Herman Melville
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 290
Recommended: 305
Complete: Ernest Shackleton
20 Gem

Herman Melville (born Melvill; August 1, 1819 – September 28, 1891) was an American novelist, short story writer, and poet of the American Renaissance period. Among his best-known works are Typee (1846), a romantic account of his experiences of Polynesian life, and his masterpiece Moby-Dick (1851).

Melville was born in New York City, the third child of a merchant. Typee, his first book, was followed by a sequel, Omoo (1847). Both were successful and gave him the financial basis to marry Elizabeth Shaw, a daughter of a prominent Boston family. His first novel not based on his own experiences, Mardi (1849), was not well received. His next fictional work, Redburn (1849), and his non-fiction White-Jacket (1850) were given better reviews but did not provide financial security. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 12,000 Crew x3 4,000 85,000 208,000 Stone
2 402,000 Fish x90 4,467 90,000 626,000 Coin
3 10,000 Cloth x2 5,000 95,000 360,000 Wood
4 568,000 Coin x120 4,733 100,000 568,000 Fish
5 9,000 Grapes x2 4,500 105,000 270,000 Iron
6 279,000 Wood x60 4,650 111,000 10 Gem
7 96,000 Iron x30 3,200 117,000 448,000 Coin
8 175,000 Stone x40 4,375 123,000 315,000 Wood
9 651,000 Coin x120 5,425 130,000 326,000 Iron
10 493,000 Fish x90 5,478 137,000 285,000 Stone
11 346,000 Wood x60 5,767 144,000 692,000 Fish
12 650 Mechanicalpart x1 650 152,000 15 Gem
13 14,000 Crew x3 4,667 160,000 280,000 Iron
14 14,000 Cloth x2 7,000 168,000 364,000 Stone
15 123,000 Iron x30 4,100 177,000 574,000 Coin
16 227,000 Stone x40 5,675 186,000 409,000 Wood
17 11,000 Grapes x2 5,500 196,000 660,000 Fish
18 138,000 Iron x30 4,600 206,000 240,000 Stone
19 440,000 Wood x60 7,333 217,000 1,027,000 Coin
20 704,000 Fish x100 7,040 228,000 423,000 Iron
21 1,395,000 Coin x200 6,975 240,000 560,000 Wood
22 12,000 Cocoa x2 6,000 252,000 840,000 Fish
23 16,000 Crew x3 5,333 265,000 320,000 Stone
24 18,000 Cloth x2 9,000 279,000 15 Gem
25 418,000 Stone x60 6,967 293,000 560,000 Wood
26 1,151,000 Fish x150 7,673 308,000 770,000 Iron
27 821,000 Wood x100 8,210 324,000 1,320,000 Coin
28 291,000 Iron x40 7,275 341,000 1,020,000 Fish
29 1,912,000 Coin x200 9,560 359,000 580,000 Stone
30 18,000 Crew x3 6,000 377,000 480,000 Wood
31 800 Mechanicalpart x1 800 396,000 20 Gem
32 561,000 Stone x70 8,014 416,000 810,000 Iron
33 1,502,000 Fish x150 10,013 437,000 1,610,000 Coin
34 20,000 Crew x3 6,667 459,000 940,000 Fish
35 1,038,000 Wood x100 10,380 482,000 630,000 Stone
36 360,000 Iron x40 9,000 507,000 20 Gem
37 1,688,000 Fish x150 11,253 533,000 910,000 Wood
38 2,501,000 Coin x200 12,505 560,000 1,260,000 Iron
39 736,000 Stone x80 9,200 588,000 1,480,000 Coin
40 14,000 Grapes x2 7,000 618,000 980,000 Fish


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 80,000 -80,000
Coin 7,027,000 7,085,000 58,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 5,940,000 5,700,000 -240,000
Wood 2,924,000 3,594,000 670,000
Stone 2,117,000 2,627,000 510,000
Iron 1,008,000 4,139,000 3,131,000
Cocoa 12,000 -12,000
Cloth 42,000 -42,000
Grapes 34,000 -34,000
Mechanicalpart 1,450 -1,450
Xp 10,961,000 10,961,000


