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Welcome to the Christmas event! This year, we will be helping young Eva and nurse Clara Barton. First, you will buy Eva's matches and in return get a special Christmas Ship (10 contracts). Then the exploration of the entire map will become available! Eva and Clara Barton are traveling to America. Eva hopes to find her family there, and Clara is going to establish a Red Cross branch in the United States (9 x 4 contracts). The event will end on January 15, 2019.



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Update 27 November:

  • Event content: Today, the Global Quest was introduced: Christmas Tree. For each contract you complete, you will get one gem (in the final reward chest). Also, buildings are now covered in snow and Birthday wrecks are replaced by Christmas wrecks.
  • Non-event content: Mechanical part requirements have been reduced, Birthday ships require fuel instead of peanut oil for upgrades, the capacity of certain ships was adjusted, and Oil Field and Cement Factory have a lower sailor cost. Four new motor ships have been added: Sydney Lasry, Maudie, Tippecanoe, and Cincinnati.

Update 4 December:

  • Non-event content: A new permanent contractor was added: Danish engineer Ivar Knudsen. Vintage offers are back! Every two days, you will be offered a ship from a previous event. Two new motor ships were added: Calaumet and Laconia.

Update 11 December:

Update 18 December

  • Event content: Two contractors were added: Eva (Final) and Grandma Barton. You can finish the Christmas Story with Eva's 20 contracts. And Grandma Barton offers you 40 contracts while she is waiting for Clara to come home. Finally, more gem gambling on Thursday.
  • Regular content: Two new ships were added: Chantilly and Tolosa.

Update 2 January

  • Event content: Feeling lucky? On Thursday you can gamble away your gems on the Christmas Chest.
  • Regular content: Town Hall can be upgraded to level 45. Two new motor ships were added: West Kedron and Centaure.

Special Christmas Ship: Snowball

This event is similar to the Halloween Event in its design. After completing 10 contracts for Eva, you will receive a special Christmas ship: Snowball. Then, you can choose to do contracts for either Eva or Clara, who will allow you to upgrade Snowball’s crew or capacity.

Depending on your player level, you will receive one of the following ships:

Ship Levels Stats
Start + Max

Snowball (1Shipslot)

1-49 Crew 60 +10 150
Capacity 10 +6 64
50-79 Crew 60 +15 195
Capacity 15 +9 96
80-119 Crew 70 +15 205
Capacity 20 +12 128

SS Snowball (2Shipslot)

120-149 Crew 75 +15 210
Capacity 45 +28 297
150-179 Crew 80 +20 260
Capacity 60 +30 330
180-219 Crew 100 +20 280
Capacity 80 +45 485

MS Snowball (3Shipslot)

220-249 Crew 100 +25 325
Capacity 180 +70 810
250-279 Crew 100 +30 370
Capacity 220 +80 940
280+ Crew 105 +35 420
Capacity 270 +90 1,080

Eva (Start)


All the contracts in this event are based on the player's level. To calculate the exact material requirements and rewards of Eva's contracts, visit Seaport Help - Eva.

Name Type Contracts Crew Time Final Reward
Evahead Eva Scaled 10 30 1h 20 Christmastree and Snowball (Ship)

Hard Choice: Eva or Clara


After receiving your ship, you will have to choose between Eva and Clara Barton. Eva's contracts will reward Crew Tokens (Redglove), which you can use to upgrade the crew of Snowball. Clara's contracts will reward Capacity Tokens (Blueglove), which you can use to upgrade the cargo of Snowball. To calculate the exact material requirements and rewards of these contracts, visit Seaport Help - Eva I and Seaport Help - Clara I.

There are a total of 9 stages, each containing 4 contracts. You can switch between Eva and Clara at the start of every new stage. Between stages, you will have to complete many Explorations. On the positive side, these Explorations reveal treasure chests and depletable destinations.

The travel time to this destination is 2 hours and the crew cost is 30 Crew.

