John Fitch
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 30m
Crew: 100 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 100
Complete: Bartolomeu Dias
Perseverance (Ship)

John Fitch (January 21, 1743 – July 2, 1798) was an American inventor, clockmaker, entrepreneur and engineer. He was most famous for operating the first steamboat service in the United States. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about John Fitch's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 9,100 Fish x20 455 5,000 4,000 Iron
2 12,000 Coin x30 400 5,500 8,000 Stone
3 4,000 Iron x16 250 6,000 10,000 Wood
4 20 Mechanicalpart x1 20 6,500 10,000 Fish
5 6,000 Stone x15 400 7,000 50,000 Coin
6 9,600 Wood x16 600 7,500 6,000 Iron
7 1,000 Crew x2 500 8,000 20,000 Fish
8 16,000 Coin x32 500 8,500 15,000 Stone
9 5,600 Iron x16 350 9,000 15,000 Wood
10 12,600 Fish x20 630 9,500 10 Gem
11 10,800 Wood x16 675 10,000 100,000 Coin
12 1,500 Crew x2 750 10,500 9,000 Iron
13 8,000 Stone x16 500 11,000 30,000 Fish
14 20,000 Coin x32 625 11,500 25,000 Wood
15 30 Mechanicalpart x1 30 15,000 13,000 Iron
16 30,000 Fish x40 750 15,750 25,000 Stone
17 18,000 Iron x30 600 16,500 10 Gem
18 36,000 Wood x48 750 17,250 150,000 Coin
19 2,000 Crew x2 1,000 18,000 60,000 Fish
20 30,000 Stone x50 600 18,750 75,000 Wood
21 90,000 Coin x120 750 19,500 20,000 Iron
22 50 Mechanicalpart x1 50 20,250 80,000 Fish
23 54,000 Wood x60 900 21,000 50,000 Stone
24 30,000 Iron x40 750 21,750 15 Gem
25 70,000 Fish x80 875 22,500 200,000 Coin
26 3,000 Crew x2 1,500 23,250 90,000 Wood
27 45,000 Stone x50 900 24,000 30,000 Iron
28 70 Mechanicalpart x1 70 24,750 120,000 Fish
29 120,000 Coin x120 1,000 25,500 45,000 Iron
30 75,000 Wood x60 1,250 30,000 65,000 Stone
31 48,000 Iron x50 960 31,000 15 Gem
32 112,000 Fish x100 1,120 32,000 300,000 Coin
33 5,000 Crew x2 2,500 33,000 250,000 Wood
34 70,000 Stone x70 1,000 34,000 65,000 Iron
35 100 Mechanicalpart x1 100 35,000 300,000 Fish
36 200,000 Coin x125 1,600 36,000 95,000 Stone
37 120,000 Wood x80 1,500 37,000 20 Gem
38 64,000 Iron x64 1,000 38,000 115,000 Stone
39 140,000 Fish x100 1,400 39,000 400,000 Coin
40 100,000 Stone x100 1,000 40,000 85,000 Iron


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 12,500 -12,500
Coin 458,000 1,200,000 742,000
Gem 70 70
Fish 373,700 620,000 246,300
Wood 305,400 465,000 159,600
Stone 259,000 373,000 114,000
Iron 169,600 277,000 107,400
Mechanicalpart 270 -270
Xp 804,250 804,250


Note: This ship changed its stats on April 3rd, 2018. First table below shows its current data. Second table show data for those players that got it before that date.

Current reward

Level required: 100
Limit: 1
Type: Steamship (Anchor slot 2)
Museum reward: 162,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 80 56
2 290,000 Coin 85,000 Wood 30 Mechanicalpart 115 90 62 27,000
3 435,000 Coin 127,000 Wood 40 Mechanicalpart 150 100 74 36,000
4 580,000 Coin 170,000 Wood 50 Mechanicalpart 190 110 90 45,000
5 725,000 Coin 212,000 Wood 100 Mechanicalpart 225 120 112 54,000
2,030,000 Coin
594,000 Wood
220 Mechanicalpart
680 Gem
162,000 Xp

Before April 3rd 2018

Level required: 100
Limit: 1
Type: Steamship (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 76,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 80 28 1
2 280,000 Coin 95,000 Wood 130 90 31 22,000
3 450,000 Coin 120,000 Wood 80 Mechanicalpart 140 100 37 28,000
4 560,000 Coin 145,000 Wood 150 110 45 36,000
5 700,000 Coin 165,000 Wood 100 Mechanicalpart 170 120 56 50,000
1,990,000 Coin
525,000 Wood
180 Mechanicalpart
590 Gem
136,001 Xp


