After reaching level 16, players will start finding floating barrels in the waters near their port. Those barrels can be clicked for small rewards, which include all regular materials and sailors (crew).

  • Things that can be found in the barrels include: Coins, Fish, Wood, Stone, Iron, Sailors, Special Event Items (no gems)
  • Barrels will be available for about 60 seconds after they appear.
  • New barrels will show up about every 20 seconds.
  • The amounts of materials in the barrels depend on your level. The amounts scale up very slowly.
  • It's possible to go over your sailors limit by collecting them from a barrel.
  • It's also possible to go over your warehouse limit by collecting event items from a barrel.
  • During most events, the barrels are replaced by some kind of event-related image (e.g., icebergs during the Titanic event, skulls during the Halloween event). These event barrels contain an extra event item (e.g., bats during the Halloween event). These event items can be traded at Market Town, often at generous rates.
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