John Ericsson
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 245
Recommended: 260
Complete: Katsu Kaishu
20 Gem

John Ericsson (born Johan) (July 31, 1803 – March 8, 1889) was a Swedish-American inventor. He was active in England and the United States.

Ericsson collaborated on the design of the steam locomotive Novelty, which competed in the Rainhill Trials on the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, which were won by George Stephenson's Rocket. In America he designed the US Navy's first screw-propelled steam-frigate USS Princeton, in partnership with Captain Robert Stockton, who unjustly blamed him for a fatal accident. A new partnership with Cornelius H. DeLamater of the DeLamater Iron Works in New York resulted in the first armoured ship with a rotating turret, USS Monitor, which dramatically saved the US naval blockading squadron from destruction by an ironclad Confederate vessel, CSS Virginia, at Hampton Roads in March 1862. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about John Ericsson's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 414,000 Coin x120 3,450 51,000 116,000 Iron
2 7,000 Crew x2 3,500 54,000 526,000 Fish
3 69,000 Iron x24 2,875 57,000 358,000 Wood
4 5,000 Grapes x2 2,500 60,000 112,000 Stone
5 208,000 Wood x64 3,250 63,000 760,000 Coin
6 318,000 Fish x100 3,180 67,000 124,000 Iron
7 128,000 Stone x40 3,200 71,000 382,000 Wood
8 470,000 Coin x125 3,760 75,000 592,000 Fish
9 300 Mechanicalpart x1 300 79,000 10 Gem
10 8,000 Crew x2 4,000 83,000 242,000 Stone
11 81,000 Iron x24 3,375 88,000 884,000 Coin
12 7,000 Grapes x2 3,500 93,000 256,000 Wood
13 377,000 Fish x100 3,770 98,000 147,000 Iron
14 263,000 Wood x64 4,109 103,000 689,000 Fish
15 570,000 Coin x125 4,560 109,000 285,000 Stone
16 6,000 Cocoa x2 3,000 115,000 464,000 Coin
17 167,000 Stone x50 3,340 121,000 501,000 Wood
18 7,000 Cloth x2 3,500 128,000 15 Gem
19 300,000 Wood x64 4,688 135,000 175,000 Iron
20 473,000 Fish x100 4,730 142,000 329,000 Stone
21 1,051,000 Coin x200 5,255 150,000 1,140,000 Fish
22 177,000 Iron x40 4,425 158,000 800,000 Wood
23 10,000 Crew x2 5,000 166,000 1,760,000 Coin
24 343,000 Stone x80 4,288 175,000 300,000 Iron
25 619,000 Wood x100 6,190 184,000 20 Gem
26 976,000 Fish x160 6,100 194,000 980,000 Wood
27 1,425,000 Coin x228 6,250 204,000 610,000 Stone
28 240,000 Iron x50 4,800 215,000 1,620,000 Fish
29 13,500 Crew x3 4,500 226,000 2,380,000 Coin
30 463,000 Stone x100 4,630 238,000 400,000 Iron
31 9,000 Grapes x2 4,500 250,000 20 Gem
32 833,000 Wood x125 6,664 263,000 1,880,000 Fish
33 8,000 Cocoa x2 4,000 277,000 250,000 Stone
34 1,820,000 Coin x250 7,280 291,000 1,320,000 Wood
35 306,000 Iron x60 5,100 306,000 2,880,000 Coin
36 17,000 Crew x3 5,667 322,000 860,000 Stone
37 500 Mechanicalpart x1 500 339,000 15 Gem
38 1,507,000 Fish x200 7,535 356,000 510,000 Iron
39 614,000 Stone x125 4,912 374,000 2,370,000 Fish
40 9,000 Cloth x2 4,500 393,000 920,000 Coin


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 55,500 -55,500
Coin 5,750,000 10,048,000 4,298,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 3,651,000 8,817,000 5,166,000
Wood 2,223,000 4,597,000 2,374,000
Stone 1,715,000 2,688,000 973,000
Iron 873,000 1,772,000 899,000
Cocoa 14,000 -14,000
Cloth 16,000 -16,000
Grapes 21,000 -21,000
Mechanicalpart 800 -800
Xp 6,873,000 6,873,000


