Jacques Cousteau
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 395
Recommended: 410
Complete: Beryl Smeeton
30 Gem

Jacques-Yves Cousteau (11 June 1910 – 25 June 1997) was a French naval officer, explorer, conservationist, filmmaker, innovator, scientist, photographer, author and researcher who studied the sea and all forms of life in water. He co-developed the Aqua-Lung, pioneered marine conservation and was a member of the Académie française.

Cousteau described his underwater world research in a series of books, perhaps the most successful being his first book, The Silent World: A Story of Undersea Discovery and Adventure, published in 1953. Cousteau also directed films, most notably the documentary adaptation of the book, The Silent World, which won a Palme d'or at the 1956 Cannes Film Festival. He remained the only person to win a Palme d'Or for a documentary film, until Michael Moore won the award in 2004 for Fahrenheit 9/11. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Cousteau's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 254,000 Iron x20 12,700 215,000 1,143,000 Wood
2 987,000 Coin x70 14,100 226,000 1,410,000 Fish
3 13,000 Crew x3 4,333 238,000 304,000 Stone
4 754,000 Fish x50 15,080 250,000 2,413,000 Coin
5 14,000 Copper x2 7,000 263,000 280,000 Iron
6 443,000 Stone x35 12,657 277,000 10 Gem
7 535,000 Wood x40 13,375 291,000 1,338,000 Fish
8 324,000 Iron x20 16,200 306,000 1,134,000 Stone
9 1,206,000 Coin x80 15,075 322,000 1,357,000 Wood
10 15,000 Crew x3 5,000 339,000 800,000 Coin
11 565,000 Stone x35 16,143 356,000 646,000 Iron
12 15,000 Clay x2 7,500 374,000 10 Gem
13 868,000 Fish x50 17,360 393,000 1,216,000 Stone
14 801,000 Wood x50 16,020 413,000 2,564,000 Coin
15 392,000 Iron x20 19,600 434,000 1,960,000 Fish
16 1,645,000 Coin x90 18,278 456,000 1,645,000 Wood
17 17,000 Fruit x2 8,500 479,000 340,000 Iron
18 622,000 Stone x35 17,771 503,000 10 Gem
19 17,000 Crew x3 5,667 529,000 397,000 Stone
20 1,051,000 Fish x55 19,109 556,000 3,058,000 Coin
21 603,000 Iron x25 24,120 584,000 4,350,000 Wood
22 19,000 Cloth x2 9,500 614,000 2,090,000 Fish
23 1,875,000 Wood x90 20,833 645,000 1,670,000 Iron
24 5,016,000 Coin x240 20,900 678,000 2,300,000 Stone
25 18,000 Crew x3 6,000 712,000 15 Gem
26 1,294,000 Stone x65 19,908 748,000 8,370,000 Coin
27 2,741,000 Fish x125 21,928 786,000 1,760,000 Iron
28 20,000 Wheat x2 10,000 826,000 1,800,000 Wood
29 669,000 Iron x25 26,760 868,000 5,890,000 Fish
30 2,031,000 Wood x90 22,567 912,000 2,490,000 Stone
31 20,000 Crew x3 6,667 958,000 15 Gem
32 5,592,000 Coin x240 23,300 1,006,000 1,870,000 Iron
33 21,000 Grapes x2 10,500 1,057,000 2,310,000 Fish
34 1,535,000 Stone x65 23,615 1,110,000 4,260,000 Wood
35 3,838,000 Fish x135 28,430 1,166,000 11,950,000 Coin
36 790,000 Iron x30 26,333 1,225,000 2,900,000 Stone
37 2,410,000 Wood x95 25,368 1,287,000 20 Gem
38 22,000 Crew x3 7,333 1,352,000 590,000 Iron
39 22,000 Copper x2 11,000 1,420,000 1,980,000 Wood
40 6,250,000 Coin x240 26,042 1,491,000 5,730,000 Fish


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 105,000 -105,000
Coin 20,696,000 29,155,000 8,459,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 9,252,000 20,728,000 11,476,000
Wood 7,652,000 16,535,000 8,883,000
Stone 4,459,000 10,741,000 6,282,000
Iron 3,032,000 7,156,000 4,124,000
Cloth 19,000 -19,000
Grapes 21,000 -21,000
Xp 105,000 26,665,000 26,560,000


