Jeanne Baret
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 260
Recommended: 275
Complete: John Ericsson
20 Gem

Jeanne Baret (July 27, 1740 – August 5, 1807) was a member of Louis Antoine de Bougainville's expedition on the ships La Boudeuse and Étoile in 1766–1769. Baret is recognized as the first woman to have completed a voyage of circumnavigation of the globe. Jeanne Baret joined the expedition disguised as a man, calling herself Jean Baret. She enlisted as valet and assistant to the expedition's naturalist, Philibert Commerçon (anglicized as Commerson), shortly before Bougainville's ships sailed from France. According to Bougainville's account, Baret was herself an expert botanist. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 535,000 Coin x125 4,280 62,000 450,000 Wood
2 392,000 Fish x90 4,356 66,000 273,000 Stone
3 8,000 Cloth x2 4,000 70,000 696,000 Coin
4 8,500 Crew x2 4,250 74,000 144,000 Iron
5 157,000 Stone x40 3,925 78,000 704,000 Fish
6 93,000 Iron x25 3,720 82,000 10 Gem
7 288,000 Wood x72 4,000 87,000 1,056,000 Coin
8 7,000 Grapes x2 3,500 92,000 264,000 Wood
9 628,000 Coin x125 5,024 97,000 791,000 Fish
10 106,000 Iron x25 4,240 102,000 331,000 Stone
11 503,000 Fish x100 5,030 108,000 196,000 Iron
12 9,000 Cocoa x2 4,500 114,000 737,000 Coin
13 10,000 Crew x2 5,000 120,000 508,000 Wood
14 500 Mechanicalpart x1 500 126,000 15 Gem
15 208,000 Stone x50 4,160 133,000 208,000 Iron
16 786,000 Coin x150 5,240 140,000 991,000 Fish
17 402,000 Wood x80 5,025 147,000 419,000 Stone
18 143,000 Iron x32 4,469 155,000 1,572,000 Coin
19 687,000 Fish x120 5,725 163,000 801,000 Wood
20 9,000 Grapes x2 4,500 172,000 118,000 Iron
21 12,000 Crew x2 6,000 181,000 15 Gem
22 10,000 Cloth x2 5,000 191,000 800,000 Fish
23 374,000 Stone x80 4,675 201,000 2,020,000 Coin
24 687,000 Wood x125 5,496 212,000 350,000 Iron
25 1,528,000 Coin x250 6,112 223,000 660,000 Stone
26 261,000 Iron x50 5,220 235,000 1,180,000 Wood
27 14,500 Crew x2 7,250 247,000 1,930,000 Fish
28 11,000 Cocoa x2 5,500 260,000 200,000 Iron
29 1,248,000 Fish x200 6,240 273,000 740,000 Stone
30 700 Mechanicalpart x1 700 287,000 20 Gem
31 884,000 Wood x125 7,072 302,000 2,780,000 Coin
32 547,000 Stone x100 5,470 318,000 2,110,000 Fish
33 331,000 Iron x60 5,517 334,000 1,490,000 Wood
34 2,187,000 Coin x300 7,290 351,000 940,000 Stone
35 18,000 Crew x3 6,000 369,000 560,000 Iron
36 1,109,000 Wood x125 8,872 388,000 3,480,000 Coin
37 13,000 Cloth x2 6,500 408,000 20 Gem
38 13,000 Grapes x2 6,500 429,000 980,000 Fish
39 2,435,000 Coin x300 8,117 451,000 1,760,000 Wood
40 1,846,000 Fish x200 9,230 474,000 1,100,000 Stone


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 63,000 -63,000
Coin 8,099,000 12,341,000 4,242,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 4,676,000 8,306,000 3,630,000
Wood 3,370,000 6,453,000 3,083,000
Stone 1,286,000 4,463,000 3,177,000
Iron 934,000 1,776,000 842,000
Cocoa 20,000 -20,000
Cloth 31,000 -31,000
Grapes 29,000 -29,000
Mechanicalpart 1,200 -1,200
Xp 8,322,000 8,322,000