Redglove Eva Redglove
Stage Clarahead
Blueglove Clara Barton Blueglove
Total rewards
1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4
Stone Scarf Wood Iron I Wood Stone Scarf Crew 10 gloves + 10 Ornament
+ Capacity Captain
Fish Crew Scarf Coin II Coin Iron Wood Scarf 10 gloves + 1,000 Crew
+ Capacity Captain
Stone Candycane Wood Fish III Fish Stone Coin Candycane 10 gloves + 10 Ornament
+ 100% Capacity Captain
Wood Coin Candycane Iron IV Wood Iron Crew Candycane 10 gloves + 1,000 Crew
+ Crew Captain
Crew Fish Stone Candycane V Stone Crew Candycane Fish 10 gloves + 10 Ornament
+ Capacity Captain
Wood Iron Coin Candycane VI Coin Stone Wood Teddybear 10 gloves + 1,000 Crew
+ Capacity Captain
Wood Teddybear Fish Crew VII Crew Iron Teddybear Fish 10 gloves + 15 Christmastree
+ Crew Captain
Iron Coin Fish Teddybear VIII Coin Teddybear Stone Fish 10 gloves + 1,000 Crew
+ 500% Capacity Captain
Wood Stone Teddybear Fish IX Coin Iron Wood Fish 10 gloves + 20 Christmastree
+ Capacity Captain

Eva (Final)


All the contracts in this event are based on the player's level. To calculate the exact material requirements and rewards of Eva's contracts, visit Seaport Help - Eva (Final).

Name Type Contracts Crew Time Final Reward
Evahead2 Eva Scaled 20 30 1h 20 Christmastree

Grandma Barton


All the contracts in this event are based on the player's level. To calculate the exact material requirements and rewards of Grandma Barton's contracts, visit Seaport Help - Grandma Barton.

Name Type Contracts Crew Time Final Reward
Grandmahead Grandma
Scaled 40 30 2h 30 Christmastree



Exploration: You will discover many depletable destinations


Treasure Chest


Treasure Pile


Treasure Hoard

During this event, you will be able to (or forced to, depending on your outlook) explore the entire world map. As you do Eva and Clara's contracts, you will encounter lots of treasures and some lucrative, but depletable destinations.

The Quest Line proceeds as follows:

