Fridtjof Nansen
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 365
Recommended: 380
Complete: Krystyna Liskiewicz
30 Gem

Fridtjof Wedel-Jarlsberg Nansen (10 October 1861 – 13 May 1930) was a Norwegian explorer, scientist, diplomat, humanitarian and Nobel Peace Prize laureate. In his youth he was a champion skier and ice skater. He led the team that made the first crossing of the Greenland interior in 1888, traversing the island on cross-country skis. He won international fame after reaching a record northern latitude of 86°14′ during his Fram expedition of 1893–1896. Although he retired from exploration after his return to Norway, his techniques of polar travel and his innovations in equipment and clothing influenced a generation of subsequent Arctic and Antarctic expeditions. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 819,000 Coin x90 9,100 170,000 637,000 Iron
2 376,000 Wood x45 8,356 179,000 1,839,000 Coin
3 206,000 Iron x25 8,240 188,000 1,648,000 Fish
4 3,000 Oil x1 3,000 198,000 270,000 Stone
5 645,000 Fish x70 9,214 208,000 1,014,000 Wood
6 13,000 Crew x3 4,333 219,000 304,000 Iron
7 397,000 Stone x50 7,940 230,000 1,747,000 Coin
8 15,000 Cotton x2 7,500 242,000 20 Gem
9 472,000 Wood x50 9,440 255,000 1,888,000 Fish
10 1,018,000 Coin x100 10,180 268,000 917,000 Stone
11 271,000 Iron x25 10,840 282,000 1,193,000 Wood
12 13,000 Fruit x2 6,500 297,000 1,430,000 Coin
13 730,000 Fish x70 10,429 312,000 730,000 Iron
14 15,000 Crew x3 5,000 328,000 20 Gem
15 577,000 Wood x55 10,491 345,000 2,099,000 Fish
16 18,000 Sugarcane x2 9,000 363,000 990,000 Wood
17 470,000 Stone x50 9,400 382,000 2,068,000 Coin
18 327,000 Iron x25 13,080 402,000 1,178,000 Stone
19 1,287,000 Coin x110 11,700 423,000 2,340,000 Fish
20 3,500 Oil x1 3,500 445,000 245,000 Iron
21 2,518,000 Fish x170 14,812 468,000 3,260,000 Wood
22 18,000 Crew x3 6,000 492,000 900,000 Stone
23 1,484,000 Wood x110 13,491 517,000 5,400,000 Coin
24 15,000 Tin x2 7,500 543,000 20 Gem
25 922,000 Stone x75 12,293 571,000 1,360,000 Iron
26 4,627,000 Coin x300 15,423 600,000 4,320,000 Fish
27 738,000 Iron x55 13,418 630,000 2,960,000 Wood
28 2,846,000 Fish x170 16,741 662,000 2,520,000 Stone
29 17,000 Grapes x2 8,500 696,000 3,400,000 Coin
30 20,000 Crew x3 6,667 731,000 740,000 Iron
31 1,660,000 Wood x110 15,091 768,000 4,230,000 Fish
32 1,033,000 Stone x75 13,773 807,000 20 Gem
33 18,000 Cloth x2 9,000 848,000 1,980,000 Wood
34 867,000 Iron x55 15,764 891,000 2,370,000 Stone
35 5,393,000 Coin x300 17,977 936,000 1,980,000 Iron
36 3,298,000 Fish x170 19,400 983,000 7,760,000 Coin
37 1,952,000 Wood x110 17,745 1,033,000 4,970,000 Fish
38 20,000 Cotton x2 10,000 1,085,000 1,500,000 Stone
39 23,000 Crew x3 7,667 1,140,000 1,690,000 Wood
40 1,195,000 Stone x75 15,933 1,197,000 1,760,000 Iron


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 89,000 -89,000
Coin 13,144,000 23,644,000 10,500,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 10,037,000 21,495,000 11,458,000
Wood 6,521,000 13,087,000 6,566,000
Stone 4,017,000 9,655,000 5,638,000
Iron 2,409,000 7,756,000 5,347,000
Cloth 18,000 -18,000
Grapes 17,000 -17,000
Oil 6,500 -6,500
Xp 21,334,000 21,334,000


