confess something to you, captain, best over a glass of wine. Destroying the rebels is personal. Their leader, Admiral Melo, sunk one of my ships. I will enjoy squashing him and his rebels.
5 New Jersey
Now we have to travel to Sandy Hook, New Jersey where the Destroyer is currently docked. Taking a train there should be the easiest way for us and your crew.
6 Fuel the Destroyer
The journey to Brazil is long, so we will need a lot of wood and coal to power the boilers. Send your men to town to get enough for the voyage.
7 Minor repairs
Great, it seems like we are all set to go. The Destroyer just needs to undergo some minor repairs after being docked for so long, but it's nothing that should hinder us for too long.
8 Setting sail
We've done it, captain! We're going to demolish the rebel fleet with the Destroyer! If everything goes according to plan, they might even build us statues in Rio when it's all over.
9 Smooth sailing
Well, the first day of our voyage has been pretty smooth. You really picked out the best of your men. Let's have some of those delicious fish they caught this morning.
10 A terrible storm
Captain, we are taking on water! This storm is hitting us hard and the top seams are opening! We need the whole crew to start bailing water out, or our boilers will be extinguished.
11 Real trouble
It's been three days and the storm hasn't let up. We must set our course for Martinique, as we will never make it to Brazil at this rate. We must keep bailing water and fueling the boiler fires.
12 Mixed news
The storm has finally stopped, but our boilers have been extinguished and our rudder disabled. Now we just have to bail as much water as we can and hope our side steam pumps can get us to Martinique.
13 Martinique
At last, we have arrived in Martinique. Your crew looks absolutely battered from the journey. Let's get them something sweet to perk them up before we start repairing the Destroyer.
14 Beginning repairs
There will be extensive repairs needed on the Destroyer after the hell we had gone through on the voyage here. Let's hope they hold up this time.
15 Staying for a while
Captain, looks like the repairs will take some time as they are quite extensive, so we will need to stay here longer than anticipated. We need to find inexpensive accommodation for us here.
16 New uniform
At last, the repairs are finished. Before we set a course for Brazil, we need to get new uniforms for the crew. The storm ruined them, most are ripped and all are dirty.
17 Brazil
Finally, we have arrived in Brazil! Let's go get some food in our bellies and then we can find Admiral Monteiro to hand the ship off.
18 Terrible news
Captain, I have terrible news. Admiral Monteiro has been replaced by Admiral Goncalves, who has now seized the Destroyer. Collect your men, we must go confront him!
19 Arming ourselves
We best take some weapons with us to meet with Goncalves. There aren't many of us and he will surely be surrounded by his soldiers. We ought to do everything we can to even the odds.
20 Get out
Goncalves is refusing to pay us and will not even let us on the mission. I tried to convince him, but he threatened to jail us. We must leave Brazil now! Do you have enough gold to pay for the voyage?
21 Stolen revenge
What a disaster this voyage was. All of us almost died, we got paid nothing for our hard work, and I didn't even get a chance to exact my revenge. Let's drink our sorrows, captain.
22 Back in America
Good thing we are back in America, captain. I feel way more comfortable on home soil. I ask you to stick around for longer. I have a new plan. Make sure to get firewood, the winters are cold here.
23 The Spray
I want to be the first man to sail around the world by myself. I could write a book about it! I purchased a one-person sailing vessel called Spray for this purpose. Will you help me fix her up?
24 Checkpoints
Just because I will be sailing alone doesn't mean I won't need your help, captain! We should set up checkpoints so I can refill my supplies and get anything I might need, sorted.
25 Further repairs
Before the voyage can take place, there are more repairs needed on the Spray. I need her to be the perfect vessel for this solo trip, any mistakes might cost me my life.
26 Transportation
Great, now that the ship is ready, we should transport her to Boston where my journey will begin. We both know moving a ship to a harbor isn't for free, captain...
27 Last meal
Alright, captain, let's go for lunch before I go. If all goes well, I will be seeing you soon in my first checkpoint in Gibraltar. Hopefully sailing through the Suez Canal won't be too hard.
28 The Christening
It is time, captain! We shall christen the Spray with some wine for her first voyage, and then I will be on my way.
29 Gibraltar
I am glad I finally made it here! It was a very strenuous journey to get here through the Atlantic all by myself. Let's go catch up with your men, I haven't seen them in a month!
30 Change of plan
I have to change my plan. I wanted to sail through the Suez Canal, but it's crawling with pirates. I will turn the Spray around and meet you in Brazil. I will need an extra sail for the voyage.
31 Hull repairs
Captain, it's great to see you again! The journey back across the Atlantic was just as tough. The second sail really came in handy, as the first ripped in a storm. Now we must repair the hull.
32 Planning ahead
Alright, I have refilled my supplies sufficiently for the next leg of the journey. I will sail through the Straits of Magellan and then through to Australia. See you in Sydney, captain!
33 Sydney
Captain, I met pirates along the way! I barely escaped with my life! Let's go get some food, I need to relax after so much stress out on the sea.
34 Fixing up the Spray
The next leg of the journey is a long one, through the Indian Ocean and stopping at the Cape of Good Hope. I better get all the repairs done now so I won't regret it later.
35 Cape of Good Hope
I am lucky to be here, captain. The storm in the Indian Ocean seemed never-ending. It's a miracle my ship didn't fall apart! I definitely need to reinforce the hull before sailing back to America.
36 Back in America
We made it! I have become the first man to sail around the world solo! Of course, I could not have done it without your help at checkpoints. Get your men and let's celebrate!
37 Presidential award
I am to receive a Presidential award this week along with a handsome amount of cash. I want to split it equally with you and your men. Can you distribute it to them?
38 Statue
Captain, I have amazing news! My hometown of Mount Hanley in Nova Scotia plans to build a statue of me! Could you help them out with supplying the material?
39 Catching up
Alright, captain, it's been a hectic couple of weeks since we've returned. Let's relax and get something tasty to eat. We deserve something good after all that work.
40 Parting ways
Captain, it's been incredible to have these adventures with you. However, now I feel it is time for me to say goodbye. I want to build a cottage and focus on writing my book.
Before I go, I have a small token for you. Fair winds, captain.
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