No. Destination Time Leads to Time
Eva (10 contracts) 1h REWARD: Snowball
Stage I
1.1 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
1.2 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 1h
1.3 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
1.4 Exploration 1h Fisherman's Cove (Fish) 1h
1.5 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 1h
1.6 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
1.7 Exploration 30m Hard Choice I - followed by
Eva or Clara (I) (4 contracts)
Stage II
2.1 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 1h
2.2 Exploration 2h Jungle (Wood) 1h
2.3 Exploration 1h Candy Shop (Candycane) 1h
2.4 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 30m
2.5 Exploration 1h Treasure Pile 2h
2.6 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
2.7 Exploration 30m Gold Mine (Coin) 1h
2.8 Exploration 1h Rocky Beach (Stone) 1h
2.9 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 1h
2.10 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
2.11 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 1h
2.12 Exploration 2h Hard Choice II - followed by
Eva or Clara (II) (4 contracts)
Stage III
3.1 Exploration 30m Candy Shop (Candycane) 1h
3.2 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
3.3 Exploration 1h Iron Ore Mine (Iron) 1h
3.4 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 1h
3.5 Exploration 30m Treasure Hoard 2h
3.6 Exploration 30m Fisherman's Cove (Fish) 1h
3.7 Exploration 2h Hard Choice III - followed by
Eva or Clara (III) (4 contracts)
Stage IV
4.1 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 1h
4.2 Exploration 30m Candy Shop (Candycane) 1h
4.3 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 30m
4.4 Exploration 2h Jungle (Wood) 1h
4.5 Exploration 2h Gold Mine (Coin) 1h
4.6 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 1h
4.7 Exploration 30m Tailor Shop (Scarf) 1h
4.8 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
4.9 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 1h
4.10 Exploration 1h Hard Choice IV - followed by
Eva or Clara (IV) (4 contracts)
Stage V
5.1 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
5.2 Exploration 30m Rocky Beach (Stone) 1h
5.3 Exploration 1h Jungle (Wood) 1h
5.4 Exploration 2h Tailor Shop (Scarf) 1h
5.5 Exploration 30m Iron Ore Mine (Iron) 1h
5.6 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
5.7 Exploration 2h Treasure Pile 2h
5.8 Exploration 1h Hard Choice V - followed by
Eva or Clara (V) (4 contracts)
Stage VI
6.1 Exploration 30m Gold Mine (Coin) 1h
6.2 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
6.3 Exploration 2h Tailor Shop (Scarf) 1h
6.4 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 1h
6.5 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
6.6 Exploration 1h Fisherman's Cove (Fish) 1h
6.7 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 1h
6.8 Exploration 30m Rocky Beach (Stone) 1h
6.9 Exploration 2h Hard Choice VI - followed by
Eva or Clara (VI) (4 contracts)
Stage VII
7.1 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
7.2 Exploration 1h Tailor Shop (Scarf) 1h
7.3 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 1h
7.4 Exploration 1h Iron Ore Mine (Iron) 1h
7.5 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
7.6 Exploration 2h Treasure Hoard 2h
7.7 Exploration 1h Gold Mine (Coin) 1h
7.8 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
7.9 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 1h
7.10 Exploration 1h Tailor Shop (Scarf) 1h
7.11 Exploration 2h Fisherman's Cove (Fish) 1h
7.12 Exploration 1h Hard Choice VII - followed by
Eva or Clara (VII) (4 contracts)
Stage VIII
8.1 Exploration 30m Jungle (Wood) 1h
8.2 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
8.3 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 1h
8.4 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 30m
8.5 Exploration 30m Toy Factory (Teddybear) 1h
8.6 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 1h
8.7 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
8.8 Exploration 1h Hard Choice VIII - followed by
Eva or Clara (VIII) (4 contracts)
Stage IX
9.1 Exploration 2h Treasure Pile 2h
9.2 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest 30m
9.3 Exploration 1h Rocky Beach (Stone) 1h
9.4 Exploration 2h Gold Mine (Coin 1h
9.5 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 1h
9.6 Exploration 30m Toy Factory (Teddybear) 1h
9.7 Exploration 1h Hard Choice IX - followed by
Eva or Clara (IX) (4 contracts)
Epilogue (Stage X)
10.1 Exploration 2h Treasure Chest &
Eva (Final) (20 contracts)
10.2 Exploration 1h Iron Ore Mine (Iron) 1h
10.3 Exploration 2h Fisherman's Cove (Fish) 1h
10.4 Exploration 30m Toy Factory (Teddybear) 1h
10.5 Exploration 1h Treasure Chest 1h
10.6 Exploration 30m Treasure Chest 30m
10.7 Exploration 1h Rocky Beach (Stone) 1h
10.8 Exploration 30m Treasure Hoard 2h

Christmas Tree


**The Global Quest was completed on 7 December 2018. This content is no longer available.**

Christmas Tree is a Global Quest in which all the players of Seaport participate together. As with any other contract, you get rewards for delivering materials. However, in a Global Quest, completing a contract also awards one or more progress points. Collectively, players need to gather 18 200 000 progress points to complete the quest. Every player receives 4 reward chests at different milestones and 1 final reward chest at the end of the quest. The chests get better as you go along.

There is no limit to the number of contracts you can complete. And you can share in the rewards even if you only complete a few contracts. However, in your final reward chest, you get one gem for every completed contract. The contracts differ per player: everyone delivers different materials and gets different rewards for completing a contract.

