Helen Barbey
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 305
Recommended: 320
Complete: Herman Melville
Lerina (Ship)

Countess Hélène de Pourtalès (April 28, 1868 – November 2, 1945) born as Helen Barbey, was an American who became a Swiss sailor who competed in the 1900 Summer Olympics and becoming the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 675,000 Fish x125 5,400 99,000 540,000 Wood
2 752,000 Coin x135 5,570 104,000 279,000 Iron
3 10,000 Crew x3 3,333 110,000 217,000 Stone
4 124,000 Iron x35 3,543 116,000 656,000 Fish
5 700 Mechanicalpart x1 700 122,000 10 Gem
6 303,000 Wood x60 5,050 129,000 960,000 Coin
7 232,000 Stone x45 5,156 136,000 516,000 Wood
8 13,000 Cocoa x2 6,500 143,000 325,000 Iron
9 825,000 Fish x125 6,600 151,000 1,254,000 Coin
10 10,000 Grapes x2 5,000 159,000 325,000 Stone
11 912,000 Coin x135 6,756 167,000 1,250,000 Fish
12 12,000 Crew x3 4,000 176,000 10 Gem
13 12,000 Cloth x2 6,000 185,000 600,000 Wood
14 270,000 Stone x45 6,000 195,000 1,140,000 Coin
15 164,000 Iron x35 4,686 205,000 867,000 Fish
16 485,000 Wood x80 6,063 216,000 395,000 Stone
17 1,130,000 Fish x140 8,071 227,000 404,000 Iron
18 1,233,000 Coin x135 9,133 239,000 914,000 Wood
19 15,000 Cocoa x2 7,500 251,000 15 Gem
20 14,000 Crew x3 4,667 264,000 864,000 Fish
21 648,000 Stone x90 7,200 278,000 600,000 Iron
22 13,000 Grapes x2 6,500 292,000 2,150,000 Coin
23 394,000 Iron x65 6,062 307,000 690,000 Stone
24 624,000 Wood x90 6,933 323,000 1,560,000 Fish
25 900 Mechanicalpart x1 900 340,000 15 Gem
26 1,825,000 Fish x180 10,139 357,000 1,220,000 Wood
27 2,998,000 Coin x250 11,992 375,000 990,000 Iron
28 16,000 Crew x3 5,333 394,000 610,000 Stone
29 511,000 Iron x65 7,862 414,000 2,600,000 Coin
30 15,000 Cloth x2 7,500 435,000 1,690,000 Fish
31 827,000 Wood x90 9,189 457,000 15 Gem
32 1,007,000 Stone x90 11,189 480,000 1,350,000 Wood
33 4,025,000 Coin x280 14,375 504,000 1,180,000 Iron
34 2,160,000 Fish x180 12,000 530,000 3,960,000 Coin
35 19,000 Crew x3 6,333 557,000 720,000 Stone
36 16,000 Grapes x2 8,000 585,000 660,000 Iron
37 717,000 Iron x65 11,031 615,000 1,330,000 Wood
38 17,000 Cocoa x2 8,500 646,000 1,920,000 Fish
39 1,165,000 Wood x100 11,650 679,000 3,850,000 Coin
40 22,000 Crew x3 7,333 713,000 15 Gem


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 93,000 -93,000
Coin 9,920,000 15,914,000 5,994,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 6,615,000 8,807,000 2,192,000
Wood 3,404,000 6,470,000 3,066,000
Stone 2,157,000 2,957,000 800,000
Iron 1,910,000 4,438,000 2,528,000
Cocoa 45,000 -45,000
Cloth 27,000 -27,000
Grapes 39,000 -39,000
Mechanicalpart 1,600 -1,600
Xp 12,675,000 12,675,000


Lerina was a Swiss sailing boat. She took part in the Summer Olympics of 1900 and won one gold and one silver medal. Helen De Pourtalès was one of the members of her crew and also one of the first women to take part in the Olympics.

Level required: 305
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 5,780,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
5 220 217 2,480,000


