Francis Drake
Contracts info
Contracts: 60
Voyage: 30m
Crew: 100 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 100
Complete: Isabella of Castile
Cacafuego (Ship)

Sir Francis Drake (c. 1540 – 28 January 1596) was an English sea captain, privateer, slave trader, naval officer and explorer of the Elizabethan era. Drake carried out the second circumnavigation of the world in a single expedition, from 1577 to 1580, and was the first to complete the voyage as captain while leading the expedition throughout the entire circumnavigation. With his incursion into the Pacific Ocean, he claimed what is now California for the English and inaugurated an era of conflict with the Spanish on the western coast of the Americas, an area that had previously been largely unexplored by western shipping. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 4,800 Wood x10 480 3,500 2,500 Stone
2 5,600 Fish x10 560 3,600 3,000 Iron
3 7,500 Coin x15 500 3,700 6,000 Wood
4 3,500 Stone x10 350 3,800 10,000 Fish
5 1,000 Crew x2 500 3,900 10,000 Coin
6 3,000 Iron x8 375 4,000 5,000 Stone
7 5,400 Wood x10 540 4,100 5 Gem
8 6,300 Fish x10 630 4,200 15,000 Coin
9 4,000 Stone x10 400 4,300 5,000 Iron
10 500 Grapes x1 500 4,400 10,000 Wood
11 10,000 Coin x15 667 4,500 15,000 Fish
12 4,000 Iron x8 500 4,600 10,000 Stone
13 1,500 Crew x2 750 4,700 20,000 Coin
14 9,000 Wood x15 600 4,800 7,500 Iron
15 14,000 Fish x20 700 5,000 5 Gem
16 10,000 Stone x20 500 5,200 50,000 Coin
17 1,000 Grapes x2 500 5,400 15,000 Wood
18 20,000 Coin x25 800 5,600 30,000 Fish
19 6,000 Iron x16 375 5,800 15,000 Stone
20 2,000 Crew x2 1,000 6,000 75,000 Coin
21 15,000 Wood x20 750 6,200 10,000 Iron
22 17,500 Fish x25 700 6,400 10 Gem
23 12,500 Stone x20 625 6,600 20,000 Wood
24 30,000 Coin x30 1,000 6,800 60,000 Fish
25 8,000 Iron x16 500 7,000 20,000 Stone
26 2,500 Crew x2 1,250 7,200 30,000 Wood
27 1,250 Grapes x2 625 10,000 90,000 Coin
28 18,000 Wood x20 900 7,600 20,000 Iron
29 21,000 Fish x25 840 7,800 100,000 Coin
30 22,500 Stone x30 750 8,200 10 Gem
31 60,000 Coin x50 1,200 8,600 50,000 Wood
32 18,000 Iron x24 750 9,000 100,000 Fish
33 3,000 Crew x2 1,500 9,400 26,000 Stone
34 1,500 Grapes x3 500 15,000 110,000 Coin
35 50,000 Fish x50 1,000 10,200 25,000 Iron
36 45,000 Wood x45 1,000 10,600 15 Gem
37 30,000 Stone x32 938 11,000 30,000 Iron
38 75,000 Coin x50 1,500 11,400 130,000 Fish
39 24,000 Iron x25 960 11,800 30,000 Stone
40 4,500 Crew x2 2,250 12,200 70,000 Wood
41 60,000 Fish x50 1,200 12,600 125,000 Coin
42 54,000 Wood x45 1,200 13,000 37,500 Iron
43 37,500 Stone x32 1,172 18,000 160,000 Fish
44 90,000 Coin x55 1,636 13,800 90,000 Wood
45 1,800 Grapes x4 450 20,000 15 Gem
46 32,000 Iron x32 1,000 25,000 40,000 Stone
47 6,000 Crew x2 3,000 15,600 175,000 Coin
48 98,000 Fish x50 1,960 16,200 45,000 Iron
49 96,000 Wood x60 1,600 16,800 55,000 Stone
50 160,000 Coin x80 2,000 17,400 200,000 Fish
51 48,000 Iron x40 1,200 32,000 125,000 Wood
52 8,000 Crew x2 4,000 18,600 225,000 Coin
53 126,000 Fish x60 2,100 19,200 55,000 Iron
54 100,000 Stone x64 1,563 35,000 15 Gem
55 120,000 Wood x64 1,875 20,400 275,000 Fish
56 2,000 Grapes x4 500 40,000 70,000 Iron
57 200,000 Coin x80 2,500 21,600 75,000 Stone
58 64,000 Iron x50 1,280 45,000 150,000 Wood
59 10,000 Crew x2 5,000 30,000 300,000 Coin
60 154,000 Fish x70 2,200 35,000 30 Gem


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 38,500 -38,500
Coin 652,500 1,295,000 642,500
Gem 105 105
Fish 552,400 980,000 427,600
Wood 367,200 566,000 198,800
Stone 220,000 278,500 58,500
Iron 207,000 308,000 101,000
Grapes 8,050 -8,050
Xp 739,300 739,300


Level required: 100
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 60,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 80 37
2 275,000 Coin 100,000 Wood 20,000 Stone 110 90 41 20,000
3 450,000 Coin 145,000 Wood 15,000 Iron 120 100 48 25,000
4 650,000 Coin 155,000 Wood 30,000 Stone 130 110 59 30,000
5 950,000 Coin 195,000 Wood 25,000 Iron 140 120 73 45,000
2,325,000 Coin
595,000 Wood
50,000 Stone
40,000 Iron
500 Gem
120,000 Xp