The travel time to Christmas Tree is 1 hour and the sailor cost depends on your level. A new achievement has been added for the completion of Christmas Tree contracts: Generous.

Possible task deliveries
Fish Crew Iron Stone Coin Wood Candycane Scarf
Possible task rewards
Item Coin Wood Fish Stone Iron 5x Gem 5x Ornament 5x Christmastree Xp
Chance 22% 17.5% 20% 17.5% 17.5% 2% 2% 1.5% 100%

Milestone Rewards

Milestone Progress Required
1 Chest 01 +1 400,000 Captain Coin Xp
2 Chest 02 +2 1,400,000 Captain Wood Xp
3 Chest 03 +3 3,200,000 Captain Iron Xp
4 Chest 04 +4 8,200,000 Captain Stone Xp
5 Chest 05 +5 18,200,000 Captain Fish
+1 Gem per completed contract


Halloween 2018 challenge

Challenges are a type of contract that require you to deliver materials in exchange for rewards. Unlike other contracts, there is no contractor and no storyline. There are 5 stages, each comprising of 5 contracts (so 25 contracts in total). For each contract you receive 1-5 gems, and at the end of the stage you receive gems and a captain.

Though the rewards are better than during the Halloween Event, many players still think the challenges aren't worth it. Luckily, the Challenge isn't part of the Christmas storyline, so you can just skip the Challenge without missing out on any of the other Christmas content.

To calculate your resource requirements, visit the Seaport Help pages and decide for yourself whether or not the rewards are worth the costs:
Challenge I | Challenge II | Challenge III | Challenge IV | Challenge V

Stage Contracts Requirements Total rewards
1 2 3 4 5
I Coin Fish Wood Stone Iron 10 Gem CapacityCaptain
II 20 Gem 250%CapacityCaptain
III 30 Gem CapacityCaptain
IV 40 Gem 500%CapacityCaptain
V 50 Gem CapacityCaptain


Eva (Start)

# Title Story Send Get
1 Good evening Good sir or mam' do you want to buy some matches? It's just a few coins. Coin Stone
2 Cough, cough I am so sorry. Don't worry I ain't sick. It's just the cold wind. Here are your matches. These are the last ones. It will be hard to earn some gold now. Wood Fish
3 Thank you so much I could help you find some goods you need. What are you looking for? There is a great blacksmith in the port and also a stonemason. I can show you the way. Iron Coin
4 No home You know already, right? I don't have a real home or parents. I usually sleep in the alley behind the inn. The wall there is warm from the kitchen. But it's getting moldy of late. Stone Christmastree
5 Will you help me? My uncle told me my parents left on a ship called Snowball. But then he died and they never returned. Maybe you could ask the sailors at the Inn about the ship. They did not want to talk to me. Crew Wood
6 America? Did you find out something? So the ship sailed to America. I heard some of the sailors talking about that country. Do you know where it is? Is it far? Sneeze! Scarf Iron
7 I am fine I don't want to go to a hospital. Please! I need to find a ship which will take me to America. I must find my parents! Will you help me? Wood Coin
8 Fisherman's daughter Let's go to this fishing vessel. My dad is a fisherman, maybe they know something about him. And you can get some fish from them too. Fresh fish are tasty. Fish Christmastree
9 The ship Snowball I learned something! A ship with the name Snowball is docked on the southern pier. Let's go there right now! If you have some business I can go alone. You don't have to send your sailors with me. Crew Wood
10 It's a wreck You are back! But the ship...she looks like a wreck. And there is no one there. What will we do now? Coin Stone
Reward You bought the ship? That must have been really expensive. So are we going to America now? Christmastree Ship

Eva (Hard Choice)