# Story
1 Bonjour, capitaine!
How do you feel about helping the French Navy make the seas safer? We need more captains to search the waters for leftover mines from the war. Come, I will tell you the details.
2 Joining the mission
Of course, you will be paid and rewarded for your assistance. But first, you need to invest some money into the mine-detecting equipment. It will be all paid back, I promise.
3 Personal project
Actually, I have my own project I would like to take care of while sailing the Mediterranean. And I need more men to finish the official part so I have time for my work.
4 Explorer of the deep
I am a naval officer but I love to explore the underwater world. All the fish, tortoises, and other ocean lifeforms are my specialty. I will take you with me for a dive if you are interested.
5 My invention
You will need special equipment for diving. I designed the Aqua Lung myself. It has metal gas containers that store oxygen for you to breathe underwater. I will help you make one for yourself.
6 Begin the mission
We should get going. The mines are not going to pick themselves. Our ship still needs some ballast and then we are ready to go. Can you please take care of it?
7 Wait!
Before we go, I will also need a small boat to go on my diving trips during the voyage. Do you have one? I would prefer a custom made one so I can place all my equipment inside.
8 Minesweeper
We have almost reached our mine quota already. Our ship is now highly explosive. I hope you stored the mines in safe metal containers. We need to be very careful with them.
9 Ancient wreck
Capitaine, you need to see this! We have found an ancient Roman wreck on the seabed. We need help getting all the gold coins out of there. Put on your diving suit and join us.
10 Amazing discovery
There is so much to explore! This will take a while but I can't just miss this opportunity. Can your sailors take care of the minesweeping while I continue to explore the wreck?
11 Good work
That was some expert marine archeology. And the crew has almost finished the minesweeping too. We just need to search this last rocky island and we can go back to headquarters.
12 Fragile artifacts
Help me get the artifacts from the wreck aboard. There are some clay pots and other items. We need to get them to the museum in France. Be careful with the clay shards.
13 Back in France
I just finished my report to the general. Mines are safely disposed of and the artifacts from the wreck are stored at the marine museum. This was a fruitful mission.
14 A new chapter
I decided to leave the Navy and begin a new chapter in my life. I hope you are still interested in working together. I plan to continue my marine research and I could use your help.
15 Rebuilding a ship
I have leased a ship. She is an old minesweeper but I want to rebuild her into a research ship. I will need some materials and a lot of money for that. But I believe you can help with that.
16 Meet Calypso
This is Calypso, the ship I mentioned. She has seen quite a few winters but we can get her back in shape. We can start the refitting with the materials you delivered. But I will need some cash too.
17 Just a little
The first mission after the ship is rebuilt will be the research of porpoises in the Mediterranean. I know we shouldn't feed the wild animals but I like to take some fresh fruit for them.
18 Peculiar porpoises
I just love porpoises. There is more to them than meets the eye. And we are getting to the root of it during this expedition. Now load up the ship ballast and let's start the mission!
19 Do you see them?
The porpoises are following our ship. I think they are heading for the Strait of Gibraltar. Tell the crew to change our course. We are going to join them on their way to the Atlantic.
20 Echolocation
I suspect the porpoises are using echolocation to determine the best route. Do you see how they change the course to the middle of the channel? It's not something any common fish can do.
21 New mission
We have been tasked with an important mission. We are going to Abu Dhabi to survey the local waters. We will need some special equipment for the survey and metal containers.
22 Making a movie
Mr. Louis Malle will be joining us. He is a movie director and will be filming the expedition. Let's make sure our guest has a comfortable journey with us.
23 Another boat
Mr. Malle will be needing a boat of his own. I hope you can help him with that. Just a small one will suffice. But he needs also some crates for his filming equipment.
24 During the mission
I need to finish this survey here but Mr. Malle is out of filming tape. Can you sail to the closest town and buy some? It would be a shame if he couldn't film the rest of the voyage.
25 Assistants needed
This survey requires we cover a large area. It would be more convenient if we could do it simultaneously. Do you think your sailors are up to some scientific work? Bring them here, I will explain it.
26 Great!
We managed to collect a lot of useful data. Now we just need to take samples of the local rocks at the seabed. I will do the diving, but you have to help me haul up the samples to the ship.
27 Fish samples
It was not in the instructions from our employer, but I would like to take some local fish for my personal studies. There are fish here I have never seen before. I have already prepared water tanks for them.
28 Baguette lover
I miss French food. Such a good fresh baguette with cheese is all I ask for. Maybe we could make our own. There is a fairly good kitchen on the ship. We just need the ingredients.
29 Collecting data
The baguettes were perfect. Now I am ready to finish our research and return to France. We need to pick up the sensors we left in the ocean and check the data they collected.
30 First screening
Mr. Malle would like to present to us the film he made from our expedition. It still needs some work in the studio but if we get a projector and enough chairs, the crew can watch it now.
31 Mission accomplished
We have successfully finished the mission and we have earned a break. Tell the crew I am proud of them and that they are free for the next few days. You relax too, I will see you in a bit.
32 Nominated
You won't believe this! The film about our expedition has been nominated for a Palme d'Or. That's a prestigious movie award given at the Festival of Cannes. We need to get a suit.
33 Celebrations
Our movie actually won the award. I am so happy! I hope it will make more people interested in the oceans and their conservation and exploration. Now we need to celebrate!
34 Master of museum
I have been made the director of the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco. It's a great honor and I already promised them to repair the old building of the museum so we can expand the exhibition.
35 Engineer wanted
I am also starting a new project of my own. I will need the help of an experienced engineer for that. Can you please invite Mr. Jean Mollard for dinner?
36 Into the deep
Now that Mr. Mollard agreed to join me, I can tell you what the project is about. We are going to build an experimental diving vehicle. We will need you to help us with the material delivery.
37 Diving saucer
It will be called diving saucer due to its shape. It will have to be transported by a ship into deeper waters. Do you have a ship we could use? There needs to be a lifting mechanism on her.
38 First trial
The construction of the diving saucer is complete and we are ready for the first trial. Get your crew and let's go out to the sea. I can't wait to try this thing out.
39 Success
The trial went well. However, I managed to pick out some deficiencies. The saucer needs an additional copper plating and then it should be safe to use.
40 Time to go home
I must bid you goodbye, captain. I was scolded by my wife that I spend all the time at the bottom of the ocean. I have to at least bring some money home or I won't hear the end of it.
Here is a little something for your help. I hope we will see each other again. There is still a lot to explore in the seas.
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