# Story
1 Please come in
The master watchmaker will be here soon. My name is John Fitch, an apprentice here. You need your watch repaired? Take a seat and eat something while you wait.
2 Proposal
I will let you in on something. I am just an apprentice now but I am planning to open my own business soon. But first I am looking for an investor. Would you be interested?
3 My life in short
I know my way around machines and metals. Learned much of it by myself. My family had no money to send me to study, but I am a quick learner. Let me show you something.
4 Metal magic
A beautiful watch casing, right? I made it from a bit of metal. It's empty inside now so it does not work, but with a few mechanical parts you could use it as a pocket watch.
5 Founding a foundry
I plan to open a foundry. I want to start with something simple and make a name for myself. There is an old blacksmith workshop that could be rebuilt to serve my purpose.
6 New beginnings
I have already quit my apprenticeship at the watchmaker. I just need some tools and we can open the foundry. I have to earn money for wedding. My fiancée is getting nervous.
7 I am a husband
I am sorry I did not invite you to the wedding. It was just a small event. Now go to the port and try to get some customers for our foundry. The shop is empty all the time.
8 Progress of science
I have been watching this newest invention from Europe, the steam engine. I have a feeling I could make a fortune out of it. I need to buy more books on this.
9 Independence calls
The foundry is not as profitable as I hoped. And now that the war has begun hard times are coming. If I don't want to get recruited as a soldier, I'll have to start making guns.
10 Lonely evenings
I have not mentioned it before, but I left my wife. With the money problems things got really tense. Come for a dinner tonight. I can't help but feel lonely sometimes.
11 War is a cruel time
You can never know when some soldiers barge into your shop. Hopefully they will be on your side when it happens. I will feel more safe if we cover the windows with planks.
12 Let's move on
The war is ending and I have been offered to work as a land surveyor in the West. There is nothing keeping me here anymore. Let's sell the workshop and tools and move on.
13 I am back
I have had enough of wandering the Northwestern territory. After being abducted by the Indians I want to live in some civilized land again. A small house would be sufficient.
14 Steam dream
During the years when I have been working as a surveyor I have bought land which should earn me money. Now I have the time to concentrate on my big project - the steamboat!
15 Go shopping
I tried to order a steam engine from England unfortunately without success. I will have to build my own. Come, I will give you a list of the items I need.
16 I need a help
Whatever I do I can't get it right. I have to ask for help. I know Mr. Henry Voigt, a skilled inventor and clockmaker, from my time as an apprentice. Let's invite him for dinner.
17 No more obstacles
It was well that I asked Mr. Voigt for help. He gave me some good advice and promised to help me with the engine. Bring me some material so we can get to work right away.
18 I forgot
I was too eager to get it done. First we need to acquire the right tools for my workshop only then can we begin the construction. No wonder I have failed before.
19 Start the research
If we are to use the steam engine on a boat, we will need a lot of information about ships and their construction. The sailors in the port will surely tell you all about it.
20 High costs
This project of mine will cost more than I expected. I am going to ask the state for funding. A steamboat transport is something that deserves their financial support.
21 The main investor
I have been given a monopoly on steamboat transport. That will be helpful but I need to ask for funding from private people now. I already have an idea where to start.
22 Small setback
We need to rework the engine again. I am sure you heard the explosion. Don't worry, no one was hurt. We just have to begin anew. This time it will be a success for sure.
23 Boat building
Now let's get to the boat building itself. I have here plans and sketches which show how it should look. Bring some planks and we can get to work.
24 Important details
There still remains the question of how we make the boat move. I have thought about propelling it by a row of paddles fastened on a metal construction. Let's try that.
25 First presentation
We are ready for the trial run. Many people including potential investors will come to the Delaware River to watch our invention. So let's prepare some refreshments.
26 It was a success
However, the ship was too slow. The paddles need to be replaced by a better mechanism. We will ponder about it and you go ask the people how they liked our steamboat.
27 Moving in
Henry is living in an inn and it's starting to be expensive. It will take time until we finish our work. How about you build a new room in my house where he can live?
28 Masterpiece
The newest model will be more expensive but I promise this is the masterpiece everyone has waited for. I will need just a few more parts to finish it.
29 Advertise it
I want people talking about our boat before we launch it. There must be a crowd on the river banks. And I know how to do it, we need an advertisement in the local newspapers.
30 Paddle wheel
This time we will use a paddle wheel to propel the boat. I am sure we are on the right track now. The wheel will drive the boat faster and more smoothly than before.
31 Add the anchor
I had a talk with Henry and we agreed. Our second steamboat is ready to be launched. Let's not forget an anchor and we can present our newest model to the public.
32 The perfect model
I have received an offer of financial support for a third boat based on the latest model. It will be used to transport passengers. We will celebrate tonight!
33 New project
If we want to build a passenger boat, it will have to be larger and for that we need more workers. I have received enough money to pay them, you just need to recruit them.
34 I like this place
This building is too small for the new boat. Let's remove that wall over there and build a larger workshop from our current one. I don't feel like moving somewhere else.
35 Only the best
You should already know all the parts we need to build the steam engine. Don't hesitate to spend a bit more on them, our final boat has to be a masterpiece.
36 Patent
I almost forgot, I need to patent my steamboat before someone copies my work and reaps all the glory. You know how bureaucracy is, we will need some money to get the patent.
37 Made with purpose
Should this be a passenger boat, we need to mind the design and comfort not just the technical details. We will add two rows of benches on each side of the boat.
38 Dream come true
This is the realization of my dream. I can't wait to see her puffing up smoke and getting further along the river. Just the chimney is missing now and then we can launch her.
39 Tomorrow is the day
Tomorrow goes our steamboat on her maiden voyage. The first passengers should receive food and drinks for free to fully enjoy this special occasion.
40 The Steam Era
The first passenger steamboat on the Delaware River is in service now. I do not doubt that this is the start of a new age in the ship transport. Wasn't it wonderful to witness it?
Your help was a significant part of our success. For that I give you the fruit of our effort. I am sure there will be a lot of better steamships in the future, but this one is the milestone in the steamship history. So treasure it well.
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