Contract Title Story
I 1 Repairs needed Are you going to repair the ship and sail with her to America? I can go with you, right? I can help with a lot of things. I promise.
2 Hot country Where are the scarves you ask? I had to give it to the other kids living on the street. I am going to America now. So I won't need them, right? It's really hot there, right?
3 The best gift It would be like the bestest present for Christmas to find Mum and Dad. I am sure they must miss me. Wait! I must take my matchstick figures with me. I made some when I could not sell any matches.
4 The journey begins We can't sail on Snowball to America? But promise to repair her later. I can help. I will find you some nails in the port. Big people miss such small things easily.
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
II 1 Setting sails Finding nails is a hard work. And my belly is rumbling. Are we going yet? I want to be in America soon.
2 SS Santa Maria I never had so much food in my life. Thank you so much. Wow, that's a big ship! Is it your's? Are we going to sail on her? There are so many people!
3 A scarf for all The wind here is really cold. Are your sailors not cold? Don't they want such a pretty scarf like me?
4 Shopping time I love this scarf. I can wrap it about my feet once the snow falls. Oh! I have shoes, of course. I just forgot to put them on. No, you don't need to buy me new shoes.
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
III 1 Business I am feeling so much better now. I am warm and not sick at all. Anyway, there was a man looking for you. He was saying something about a stone delivery. But I forgot his name.
2 Sweet gift I met a nice lady at the canteen today. She gave me a candy cane. I never tasted something so good. Can I get some more of those?
3 Missing boats The sea is so big. It's a bit scary but I like it. Can we go out on the water in one of the small boats? But there is only two of them. Shouldn't there be more like on the other ships?
4 Captain? My tummy is hurting. May I have something to eat? Or maybe I had too much of the candy canes.
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
IV 1 Captain, captain! Clara told me we can decorate a Christmas tree together. Clara is the lady from the canteen. But there are no trees on the ship. What will we do?
2 Artificial tree Hmm, this does not look like a proper tree. If we use some green tablecloth it will do. But what about the ornaments? There is a man on the ship who makes pretty things of glass. He could sell us some.
3 All gone And we can use the candy canes too. They are so pretty with white and red stripes and perfect for hanging on the tree. But I ate them all already.
4 Prettiest tree The tree is beautiful! I remember we used to have a Christmas tree with mum and dad. But it did not have so many ornaments like this one. Isn't it a bit askew? Maybe we should nail it down.
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
V 1 Search party How will we find mum and dad once we get to America? We will have to ask a lot of people about them. Maybe the sailors can help us. If there are more of us, we will find them sooner.
2 Fishergirl Dad is a fisherman so he could work on one of your ships. You have also fishing ships, right? I know a bit about fish too. I also helped mum cook them and I collected their scales.
3 Plans for future Dad will catch some fish for you and mum can cook and I will help too. Then you will help us build a house, right? A big one, of stone, with a large fireplace.
4 Christmas with family And then we can have Christmas in our home. You and Clara can come too. I just hope we will find them soon. I will give them the Candy Canes as presents. I am sure mum and dad will love them too.
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
VI 1 First snow Look, it's snowing! Now that I get wrapped in the warm scarf, it's really pretty. Before I did not like it at all. I always watched other kids having fun in the snow on sleds. I want to do that too.
2 Worries Do you think they are ok? My mum and dad? Why did they not come back for me? What was that sound? The ship is creaking strangely. We are not going to sink, are we?
3 New outfit I am glad the ship is fine and we can get to America safely. But mum and dad will be sad to see me like this. In old dirty clothes. But I don't have any money for a new skirt and coat.
4 You must be rich With that money, you could buy clothes for the whole town! I will make sure to buy you a Christmas present from it. I don't need a gift. I will be happy with a single candy cane under the Christmas tree.
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
VII 1 Look! Look what Clara gave me! It's a bear with a hat. He is so soft! Can I make a house for him? You have so many crates on the ship. One would be enough for him.
2 Mr. Snowflake I never had such a soft and pretty toy. I love him! I will call him Mr. Snowflake. I want to have many many more bears like Mr. Snowflake so he will never be lonely like I was.
3 No more candy Do you have any more candy canes? I am hungry. And Mr. Snowflake would like something tasty too.
4 Lady of Liberty There! I can see a big stone lady before us. Is it a giant? Oh, it's a statue. Are we already in America? Then let's tell the sailors to look for my parents.
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
VIII 1 Captain is busy Everything is so large here. Can we go look for my parents now? What? Do you have to work? Right now? But promise me we will go after that.
2 Let's go! Can we go now? Where do you think they could be? Maybe in the tavern? Or in the guesthouse? Let's go there first!
3 No luck yet It seems they did not go to the tavern or the guesthouse. Nobody knew anything about them. Hmm, we could go ask the fishermen in the port. My dad may have looked for work there.
4 Alone again Where can they just be? Nobody has seen them. And I left Mr. Snowflake on the ship too. He must be so lonely. Do you think somebody found him?
Reward Are you leaving already? Promise that you will be back soon! I don't want to be alone.
IX 1 Still no luck Why does no one know anything about mum and dad? What will we do now? Do you think something has happened to them?
2 Visit Let's go visit Clara. Maybe she can help us. You can also talk to her about your project. Are you building a big house?
3 At Clara's I have never been in such a beautiful home. It's all so pretty. And there is even a room full of teddy bears. It's Mr. Snowflakes family! Do you think I can stay here for now?
4 Christmas dinner Grandma has baked a cake. It's so good, captain! You have to try it! And we are going to have a Christmas dinner tonight! And there is a tree too!
Reward Thank you for helping me, captain. Before, I thought I might not get to see the New Year at all. But now I know everything will be well.