# Story
1 Let's celebrate!
Ahoy captain, I am John Ericsson! Would you like to join my celebrations tonight? I finally found a man with the right connections. I am going to design a frigate like the World has never seen!
2 Passage needed
That was quite the night! Now I need to get to New York to meet up with Captain Robert Stockton. Surely a great captain like yourself can spare some room on your ship.
3 New York, New York
We are here at last, New York. Feel free to explore the city while I meet with Captain Stockton. Stockton is a very influential man within the U.S. Navy, he can help me get funds to make my designs a reality.
4 Gifts
I almost forgot! I can't go introduce myself to such a reputable captain empty-handed. I must bring a gift of some sort, perhaps a nice bottle of wine?
5 Show and tell
Did you enjoy the city? I had a great chat with Captain Stockton, but he wants to see a more visual model. I can fashion one quickly if I am able to get the right materials.
6 Dismayed crew
I went to visit your ship and saw two of your men fighting over a scrap piece of bread! Haven't you fed your sailors since we got here?
7 Quartering
Stockton loved the idea and model, we are going to build the first screw-propelled steam-frigate in America! If you would like to stick around with me, we best build some quarters for your crew.
8 Lining pockets
Stockton does have some good political connections, but it looks we will still have to grease some pockets for the U.S. Navy to take on such a daring project. Have a little money to loan, captain?
9 Progress
We were successful! The Navy want us to design a screw-propelled steam-frigate. Looks like that will be my job, Stockton is not much of a designer. I will need some special parts for this project.
10 Relationship strains
The design is done, but I have a bad feeling about Stockton. I heard he has been taking credit for all the work and slandering me behind my back. Can you send your men to find out what is going on?
11 USS Princeton
Thanks to your sailors I found out Stockton named the ship without me and is designing a second gun to mount on the ship. I just hope he knows what he's doing, or it might get ugly for whoever is on board.
12 Fastest steamer
Everyone loves the ship I designed, but Stockton gets the credit. It beat the SS Great Western in a speed trial, the fastest ship in the Navy. I am proud and couldn't have done it without you. Let's celebrate!
13 Backfired
Tragedy. Stockton's gun was used in a firing demonstration, the breech ruptured and killed eight people, including two cabinet members. He has blamed me for it, so we should get supplies, escape and lay low.
14 Ship repairs
Your ship will do for now, but I think there will be some repairs needed soon. Best get the materials ready now.
15 Connections
Not only did Stockton blame the gun accident on me, he has also pulled his connections, so the Navy is refusing to pay me. This is the last time I ever work with them! Could you lend me some money for now?
16 Passing the time
Well, since we have to lay low, maybe we could make some cocoa and talk about old stories from the past.
17 Father
My father was a miner in Langban. He tried to do his best to support the family, but lost money in a venture, forcing us to move away. He went on to work on the Gota Canal, which would change my life.
18 Discovered
I was helping our father working on the Gota Canal where my brother and I got discovered by its architect Baltzar von Platen. He made me a trainee at the canal and I was a surveyor by 14.
19 Climbing up
I was so small then, my assistant had to carry around a footstool for me to reach the tools. From then I went on to join the Swedish Army, mostly surveying, but have focused on my designs ever since.
20 Memories
Well, thanks for listening to me reminisce about my childhood. I think it should be safe for me to return to New York now. I will let you know when I need you again. Bon voyage!
21 Welcome back!
Hey captain! While you've been gone, I have found a new factory! My best friend Cornelius H. DeLamater allows me to use his facilities for any designs I have in mind, but some capital wouldn't hurt.
22 The Iron Witch
Thank you for your investment! Right now I am working with Cornelius on The Iron Witch, the first iron steamboat. You can never have enough iron when working on one of those.
23 Manpower
The Iron Witch is quite the project! DeLamater and I will definitely need more men to finish it anytime soon. Could you spare some of your crew?
24 Poor accommodation
While you have been away, the houses we built for your crew have been falling apart. We definitely need to rebuild them to keep your sailors warm. The New York winters can be cruel.
25 Brrrrrrr!
This winter is the coldest one in years! I think we should supply the men with additional lumber to keep them warm. Wouldn't want anyone to lose a finger to frostbite in their sleep.
26 Keep 'em happy
Your sailors are excellent workers! The Iron Witch ought to be finished ahead of schedule. I feel like we should reward them with bigger lunch portions for the extra work.
27 It floats!
We have done it! The Iron Witch, the World's first iron steamboat is finished at last and afloat! I really couldn't have done it without your help. Let's go get a drink!
28 New challenge
I am so proud of The Iron Witch, but I can't rest on my laurels. I have been developing and patenting the hot air engine and now the ship is finally built. Could you get me supplies to run some tests?
29 Ericsson
Is naming a ship you designed after yourself too vain? This caloric engine ship is the future! Every ship needs a good crew and your guys are among the best I have ever seen!
30 Special tools
Before introducing Ericsson to the world, there are some special tools I need to construct. Would you mind getting the materials for me?
31 A possible investor
The messengers of a secret, very important figure have invited me on a trip to France to discuss a current design. This is so surreal. I will need a gift, one fit for a king. Oh no, I've said too much!
32 Emperor
Alright, I can tell you now. I was invited to France by Emperor Napoleon III, the nephew of the famous Napoleon Bonaparte! He asked me to bring a model next time and one does not refuse his wishes.
33 Refused
Emperor Napoleon III seemed very impressed by the design but did not commission it to be built. I am absolutely gutted. Let us drown our sorrows in a cup of cocoa.
34 Civil War
It's time to move on. The Navy is begging me to design a new armored ship for them to be used in the Civil war. I vowed to never work with them again, but this is bigger than me, so I agreed to a meeting.
35 Convincing
Lincoln's Secretary of the Navy got me on their side. The Confederacy's CSS Virginia has been destroying the Union's Navy. We need to get going on the building process. Can you help with the materials?
36 Deadline
Our 100-day deadline is quickly approaching. Would your crew mind lending a hand? We both know that the Union must win this war for the good of the nation and USS Monitor is instrumental to the war.
37 Spare parts
The USS Monitor is almost ready to stop the rampage of the Confederate CSS Virginia. We will prepare for battle as soon as you deliver these spare parts. Setting out without them would be too risky.
38 USS Monitor
The day is here. The USS Monitor sails to battle CSS Virginia in Hampton Roads, Virginia. The Confederate Navy must be stopped or we will be defeated at sea. Let's get some supplies ready for the soldiers.
39 Stalemate victory!
The USS Monitor held CSS Virginia to a stalemate! We saved the rest of the Navy! A statue might be built for my contribution, but it should really be built for you. I could not have done it without you.
40 Celebrations
We are both being honored by the U.S. Navy for our aid in the Civil War. We ought to get custom suits for the occasion. It's been an honor working with you, captain. May our paths cross again!
I almost forgot! Here is your payment. And thank you for the good work.
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