Contracts are tasks which you do for famous sailing personas. They usually require you to send some materials to the contractor in exchange for a reward. Contracts can be divided into two basic categories: Regular Contracts (permanent) and Events Contracts (time-limited).

Regular Contracts

Travel time of these contracts have change with the update on March 26th, 2019. For more info about them, check each contract pages.

Parent Contractor refers to a contractor who can be done once a certain level is reached and/or a certain Exploration is completed.

Vasco da Gama can be done once you complete the fifth Exploration even in case you don't have finished Columbus.
  • Child Contractor refers to a contractor who is available only in case previous one has been completed.
Fernão de Magalhães can be started once Amerigo Vespucci has been completed and Amerigo Vespucci can start once Vasco da Gama is completed.
Parent Contractor
  • Child Contractor
Contracts Required
Level Complete
Columbusportrait Columbus 10 7 Third Exploration
Vascogamaportrait Vasco da Gama 20 12 Fifth Exploration
60 40
60 60
60 85
40 100
60 130
60 145
60 160
40 175
Kendrickportrait John Kendrick 40 35 Eleventh Exploration
Isabellaportrait Isabella of Castile 40 70 Fourteenth Exploration
60 100
60 115
40 185
50 200
50 215
40 230
40 245
40 260
50 275
40 290

Event Contracts


Month Event
  • Contractor
Month Event
  • Contractor
Feb Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Oct
May Nov
Jun Dec


Month Event
  • Contractor
Month Event
  • Contractor
Jan South Pole Jul
Feb Vikings II Aug
Mar Sep
Apr Tea Time Oct
May Bermuda Triangle Nov
Jun Egyptian Adventure Dec


Month Event
  • Contractor
Month Event
  • Contractor
Jan Land of the Penguins Jul Seaport's Odyssea (Greek)
Feb Chinese New Year II Aug Life on the Mississippi
Mar Sailor Bobeye Sep Fishing Event
Apr Titanic Oct Halloween 2018
May Jules Verne Nov Seaport's 3rd Birthday
Jun Voyage of HMS Beagle Dec Christmas 2018


Month Event
  • Contractor
Month Event
  • Contractor
Jan Treasure Hunt Jul Panama Canal (Friendship Event)
Feb Pocahontas Aug Pirates II
Mar Easter Sep Frankenstein's Monster (Halloween)
Apr Oct
May Ancient Rome Nov Seaport's 2nd Birthday
Jun Black Ships Dec In the Cold North (Christmas)


Month Event
  • Contractor
Month Event
  • Contractor
Jan Jul Great Storm
Feb Chinese New Year Aug Rum Day
Mar St. Patrick's Day Sep
Apr Pirates Oct Halloween
May Vikings Nov
Jun Dec Christmas
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