James Cook
Contracts info
Contracts: 50
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 120 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 200
Recommended: 215
Complete: Margaret Hardenbroeck
Resolution (Ship)

Captain James Cook FRS (7 November 1728 – 14 February 1779) was a British explorer, navigator, cartographer, and captain in the Royal Navy. Cook made detailed maps of Newfoundland prior to making three voyages to the Pacific Ocean, during which he achieved the first recorded European contact with the eastern coastline of Australia and the Hawaiian Islands, and the first recorded circumnavigation of New Zealand. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about James Cook's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 81,000 Coin x40 2,025 28,000 26,000 Iron
2 39,000 Wood x24 1,625 30,000 45,000 Stone
3 3,500 Crew x2 1,750 32,000 160,000 Coin
4 59,000 Fish x32 1,844 34,000 80,000 Wood
5 14,000 Iron x10 1,400 36,000 120,000 Fish
6 3,000 Grapes x2 1,500 38,000 10 Gem
7 24,000 Stone x16 1,500 40,000 170,000 Coin
8 42,000 Wood x24 1,750 42,000 50,000 Stone
9 3,600 Crew x2 1,800 45,000 85,000 Wood
10 90,000 Coin x40 2,250 48,000 29,000 Iron
11 15,000 Iron x10 1,500 51,000 135,000 Fish
12 68,000 Fish x32 2,125 54,000 190,000 Coin
13 3,500 Cocoa x2 1,750 57,000 10 Gem
14 28,000 Stone x16 1,750 60,000 32,000 Iron
15 105,000 Coin x40 2,625 63,000 100,000 Wood
16 51,000 Wood x24 2,125 67,000 75 Mechanicalpart
17 4,000 Crew x2 2,000 71,000 250,000 Fish
18 32,000 Iron x16 2,000 75,000 100,000 Stone
19 145,000 Fish x58 2,500 79,000 360,000 Coin
20 4,500 Cloth x3 1,500 83,000 10 Gem
21 60,000 Stone x30 2,000 88,000 270,000 Fish
22 220,000 Coin x80 2,750 93,000 62,000 Iron
23 110,000 Wood x44 2,500 98,000 110,000 Stone
24 5,000 Crew x2 2,500 103,000 200,000 Wood
25 40,000 Iron x16 2,500 109,000 440,000 Coin
26 188,000 Fish x64 2,938 115,000 73,000 Iron
27 5,500 Grapes x3 1,833 121,000 15 Gem
28 290,000 Coin x80 3,625 128,000 370,000 Fish
29 145,000 Wood x50 2,900 135,000 150,000 Stone
30 91,000 Stone x32 2,844 142,000 100,000 Iron
31 7,000 Crew x2 3,500 150,000 100 Mechanicalpart
32 58,000 Iron x20 2,900 158,000 640,000 Coin
33 7,000 Cocoa x3 2,333 166,000 15 Gem
34 290,000 Fish x80 3,625 175,000 340,000 Wood
35 565,000 Coin x140 4,036 184,000 230,000 Stone
36 160,000 Stone x50 3,200 194,000 610,000 Fish
37 280,000 Wood x80 3,500 204,000 130,000 Iron
38 95,000 Iron x25 3,800 215,000 880,000 Coin
39 10,000 Cloth x4 2,500 226,000 15 Gem
40 452,000 Fish x108 4,185 238,000 260,000 Stone
41 182,000 Stone x50 3,640 250,000 700,000 Fish
42 680,000 Coin x160 4,250 263,000 480,000 Wood
43 10,000 Crew x2 5,000 277,000 160,000 Iron
44 120,000 Iron x30 4,000 291,000 1,110,000 Coin
45 15,000 Grapes x6 2,500 306,000 20 Gem
46 590,000 Fish x118 5,000 322,000 340,000 Stone
47 242,000 Stone x55 4,400 339,000 620,000 Wood
48 915,000 Coin x200 4,575 356,000 210,000 Iron
49 465,000 Wood x100 4,650 374,000 1,440,000 Coin
50 14,000 Crew x4 3,500 393,000 150 Mechanicalpart


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 47,100 -47,100
Coin 2,946,000 5,390,000 2,444,000
Gem 95 95
Fish 1,792,000 2,455,000 663,000
Wood 1,132,000 1,905,000 773,000
Stone 787,000 1,285,000 498,000
Iron 374,000 822,000 448,000
Cocoa 10,500 -10,500
Cloth 14,500 -14,500
Grapes 23,500 -23,500
Mechanicalpart 325 325
Xp 7,246,000 7,246,000


Level required: 200
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 2,200,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 500 100 77 660,000
2 3,000,000 Coin 800,000 Wood 90,000 Stone 90 200 85 220,000
3 4,500,000 Coin 1,200,000 Wood 50,000 Iron 120 300 100 330,000
4 6,000,000 Coin 1,600,000 Wood 270,000 Stone 150 400 123 440,000
5 8,000,000 Coin 2,000,000 Wood 200,000 Iron 180 500 154 550,000
21,500,000 Coin
5,600,000 Wood
360,000 Stone
250,000 Iron
540 Gem
500 Gem
2,200,000 Xp


# Story
1 Evening at the inn
Pardon me, do you have some money which you could lend me? We are celebrating my promotion with my crew and somehow we are all out of money.