# Story
1 Life decisions
Ahoy, captain! Welcome to New York. I'm glad to meet you as I've been looking for direction in life since graduating from university. Maybe I will try to become a sailor…
2 Captain's mentorship
Let's go for lunch! I want to hear more of your stories and discuss my ideas with you. Do you think being a sailor might be the path for me?
3 Gansevoort's advice
My older brother, Gansevoort, agrees with my plan to go on a voyage to widen my horizons. Would you and your men like to join me on this quest? I will need to get some more sturdy clothing.
4 Losing focus
I am trying to find a ship for us, but it is tough to do so while still having to work. Could I get a short-term loan so I can fully focus on the task?
5 Ship St. Lawrence
I found a merchant ship called St. Lawrence and signed up as a green hand! It will go from New York to Liverpool. I'm really happy you will join me on my first-ever voyage. Let's celebrate!
6 Liverpool
We have finally arrived in Liverpool. This voyage was way more difficult than I initially thought. I don't feel the sailors have accepted me. We should get some repairs done while we are docked.
7 Anchor damage
We were about to set out on our voyage back to New York, but St. Lawrence's anchor got damaged. We need to get a new one quickly so we won't be behind the schedule.
8 Back in New York
I am very glad that we have arrived back in New York. Interacting with the sailors was a bit of a struggle. I'm going to look for a job, maybe my uncle can help. I will see you soon, captain.
9 Teaching fiasco
Welcome back captain, let's catch up! I got a job teaching at a local school after you left but after a full semester, I didn't receive a single cent. I'm struggling, could I borrow some money?
10 Uncle Thomas
Let's go for dinner! After the teaching fiasco, my friend James Murdock and I traveled to Illinois to see if my uncle Thomas could help us find a job. We were unsuccessful, but I'm still glad I went.
11 Frontier life
We sailed up the Mississippi to get there, observing the simpler frontier life, communities on the edge of civilization. We stopped at one of them and helped a man build a cabin for his family.
12 Decisions
We had an issue with our ship, so we had to camp out on the frontier for a few nights. Being out there made us realize our calling; returning to the sea. We fixed the ship and headed back to New York.
13 New challenge
Now that we are back, Murdock and I will look for a whaler to work on. I have grown a lot since my first voyage. Would you and your crew like to come with me again?
14 Finding a ship
The Acushnet is going on a whaling voyage, so I signed us all up. We will need both lighter and warmer clothes as the voyage lasts a year and goes all around the world.
15 Acushnet
We are almost ready to set out on the Acushnet voyage! Murdock and I fell out and he will not be coming with us. There are just some final reinforcements to be done, could you supply the materials?
16 Long road ahead
We are going to sail from New York around Cape Horn, the southernmost point of South America, to get into the South Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, we should make some extra tools.
17 First whale
After seeing the whales and not being able to capture them, we finally caught our first one off the coast of Chile! Let's open some wine and celebrate before we have to process the whale.
18 Knife shortage
After the celebrations, we now have to process the whale. We use large knives to cut it up before boiling it, but we need more of them as they keep breaking. Could you get some made?
19 Whale oil
Now that we've finally cut the whale up after two days, we will now boil it to get the oil and store it in barrels. We get more money for each barrel that we fill at the end of the voyage.
20 Docking in Chile
After four months we have finally docked to re-supply. Being out on the sea for so long is tough for me, mentally. Anyway, let's go get some fresh dinner, I don't even want to see salted beef anymore.
21 Minor repairs
Before we get going again, we ought to pay some of the locals to clean the whaling deck. All the whale oil spillage makes it dangerously slippery.
22 Ecuador
Even though the whaling has been successful, I've been feeling depressed out on the sea. I'm glad we got to stop in Ecuador to get supplies, maybe chocolate could lift our spirits.
23 Nuku Hiva
We have finally anchored again, this time at the Pacific island of Nuku Hiva. This voyage is too mentally demanding for me, I have to abandon it. Will you and your men come with me?
24 Escaping Acushnet
We need to escape unseen or they will capture and lock us up. Let's go at night and once we are off the ship, cover ourselves with a tarp so we blend in with the beach and are less noticeable.
25 Mountain shelter
Now that we have avoided capture and escaped into the mountains, we need to build a shelter. They will no doubt go looking to bring us to justice, so we should stay here for a while.
26 Nuku Hiva locals
The Acushnet ought to have left by now, we should come down from the mountains and go meet the locals of Nuku Hiva. I can't wait to taste some fresh fish after hiding up here for two weeks.
27 Idyllic life
The locals here live such a simple and idyllic life! I tried to pay for our food, but they only work for exchange. I will now help them build a new hut. I wish I could stay here, but home is home.
28 A way to get out
I have found a way for us to get out. I talked to some sailors on the whaler Lucy Ann. They are planning a mutiny in Tahiti. If we join them, we can slip away easily. We should get some weapons.
29 Mutiny
Now that we are nearing Tahiti, it is time to declare mutiny so we can get out and find a voyage to the United States. However, there are still sailors holding out. Maybe we could bribe them.
30 Jail
The plan failed! Don't despair, though we have been jailed by the French, not all is lost. Some of your men were let go, so if they can put up bail for us, we can still catch a ship to America.
31 Earning our spot
Your sailors got us out and I found a ship headed for America. All of the places are taken, but they have some technical difficulties. They can make space for us if we can get them the right parts.
32 Settling down
It was an incredible journey, but I am glad to be back in New York. I want to settle down and build a house, but I feel like I have one more voyage in me in the future. We shall see each other again.
33 Welcome back
Welcome back to New York, captain! It has been too long. Let's catch up over dinner. After you left, I worked some odd jobs, tried my hand at being a bank clerk, but then I joined the Navy.
34 My time in the Navy
I served on the frigate USS United States as an ordinary seaman. The voyage took us all over the world. After I was discharged, I decided to spend more time with my family and write about my journey.
35 Typee
I based my first book, Typee, on our time on Nuku Hiva. I wrote about their simple and beautiful way of life compared to our consumer society. Building a hut with them was a great moment in my life.
36 Omoo
My second book, Omoo, was a sequel to Typee. Based on our experiences, I described the character's escape to Tahiti, the mutiny, and imprisonment. Life is tough behind bars.
37 Mardi
Mardi was my first book that was pure fiction and the most beloved. That was my peak. After Mardi, I lost my motivation and got depressed. I had to get away, so I went fishing to reflect on my work.
38 Writing for money
Once I returned, I wrote Redburn and White-Jacket about my first-ever voyage and my time in the Navy. There was no passion in them, I wrote them purely for the money to support my family.
39 Moby-Dick
However, now I got back to writing for the love of it with my new book, Moby-Dick. It is inspired by all our experiences and struggles on whaling ships. I feel like I am back to my best.
40 Farewell
Thank you for enjoying so many mad adventures with me. Almost all my books are inspired by our travels, and I can never repay you for that. Let's celebrate the success of Moby-Dick with some wine!
Here is something for your loyal companionship. And don't forget to read my books!
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