# Story
1 Hey, you!
Yes, you! I need your help. Come here so I don't have to shout. Close the door and put some furniture in front of it so we are not disturbed. This is a delicate matter.
2 A private talk
You were sailing the Caribbean waters looking a bit lost. So I thought I might give you a job. But first get some food on the table. I don't like to talk with empty belly.
3 Suspicious cargo
I had a business here and now I need to transport some cargo back to England. I can't fit it all into my ship. But I will need some assurance that it is safe with you.
4 Clear up space
Good, that is enough assurance for now. If you have your ships full of rocks or something, just deposit it here. We can continue after you have cleared some space.
5 Virtuous crew
You will be transporting a cargo with high demand on the virtues of the crew. And by that I mean gold. Get your men here so we can talk. I'm a good judge of character.
6 I trust you but...
They don't look like thieves. But appearance can deceive. So the gold will be locked in iron chests with heavy locks. And the key will be with me at all times.
7 And keep it quiet
Get your ships ready. Finish any repairs needed and let's set sail. We will bring the gold on board after dark. We don't want the Spanish to get a whiff of it.
8 Don't worry
It's all completely legal. The Queen Elizabeth herself gave me her blessing. I don't want to hear any complaints now. Here, shut your mouth with some food.
9 Fill up the chests
I see you have some treasures of your own. Put the precious stones in the chest too. They will be safe there. I will return them to you when we arrive, no worries.
10 On we sail!
The Lord Admiral is expecting the report of my mission. Let's not leave him waiting. Let's just pick up a special treat for him on our way. He loves good wine.
11 And here we are
Back in London. I have to hurry to the Naval Offices to give my report. I am sure you can find a pleasant tavern to spend the evening in. Just have enough coin on you.
12 Rest and repair
I've been given some time off. But I expect I'll be sent on a mission soon. If you want to join me I would be glad. For now you can make some upgrades on your ships here.
13 The old enemies
Gather your crew, the new mission is here. We are to sail around South America and explore the coast beyond. And as before, hinder the Spanish where possible.
14 A bad start
We must have chosen the worst date to sail out. This storm is unbelievable. We have to turn back. My ship is already leaking. Some repairs will be necessary.
15 She was old anyway
The voyage across Atlantic went well this time. However, it looks like one ship is rotting. We'll have to transfer the provisions to the remaining ships and burn her.
16 No mercy
I must be sailing in the steps of Magellan because I too unearthed a plot to overthrow me. Let's send the fools to the sea bottom with a large rock tied to their legs.
17 Proper gift
We will wait out the winter here. A fine wine will surely buy us the favour of the locals and make them a bit more relaxed. We don't want them to attack us one morning.
18 Surely get insured
The spring is here and we can continue. Still, the waters of Magellan's Strait look dangerous. I hope you paid the insurance for our ships.
19 Last one floating
Well, the insurance will come in handy as only my flagship made the passage. But we shouldn't lose hope. While we are still alive we can complete our mission.
20 Liquid treasure
What a beautiful catch! This Spanish ship was full of Chilean wine. And the wine is not bad. Order your men to carry it aboard. And watch them so they don't drink it all.
21 Swift as the wind
And there I see another promising prey. The Spanish galleon wants to escape us but we won't let them. Get rid of unnecessary cargo so we can pick up speed.
22 Dine with thy enemy
The ship is ours and the treasure inside too. Have you ever seen so much gold and jewels together? Let's thank the Spanish captain for this gracious gift over a dinner.
23 Into the deep
I am almost sad to let her go, but we don't have enough men to sail the Spanish galleon. So we will sink her. Fill her up with rocks so that she will go down faster.
24 I do have a heart
We will let the captives go on the nearest inhabited island. Leave them some gold to purchase their way home. No one can call me heartless after this.
25 Armed and dangerous
Let's head north now. I hope we will encounter more treasure ships on our way. Have you salvaged some weapons from the Spanish? We could use them now.
26 On the sand
A short stop on land will do us good. We will anchor here. Send a part of your crew to look around and the rest should build a camp. I can't wait to sleep on solid ground.
27 Friendly relations
While you were exploring we encountered the natives living on the coast. We couldn't understand a thing they said but they gave us some food. Let's return the favour.
28 A hut on the beach
As a captain I have the right for a better housing than the crew. And the mosquitos are making me insane. I need a temporary shack where I can sleep undisturbed.