# Story
1 Who are you?
Are you here to apply for the Greenland expedition? I have already decided on the team. But I am still looking for sponsors. You will get first-hand information about our expedition.
2 I don't know
We already have a captain on the team. It's true that it has been some time since he had been on a ship, but I really wanted to keep the party small. Fine, just show me your ship and we will see.
3 Crushing ice
Your ship is in good shape but could she also withstand the pressure of crushing ice? The waters around Greenland are cold and full of icebergs. You need a sturdy ship to brave these waters.
4 Essential skills
Fine, your ship and experience seem sufficient. But I have one more condition before you can join us. How good are you with skis and can you bear a terrible cold?
5 Proper sustenance
The oil can keep us warm but remember we will be man-hauling all our supplies. I hope you are strong enough. Eat properly before we get going. You will need a lot of strength and endurance.
6 Across Greenland
We are going to be the first ones to cross Greenland. We need a few sailors to take us to the starting point. I believe you can help with that, right?
7 Made from scratch
All our equipment must be designed from scratch. I have already made plans for the heaters, sleeping bags, and skis. Go ask the workers if they need anything to finish the items.
8 Get dressed
We are still missing our special clothing designed to keep us warm in the lowest temperatures. I hired a cheap tailor who will sew them for us. But we can't skimp on the material.
9 Special sleds
Here are the plans for the special lightweight sleds. We will need to pull them ourselves so they need to be as light as possible. Bring the material to the carpenter so he can get to work.
10 We will do this!
All this special equipment is expensive. What's worse we have problems finding investors for the expedition. Nobody believes we can actually do this. But we will show them!
11 Time to pack up
We are leaving tomorrow. First, we head to Iceland and from there we will get a passage to Greenland on one of the whaling ships. Don't forget the harpoons so we can catch our own food.
12 Heading to Iceland
I forgot to take some fruit with us. It's important to have our vitamins during the journey. I will have to buy some in Reykjavik. It would be best if it was dried, it will last longer.
13 In the port
The fruit is not best on Iceland but you can buy here some great fish. Let's use this chance to get more food. Meanwhile, I will go to the port and try to get us a passage to Greenland.
14 Recruitment
The captain of the whaler Jason has promised to take us on his ship. But he still needs to recruit more sailors for the voyage. Maybe you could help him with that.
15 Sailing west
The shores of Greenland are already in sight. We just need to cross this pack ice. The ship can't go any further so we need to get on the boats.
16 Source of energy
Have you placed all our supplies on the boats? Don't forget the sugar. It's the best source of energy and we will need a lot of it to finish our expedition.
17 Dangerous waters
The drifting icebergs are really dangerous here. They could crush our boats like eggshells if we get stuck between them. We need to make a camp on the ice and wait until the way gets clear.
18 Rowing north
We have drifted too far south. We need to get back to the boats and row northwards. It will be a dangerous journey. If you have something to strengthen the hull of your boat, use it.
19 Local people
There is an Eskimo encampment on the shore. We can make a short stop and buy some seal meat from them. Then we need to continue north until we can turn inland.
20 Keeping warm
I also want to purchase some seal skins from the Eskimos. But they don't want any more money. They want something to keep them warm. Like that oil of yours.
21 Going inland
We are still much further south than I planned for our starting point, but the summer is coming to an end. We need to begin the crossing. Let's catch some fish while we are still near open water.
22 Traveling light
We will leave the boats and some supplies here but if you could let your sailors know, they can come and pick them up. We are taking only the most necessary things with us.
23 Get used to it
Put on your skis and tie the sled with the supplies to your belt. It will be a bit strange to tow the sled behind you, but you will get used to it fast, you will see.
24 Cans of food
I still have some cans with food on my boat. Can you take them on your sled? Mine is already full. We should take all the food we can, I bet we will need it.
25 Leaving behind
We will need to leave the boats and some supplies here. Let's try to build a wall around them with rocks so they are protected from the weather. Hopefully, your sailors will find them intact.
26 To the northwest
We are heading northwest to the port Christianshaab. We should be able to purchase a voyage back to Iceland from there. I hope you have some money with you.
27 Getting wet
The weather seems to be against us. We can't progress in this heavy rain. Let's set the camp here and I will think about changing our route. I fear it will be necessary.
28 Change of plans
We won't be able to reach Christianshaab in time to catch the last ship of the season. I decided we will head west towards Godthaab. Now let's eat something before we continue.
29 Just a drop
A little bit of wine to wash the food down and improve the mood would be nice. But we must be careful not to overdo it. There is still a long journey before us.
30 Let them know
Do you have any way to contact your sailors? I am afraid we won't reach Godthaab in time for the last ship of the season. If your crew could wait for us with a ship, that would be best.
31 Help!
One of my skies got stuck in a fissure. It was hidden by snow so I didn't notice it. I will have to break the ski to get my foot out. Do you have something I could use to fix the ski afterward?
32 Cruel wind
We should reach the highest point of this ridge soon. However, we are shielded from the northern wind on this side. We will need a much sturdier shelter once we get to the other side.
33 Safe descent
The slope on this side is really steep. We need some ropes to make the descent safe. I think I forgot to take them. We can just use some cloth and make ropes out of it.
34 Trustworthy
Tying the rope around a rock would be dangerous. We need some clinches and picks for the descent too. I trust in your procuring skills. I know you can get us these items even here.
35 Hurry up
The terrain is getting better now. We should pick up the pace and hurry to Godthaab. I can't wait to spend a night in a warm bed. I hope you have some money to pay for a nice hotel.
36 At the fjord
We will reach the edge of the fjord later today. Godthaab is located at the end of it. We can have a short rest and try to catch some fish to refill our supplies.
37 Building a boat
We need to construct a boat and paddles to row down the fjord. It's not possible to go on foot any further. The slopes of the fjord are too steep. Let's use our skis and some driftwood to construct the boat.
38 Tie them up
We need to get the planks to stick together. Do you have some ropes or wire? Maybe from the time we descended the mountain.
39 Journey complete
I can already see Godthaab in the distance. We made it! Once we arrive, go find your crew and find out when we can leave for Norway.
40 We must wait
The season is too advanced. There is too much ice in the harbor. We will have to wait until spring to return home. The mayor found a place for us to stay. Now let's get some rest.
Spring has arrived and it's our time to go home. Thank you for your company on my journey. I will make sure to let you know once I organize a new mission.
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