Available during the Rum Day event in 2016 (Aug 16th - Sep 20th).

Edward Vernon
Contracts info
Contracts: 30
Voyage: 2h
Crew: 30 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 20
Recommended: 25
25 Rumbarrel


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 150 Wood x6 25 120 100 Iron
2 210 Fish x7 30 144 1,500 Coin
3 100 Iron x4 25 168 120 Stone
4 210 Wood x6 35 192 300 Fish
5 150 Stone x5 30 216 140 Iron
6 300 Crew x1 300 240 400 Wood
7 30 Lemon x1 30 270 260 Stone
8 350 Fish x7 50 300 3,000 Coin
9 330 Wood x6 55 330 180 Iron
10 200 Stone x5 40 360 4 Rumbarrel
11 200 Iron x4 50 396 650 Fish
12 400 Crew x1 400 432 850 Wood
13 420 Fish x7 60 468 380 Stone
14 50 Lemon x1 50 504 240 Iron
15 420 Wood x6 70 540 4,500 Coin
16 250 Iron x4 63 588 6 Rumbarrel
17 300 Stone x5 60 636 950 Fish
18 500 Crew x1 500 684 1,250 Wood
19 75 Lemon x1 75 732 300 Iron
20 630 Fish x7 90 780 500 Stone
21 540 Wood x6 90 840 6,000 Coin
22 300 Iron x4 75 900 8 Rumbarrel
23 450 Stone x5 90 960 1,150 Fish
24 100 Lemon x1 100 1,020 1,750 Wood
25 700 Crew x1 700 1,110 350 Iron
26 840 Fish x7 120 1,200 750 Stone
27 400 Iron x4 100 1,290 8,000 Coin
28 840 Wood x6 140 1,380 10 Rumbarrel
29 650 Stone x5 130 1,470 1,400 Fish
30 150 Lemon x1 150 1,680 450 Iron


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 1,900 -1,900
Coin 23,000 23,000
Fish 2,450 4,450 2,000
Wood 2,490 4,250 1,760
Stone 1,750 2,010 260
Iron 1,250 1,760 510
Lemon 405 -405
Rumbarrel 28 28
Xp 19,950 19,950


# Story
1 Well met, sailor!
You must be new in the Caribbean waters. I can see it on your pale looks. Prepare some chairs for me and my men and let's have a talk on your ship.
2 Enjoying free time
As you might have noticed, I am not from here either. My name is Edward Vernon, captain in His Majesty's Royal Navy. Currently I am out fishing. Care to join me?
3 Rivals on the sea
It's not long that I have been appointed the Commodore of Jamaica. Lots of work here with the Spanish prowling the seas. Sometimes only weapons can keep them at bay.
4 On to Jamaica!
Come with me to Kingston. You can replenish your supplies and stock up on rum. We also use it for the rum ration on our ships. Just prepare some crates for the goods.
5 Clear up the space
If you have still some stone ballast in your ship you should discard it here. Clear up the cargo hold so you have enough free space for the goods you purchase in Jamaica.
6 Looking for supplier
You might have wondered why have I approached you. Hereabouts it's just the Spanish and pirates and I need a reliable supplier. I would also like to know your crew.
7 Magin, the merchant
There is a good merchant on Cuba. However, Cuba belongs to the Spanish so I can no longer trade with him. But you should go and see what he has to offer.
8 Fish with lemon dip
Magin is an able merchant with good wares. Stop by him from time to time. Now that you have brought the lemons from him we should make use of them and fry some fish.
9 Health tip
We have still some leftover lemons. I will give you a good advice. Pack them into casks and keep them during long voyages. It does wonders to keep your crew healthy.
10 Settling in
I am still trying to get settled here in Jamaica. The construction of my residence is underway. If you could help, I am sure it would be finished much faster.
11 No time to rest
The Spanish won't let us rest. They caught captain Jenkins and cut his ear off. The Royal navy won't suffer such an insult! Restock the munition and let's go!
12 Can't find them
Could you send some men to help prepare my ships? The news was unexpected and half my crew is still dawdling somewhere in the city. They will get into trouble for this.
13 Set the course
We sail for the coast of Panama. They are holding captain Jenkins there. In the hurry I forgot to prepare provisions. Take care of it. The men need to eat even in battle.
14 Leave this to us
The Spanish flag is clear on the ships before us. Men, prepare for battle! You better keep your distance until this is finished. A naval battle is a dangerous business.
15 Splice the mainbrace
We won! That will teach them cutting off any part of a British citizen's body. Get us some barrels of rum and give the men an extra tot. They earned it.
16 Aftermath
I am all for giving out the rum ration but after our last victory the crew got quite rowdy. Anyway, let's concentrate now on repairing the ships. We need nails and tools.
17 Bring some ballast
We have used a lot of munition to win this battle. We will need some ship ballast for the way back to Jamaica. I would be anxious to sail with such an empty ship.
18 Gather the garrison
I need to leave a few men in Panama so the Spanish won't be able to reclaim it without resistance. But I can't leave here as many as I would like to.
19 Important changes
I decided I'll adjust the rum ration on my ships. If we dilute the rum with water the men will not get drunk so fast. Let's add some lemon juice too for a better taste.
20 Daring plan
We should make a surprise attack on Cuba while the Spanish don't suspect anything. Let's quickly resupply in Kingston. You take care of the food.
21 Old Grog
The diluted rum or grog became popular among my crew. They are using my nickname, Old Grog. Now that the crew is sober they will repair the ships in no time.
22 New weapons
We are almost ready for the new campaign in Cuba. We just need more cutlasses and pistols. Some have gotten over board in the battle at Panama.
23 Undercover
We don't have enough ships to perform a direct attack on Santiago de Cuba. We will have to blockade the port. Meanwhile you try to infiltrate the city as a stone merchant.
24 Let's have a talk
A merchant ship is closing in. Her captain could persuade the governor to surrender. Let's have a talk with him and greet him with a glass of grog with fresh lemon juice.
25 Unusual messenger
Facundo, the Cuban merchant seems like a reasonable man. I have sent him on with a message for the governor of the city. Send a few of your men with him in disguise.
26 Try it out!
Seems the governor won't take up my gracious offer. Facundo left me some of his rum. Let's try it with our dinner tonight. It tastes better than our liquor.
27 Time to admit defeat
The governor called the Spanish navy for help. When I see the size of their fleet it's clear we stand little chance in winning this. Let's weigh the anchor and leave.
28 Suspicion
I have a feeling that after my last unsuccessful campaign I will be called back home soon. I would, at least, present my fleet in the best condition possible.
29 Due respect
There are still some victories I would like to be remembered by when I leave. A respectable statue in the town would serve this purpose.
30 Farewell, Caribbean
The message from London came in this morning. Back to the rainy weather of the British isles it is. Let me enjoy the perfect taste of ripe lemons once more before I leave.
I am thankful for your help but I need to leave now. I know you can appreciate a good rum just like me, so take these rum barrels. If you don't drink them up you can get a nice sum for them at the market.