# Story
1 Something to discuss
Hello, captain! My name is Helen Barbey, welcome to New York City! Can we go have lunch? I have something important to discuss with you. My family might need your help.
2 Expensive journey
My family and I are travelling to Switzerland to meet with my suitors. However, the trip is very expensive and my parents are spending a lot of money on my dowry. Could you help fund the trip?
3 Accompaniment
Thank you so much for getting the funds necessary for our journey, captain. Would you and your men mind joining us? We could do with some protection from pirates and bandits.
4 Reinforcing the ship
Almost everything is ready for our journey to Europe, but it seems that the ship needs to be reinforced in case of bad weather. However, the company has trouble getting the materials...
5 Arriving in Europe
We are finally in Europe! I was afraid we wouldn't make it after all those stormy nights. Thank God the ship survived through all that. Would you mind help fixing it up? We have time before our train leaves.
6 A cold night
I'm glad we got our rooms at the inn before nighttime. Sleeping on that train would have been a nightmare. Could you get some wood for me? My room is cold and there is no firewood by the hearth.
7 Finding a place
Today, I will be meeting my suitors to see which one is the most suitable to be my husband. However, these are fancy men, I can't meet them at an inn. Would you be able to find a proper place for me?
8 Immature suitors
Thanks for finding me a place! The first two suitors were terrible. They act so immaturely, spoiled by their rich parents. Can I get a cup of the famous Swiss cocoa before meeting the other two?
9 Lunch break
The third one was the worst of them all! He kept bragging about all his money and estates. I couldn't bear listening to him for a second more. I need to get some lunch before the last suitor.
10 The perfect one
I cannot believe it, but the last suitor was absolutely perfect! Hermann is funny, down-to-earth, but still classy in his role as Count de Pourtales. He is the best match for me. Let's celebrate!
11 Travelling back
Now that we are formally engaged, Hermann and I will travel to America to see if living together is right for us. I have a feeling it will be splendid! However, we will need some money for the trip.
12 Wedding preparations
Hermann and I are truly in love! We need to start preparing for the wedding. It will be a grand event that shall wow all of New York. Can your men help us set the venue up?
13 The dress
My wedding dress must be absolutely stunning! My designer and tailors have been working hard to come up with the perfect dress with an enormous train, but they might not have enough fabric.
14 A surprise guest
At the last minute, Justice William Howard Taft decided to attend my wedding! He will be making the trip up from Washington D.C. We need to find accommodation fit for a man of his stature.
15 The ceremony
My wedding was beautiful, everything I ever could have dreamed of! Walking down the aisle, looking and feeling spectacular. I was never happier than when Hermann slipped the ring over my finger.
16 Switzerland
We will now be moving to Switzerland and I would love for you to come with us, captain! It would be great to see a familiar face in a foreign country but the ship will need repairs before our journey.
17 Helene de Pourtales
Today, I am going to be officially named Countess Helene de Pourtales as Hermann and I will arrive at our residence, Villa Mettlen. I would love for you to attend the celebratory lunch.
18 Learning French
Thank God that you're here, captain. You and my husband are the only people I can really speak with as I don't know a lick of French. I could really use some lessons with a tutor.
19 Meeting the staff
Thank you, captain, those French lessons have really paid off. I can finally talk to other people here! I really want to get to know my staff, so I want to have a cup of cocoa with each of them.
20 Picking up a hobby
Outside of official functions, I have more free time than I initially imagined. There is a beautiful lake in our estate, so I would like to learn how to sail. Can your men help teach me?
21 Accommodation
Sailing really seems to be the sport for me! I would love to continue practising further with your crew to see how good I can get. I plan to build accommodation for them on the grounds.
22 Olympic news
They've done it! The International Olympic Committee has decided to allow women at the 1900 Olympics in Paris! Tomorrow, we start training more intensely but tonight we celebrate!
23 Lake Thun
To intensify our training, the crew and I will be going out to practice on Lake Thun to get used to sailing on a larger body of water. However, we will need to reinforce the boat to make it safer.
24 Building Lerina
We should start building our sailboat that will compete in the Olympics. Our boat is great, but we need to design this one to give us the biggest edge possible. She shall be named Lerina - Gift of God.
25 Special parts
We are almost done building Lerina, but we need to import special mechanical parts from America to make sailing her especially smooth. Could you transport them here?
26 Unfortunate news
Let's go for lunch with your men, captain. I have some unfortunate news for them. They will not be able to compete alongside me at the Olympics, as they cannot obtain Swiss citizenship in time.
27 New partners
I've decided to bring Hermann and his nephew Bernard as the other two crewmembers. However, your crew definitely deserve fair pay and I would love for them to continue to train us.
28 Training intensifies
As we are now into the final three months before the Olympics, we should pick up the pace and train six times a week. Could your men spare the time?
29 Finishing Lerina
Our sailboat for the Olympics, Lerina, is almost finished! Once we reinforce the hull, we will be able to take her for a spin on our lake, start getting used to the boat before the Olympics.
30 Designing uniforms
As Hermann, Bernard, and I will be the only ones representing Switzerland in sailing, we are to design and make our own Olympic uniforms. Could you provide the materials?
31 Travelling to Paris
We will be taking the train to Paris, us, you, and your men. They deserve to be there, this as much their achievement as it is ours. However, we will need extra coal to travel through the mountains.
32 Olympic housing
We are in charge of getting our own housing. Could you find us a place near the lake so we are close to the practice facilities?
33 Transporting Lerina
The Olympics are now just a month away, so we need to transport Lerina to Paris as quickly and safely as possible. We shall spare no expense.
34 Champion's breakfast
It's the morning of the race! Our qualification times may not have been the best, but let's just have a great breakfast and then leave it all out there on the water!
35 The starting line
Come along, captain, the race is almost starting. The wind is very weak today, so we might see more rowing. This could give us a chance! Tell your men to cheer us on, we will need the support.
36 The finish line
We've done it! We won the gold medal! This is the best day of my life! Thank you so much captain, we could not have done it without you and your men. Let's celebrate!
37 Record setter
I am the first woman to ever win gold at the Olympics! We could enter a second race tomorrow, but we would need to add more weight. Whatever happens, I already know I have reached my peak.
38 Silver
It was a frustrating silver, as we were nowhere near the victorious German crew. Still, I will be leaving Paris with beautiful memories and an Olympic gold medal. Let's have some cocoa and head home.
39 Sailing retirement
I've just received the news that there will be no sailing at the 1904 Olympics. There is no point competing at a lower level once I've won gold, so I will say farewell to professional sailing for now.
40 The White House
Even though I won my Olympic gold as a Swiss, President McKinley invited me to the White House. I have one last favour to ask, captain, will you and your men accompany me before your next adventure?
I have a small farewell gift for you. Take my ship Lerina. I have a feeling you will have more use for her than me now.
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