# Story
1 Welcome!
Bonjour captain, welcome to Paris! Your reputation precedes you. What brings you here? Would you like to chat over a glass at the local winery? I might need your help.
2 Secret
Let's order some lunch. You look like you can be trusted with a secret. Philibert Commerson agreed to take me on a voyage around the World as his valet, but I have to be disguised as a man!
3 Dare to dream
I am a botanist, so a discovery voyage such as this one is a dream of mine. However, women are prohibited from French Navy ships, so I have to pose as a man. Would you help me get male clothing?
4 Join us!
Monsieur de Bougainville, our voyage's leader, needs more sailors for the journey on one of his ships. Would you and your crew like to join us on the ship Etoile?
5 Perks
I hope my disguise as Jean Baret will hold up, but I feel some suspicious looks already. Luckily, Captain de Giraudais freed up his cabin to Commerson and me due to all the equipment we need.
6 Rumors
There have been rumors flying around about me possibly being a woman. Even Captain de Giraudais has asked me directly. I quickly made up a lie that I am a eunuch. Hopefully, that will quiet them down.
7 Reparations
Our sister ship La Boudeuse ran into some trouble on her voyage. There are urgent reparations needed. Would you mind helping out?
8 Surgeon Vives
Turns out the voyage surgeon, Vives, is the one spreading rumors about me. He claimed Commerson and I are a couple and I do not need such rumors flying around. Maybe I could bribe him with a bottle.
9 Protection
It is rumored that the waters surrounding South America are swarming with pirates. We are getting closer, so we should get some local guards. I am afraid they won't be for free.
10 Preparations
Our voyage is nearing its first stop, Montevideo. The guards you arranged look capable, but we best set up some more armoring on the ship. There is no telling how the locals will react to our arrival.
11 Illness
Monsieur de Commerson has been seasick the whole voyage. He has also had recurring health issues with his legs. I am worried about his health. Maybe some food will make him feel better.
12 Montevideo
We are here at last, Montevideo! Want to hear a piece of good advice? I would harvest cocoa if I were you. It is priced very highly at markets in Europe and Asia, so it could be valuable to you.
13 Expeditions
Commerson's health issues mean that I will be stuck carrying all the equipment for our botanic expeditions. Could I get a couple of your men to help me out in exchange for that cocoa tip?
14 Steering issues
Our sister ship, La Boudeuse, needs some further repairs. The mechanics of its helm are shaky and if they were to break out on the seas, the result could be catastrophic.
15 Gifts
The natives have been completely welcoming and friendly to us during our time here. We could reward them with some tools before we head out for Rio De Janeiro.
16 Setting out for Rio
Ultimately, our expeditions led to nothing in Montevideo, but at least the locals are friendly. No point in keeping the guards now. We should give them some money for ending their contracts early.
17 Extra room
Now that the guards are off and we have some more room on board, we should get more lumber. You never know when we will need it for repairs or heat.
18 Journey to Rio
Back on the sea! Our anchor got damaged upon our departure, but surely your crew can fix it if they get the right material.
19 Foreign foods
Thank you for repairing the anchor. Rio De Janeiro is just a day away now. We ought to catch enough fish to have supplies, there is no telling what kinds of food we can expect there.
20 Terrifying Rio
They killed the chaplain! We arrived in Rio and the locals murdered the first man out of the ship! We should try to appease them with a gift. Hopefully, five cases of wine will get them to mellow out.
21 Fear of locals
The locals are slightly more friendly now, they liked the gift. Commerson insists on us going on an expedition but I still feel uncomfortable. Could some of your crew come with us?
22 Bougainvillea
Thanks to your crew's protection, Commerson and I were able to discover a beautiful, pink, thorny vine. We plan on naming it Bougainvillea after our voyage's leader. I need some cloth to preserve it.
23 Keep them happy
We are almost ready to continue our voyage. I think we should give them some tools to solidify our alliance and assure future visitors do not meet the end our chaplain did.
24 Get out
We were finally able to retrieve the chaplain's body. We must leave now before this shaky alliance falls apart again. We should build a casket so the body can be safely transported home.
25 New Ireland
We are now off to New Ireland, but we need to arrange the transportation of the chaplain's body back to France. We found a merchant ship but the price they are asking is quite high...
26 Attacked
Once we arrived in New Ireland, the servants attacked me and stripped me. The whole crew now knows I am a woman and there is talk of mutiny or abandoning me. I need to protect myself.
27 Scared for my life
I am scared for my safety, despite having my own cabin. Not only is having me here illegal, but a woman on board is said to be bad luck. They are blaming me for the chaplain's death. Please help me.
28 Dutch East Indies
We are approaching the Dutch East Indies to get more supplies before heading for Africa. It is the market hub of Southeast Asia. This is where you can exchange the cocoa you got earlier!
29 Food supplies
Before we set out on our long voyage to Mauritius, we best get as much food as we can. We should purchase fish from the market and salt them to preserve them for longer.
30 Mauritius
We have arrived at Mauritius, but as we were finishing our voyage during stormy weather, the ship went hard ashore. Repairs need to be done to make sure the voyage can continue safely.
31 An old friend
As repairs continue, we found out that the governor here is Pierre Poivre, an old friend of Commerson. We might settle here for a while, the sea is not merciful to Commerson's health.
32 Staying
We have decided to stay here and continue our research. I suppose you will want to continue with the journey, but make sure to come and visit. Before you go, I would love some help building a house.
33 Bon Voyage!
Thank you for your help with the house! I hope the rest of your voyage is successful and you do come back to Mauritius. We can keep some materials that the ship needs to leave behind here.
34 Welcome back
Ahoy, captain! Welcome back to Mauritius. Life has not been kind to me over the past few years. I can tell you all about it over a drink.
35 Madagascar
Our time here began pleasantly. We were taken care of by Governor Poivre and often went on expeditions to Madagascar and Bourbon Island, but our luck turned after Poivre was recalled back to France.
36 Downturn
Once Poivre was recalled, our financial situation got worse as did Commerson's health. Commerson died in April, and I used the little money we had to send his body and findings to Paris.
37 What now?
I was left with little money and no way to get home from Mauritius. I found a job at a tavern in Port Louis and there I met Jean Dubernat, an officer of the French Army. It was love at first sight.
38 Wedding
I am to marry Jean Dubernat. I have never been so sure of a decision in my life. After the wedding, we will head back to France. I know Commerson left me some money, we could use it to settle down.
39 Leaving
I do have some debts to pay before I go. Would you mind helping me pay them off? I wouldn't want to leave here indebted to someone, but I know that we are friends and I can pay you back in France.
40 My journey is done
We will need food for this long journey. It seems that I will get to finish my voyage around the world at last. Thank you for all the help, captain, I could not have done it without you.
It's not much but please take these together with my honest gratitude. Farewell, captain!
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