2 Let's be friends
Come, sit down with us. It's only fair since you paid for this round. There is still free place just bring your chair here.
3 Fellow marines
We are all sailors, as you might have guessed. You are a captain too?! Unbelievable! If your crew is here too, let's invite them among us. The more, the merrier.
4 Food is essential
Actually, we could use your help on our next voyage. You just need a good reliable ship and your men. I will take care of everything else. Ah, and the food. You could bring that too.
5 Romantic mission
We are going on a little astronomy mission. We will be watching the stars so we can better measure longitude at sea. If you have a good chronometer, take it with you.
6 To your health
One last drink and then let's go to bed. We will see each other on the pier in the morning. So to your health and the success of our mission! Cheers!
7 Right on time
It's good to see that you are reliable. Sometimes I make rash decisions when I drink which I later regret. I hope our cooperation is not one of those. So you have the marble I told you to bring?
8 It's a test
Leave the stone here. It's for the new headquarters of the Admiralty. And if you can, bring them some wood too.
9 You passed
Sorry for those unexpected requests. I just had to be sure you are resourceful before we set sail. If your sailors are in place, we can head out.
10 Into the Pacific
We are heading south-west around Cape Horn and into the Pacific. I hope you have invested in a good reliable compass. We may get separated during a storm.
11 Watching the sky
We need to reach the Tahiti. From there we can observe the transit of Venus across the Sun. I will do the observing, you make sure the natives don't become angry that we breached their territory.
12 Camping at Tahiti
Here we are. It's a pleasant place, right? Let's set a camp before it gets dark. And maybe catch some fish so we have something fresh for dinner.
13 Early morning
I hope you slept well. I was up all night watching the sky and taking measurements. Now let's have some hot cocoa to break our fast and then I have something to tell you.
14 Secret mission
I have a secret mission to be completed after our official task. We have to look for the elusive Terra Australis, the mysterious Southern Continent. So let's pack our things and go.
15 Local guide
We will need someone to help us navigate through the vast Pacific. The natives might know about the local waters. We should offer them something in return for their help. I am no fan of violent ways.
16 Tupaia from Tahiti
It seems a local priest called Tupaia has an extensive knowledge of the local geography. He is willing to join our expedition if we help rebuild his shrine. I think we can spare the time.
17 Animosity
Our men don't seem to like the new member of the crew. Let's have a talk with them. We can't allow to let it grow into something dangerous.
18 Mapmaker
Tupaia drew a few maps for us. We will set the course to south-west. I am planning to return home by sailing around New Holland. With a bit of luck, we will find Terra Australis along the way.
19 New Zealand
This land ahead of us, I think Abel Tasman mentions it in his travel journals. It could be worth it to explore it further. Let's turn south and sail along its coast. I will write my own journal after dinner.
20 Getting cold
As we are heading further south it's getting colder outside. But I long to stay on the deck and look at this lovely scenery of snowy peaks towering over green mountains. I need to put on something warm.
21 Build a base
It seems we have reached the southernmost point of the island. I will continue mapping the coast but you go ashore and build a base. It might be useful if we decide to colonize this land.
22 Translator Tupaia
Take Tupaia with you ashore. If you encounter any local tribes, he might be able to translate for you. And have some gifts ready.
23 Continue the search
So Tupaia was able to make friends with the locals. That is good. Now we just need to fix the loose planks on the hull and then we can head west to Van Diemen's Land.
24 Off course
This gale is keeping us off course. We are heading north-west instead of south-west. But I can see land in the distance. Prepare for disembarking, we can use a short break on the hard ground.