29 They volunteered
This land is pleasant, the natives trusting, the perfect place to found a settlement. I have already chosen a few men to stay here. Leave them provisions for the start.
30 This land is ours!
With this settlement I claim this land as the colony of England with the name Nova Albion. Engrave this into a stone on the beach to make it clear to all newcomers.
31 Long journey ahead
It's time to continue our voyage. Crossing the Pacific is always risky so we must prepare for it accordingly. The natives should be willing to sell us the provisions.
32 Will of iron
We might spend the next few months on the ship until we encounter land. We'll need not only iron will but also discipline. There can't be another mutiny while we sail.
33 I like it here too
I know the men feel good here and don't want to spend months cramped in a ship again. But it's time to leave. Go find them. I want them lined up on the deck in an hour.
34 The right persuasion
You know what always works on sailors? Alcohol. Just give them some and they will cease their grumbling. I believe I still have some of the Chilean wine in my cabin.
35 On the sea again
How long are we sailing now? I have lost count. I even got sea sick after the last storm. Me, a seasoned sailor! What a shame. Maybe some food will settle my stomach.
36 Quick!
Bring all the paddles and boards you can find! We hit a reef and now we are stuck. We need to free the ship from the rocks. Further away is a beach where we can anchor.
37 Good...
We are off the rocks now. But the ship is seriously damaged. Take away all the cargo we don't need lest it drags us into the deep. Without it we should make it.
38 My hard earned gold
A few chests with gold have fallen through the breach in the hull. It hurts me to leave them here. Go back to the reef and look if you can find any of them still intact.
39 Get her on the beach
You have found some of the lost gold, I see. Well done! Now come and help us find a good anchoring spot for the ship. The ship will not stay on the surface much longer.
40 Borrowed tools
The damage is extensive but with the right materials and tools we can repair her. Take some men with you and go find the locals. Hopefully, they will be willing to help.
41 We come in peace
Here they are, looking savage as expected. Leave the negotiations to me. I'm quite good at foreign languages. You take care of the food for a feast after we strike a deal.
42 Deal is sealed
I had no doubts we would come to an understanding. The locals will provide all the tools we need. Just go cut down some trees for the planks and we can begin the repairs.
43 Our part of the deal
I promised the natives that we would transport the material for their new temple in return for their help. I know you have some experience with such a heavy cargo.
44 Give them a bit
The ship is seaworthy again. Give the people some gold, they have been very helpful. Not just lending us tools but also working with us on the repairs. They deserve it.
45 Last taste of fruit
Pack up your things, lads! We are leaving. Eat a fill of something nourishing while you can because soon you will be on the plain ship rations again.
46 The way is clear
Weight the anchor and set the course to Cape of Good Hope! That is our passage back home. This is a well known route and we should make it without any troubles now.
47 Ship is a bit empty
I must have been too excited to get on board again for I haven't noticed we are missing some of our crew. Go back to the islands and find them. They are needed.
48 All is going well
This is how I imagined our voyage. Blue sky, calm sea and strong wind carrying us forward. Today we will enjoy a dinner on the deck, my friend.
49 I'm so excited!
Stow the cargo into the casks, sweep the deck, fasten the sails. We want to look good when we sail into the port. A little bird told me the Queen herself will welcome us.
50 Spruce up
Before we enter the docks, go into the city and get me some new clothes. I can't meet the Queen looking like a beggar. Green brocade fits me best.
51 Knighthood bestowed
You can call me Sir Francis from now on. What an honor to be a knight of Her Highness! Now let us oversee the unloading of the treasure chests. I don't want to lose a coin!
52 Reward for everyone
All the men that endured this harsh voyage with us will get their share of the treasure. Make them line up so I can give each their gold and my thanks. They deserved both.
53 New mayor
I have received a letter from the royal court that I am to be the new Mayor of Plymouth. The official gathering followed by a dinner will be tomorrow. You are invited.
54 Water is life
I am famous now but that doesn't mean I will shirk this job. I know just the thing Plymouth needs. A water tank that will serve as the water supply for the whole town.
55 I like countryside
I am a seaman and so I will probably return to sea soon. But every man needs a place to call home. So I have purchased a house in the country. Now just to furnish it.
56 Not a party person
My wife wants to make a party in our new home. I don't care much for such social activities, but she can be persuasive. Just make sure we have some wine too.
57 Elegance is needed
You can come to the party too, of course. Just buy something suitable to wear. I have invited some important people now that I have been promoted so try to blend in.
58 Resting time ends
Listen, we have more trouble with the Spanish. I know this is not your war, so I will not drag you into it. Just help me prepare and I won't forget what I owe you.
59 Always recruiting
Your crew is as capable as are yourself. If any of your men want to join the Royal Navy we will welcome them with open arms. I hope you won't begrudge them for leaving.
60 Last dinner
This is it, my friend. Soon I will have to leave to battle the Spanish who dare attack us. But I can spare a moment to have one last dinner with you.
That's all partner! I'm really surprised that you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude, I give you my most favourite ship.
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