25 Helpful stars
We are probably on the east coast of New Holland. Let's stay the night and I will determine our exact location by the stars. Help me get my equipment from the ship.
26 Getting hungry
Let's continue sailing west and mapping the coast along the way. We should stop in Batavia for supplies before continuing to Europe. We are slowly running out of food.
27 Tupaia is sick
Tupaia is not feeling well. I fear he got some ugly disease. Our men are hardy but he is not used to a long voyage such as this. Maybe some wine would do him good.
28 Get better in Batavia
Poor Tupaia is not getting better. Maybe we should leave him in a hospital in Batavia. I fear that he won't last until we get to London. I will take care of him, you go buy supplies for us.
29 Let's go home
We did not discover the South Continent but we have explored a lot of new lands. We have quite some voyage behind us and it can be seen on our ship. She needs some repairs before we can go.
30 Is it the end?
It was a fine voyage with you, captain. Here we say goodbye but I hope you will join me for another voyage in the future. I left some things on your ship, please send them to me when you can.
31 Hello again
Good to see you again. I am recruiting sailors for the next voyage. While you tended to your business I finished another expedition seeking the Terra Australis. But this time, we are going north.
32 New Mission
The mission is to find the Northwest Passage between Atlantic and Pacific, we will be trying to find it from the west. You should prepare your ship for ice and strengthen her hull with iron.
33 Omai is going home
Officially, we are returning Omai home to Tahiti. He was our local guide during the second voyage. He is a good guy and loves our sweets. He almost did not want to go home because there is no chocolate.
34 Healthy cabbage
We are ready to head out. I am just going to buy some sauerkraut. It proved to be a great way to keep the men healthy. But I know you love to eat fish, so just take some too.
35 Rising prices
The merchant raised the price since my last voyage. I don't have enough money on me. Could you lend me a small sum?
36 Set sail
We will be sailing east around Africa and then across the Indian Ocean and to the Pacific. We should take some stone to Batavia along the way. There is always a high demand for European marble.
37 Spreading sickness
During the next voyage, we should avoid Batavia. Half the crew is sick again. We need to keep them in closed off quarters so they don't infect the rest of the crew too.
38 Goodbye Omai
We have dropped off Omai at Tahiti and now we can set the course north. We will still be in a warm climate for some time but let's check that our ships are in top condition for the icy waters.
39 Sandwich Islands
This is the first time I have visited these islands. The weather is nice and the people are friendly. We can stop here again on our way back. Now bundle up in a warm cloak and let's head north.
40 Cold waters
We are getting into colder waters and look! It's just teeming here with fish. It's surprising it's not too cold for them. Good for us, at least we can have something fresh to eat.
41 I miss the sun
The weather is getting worse. If we manage to anchor near the shore without getting thrown on the rocks, we could wait out the rain on shore. Maybe build a camp and explore the land a bit.
42 Cape Foulweather
We have been waiting for days yet the weather is not getting better. I say we move on. To the north it is. If we get the chance we should buy some pelts from the locals. It's getting seriously cold.
43 Nootka Sound
Let's anchor here. There is a village nearby. I saw it from the ship as we sailed along the shore. We will send a few men to trade with the villagers. Let's hope they are reasonable.
44 Shrewd traders
The natives have some otter pelts but they want metal items for it. Pans, weapons, knives, it's all precious to them. We need those pelts so let's just give them what they want.
45 The best medicine
Now I am glad we traded that iron for the pelts. It's freezing here. As if that was not enough, I have a stomach ache for the past few days. Maybe some wine will help me settle it.
46 Icy obstacle
We can't continue north anymore. The ice is continuous here. We will have to turn back. Maybe we will make a stop at the Sandwich Islands. I have had enough of this cold weather.
47 Final destination
That's what I call a fine welcoming. Everyone is bowing and bringing us food and gifts. Somehow they are friendlier than before, don't you think? But we don't need those stone figurines. Return them.
48 Crispy crustacean
Hmm, those grilled crabs are amazing. I never ate such scrumptious crustaceans. But it's been a month since we arrived, it's time to move on. But first, let's buy some of those crabs to take with us.
49 Fateful fault
Our foremast broke. We need to return to the bay and repair it. The friendly natives may even help us with that.
50 Insolent savages
What has happened? The savages have become insolent all of a sudden. They even stole our lifeboat! I am taking a few men and going to their king to clear this up one way or another.
Take care of my ship until I return. When I am back with our boat, we will sail off right away.
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