Clara Barton

Contract Title Story
I 1 A word, please I know the liner SS Santa Maria is fully booked but please can you still take me aboard? I must make it home for Christmas. I can't leave my mother home alone during this time.
2 Hard bed There is no other ship heading to New York before Christmas. I can sleep in the cargo hold if there is no other place. Even if it would mean sleeping on a marble block, I don't mind.
3 Chilly evening Oh, I must have forgotten my coat on the pier. It was really warm around noon but now the wind is chilly. But I don't want to bother you with my problems. I am sorry.
4 Heal and help You are so kind. Please, let me offer you my assistance too. I am a nurse so I can help the sailors or the passengers should they suffer from any ailments. Just send them to me.
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
II 1 First Aid Kit I am so glad you found a place for me on the ship. If you want I will check your ship's medical supplies and tell you what needs to be replaced or purchased anew.
2 Healthy ship and crew Now you can be sure your passengers and crew will arrive in good health. Of course, taking care of the ship and the voyage is your job. But I will do whatever I can to help.
3 First patient A man has slipped on a wet floor in the canteen. I will need a crutch for him and you should place some warning signs around the wet floor. It will prevent similar accidents.
4 Christmas presents I have not bought any presents for my Mother. She always says she doesn't need anything, but still… Even something simple like a scarf would make her happy, I am sure.
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
III 1 Healthy diet The right diet is essential for good health. I understand it's hard to keep fresh vegetables and fruits on such a long voyage. But there should be no shortage of fresh fish.
2 Red Cross Actually, I might need your help even after the end of the voyage. I am going to establish the Red Cross in the United States. I may need a reliable supplier to build the headquarters.
3 Will you join us? Red Cross is an organization helping people in need. I have been in Geneva to talk to the founder, Mr. Dunant. We are depending mainly on volunteers and donations. So your contribution would be welcome.
4 Meeting Eva I met a young girl today. She was alone so it seemed strange to me. But she told me she is here with the captain. Do you know her? She seemed so lonely, I will give her some sweets next time I meet her.
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
IV 1 Find me a tree I want to make a Christmas tree with little Eva. She must be bored here, poor thing, all alone among the adults. Can you think of something we could use as a tree?
2 Multitalented woman Well, these planks were trees a long time ago but I guess it will do. With a saw and a few nails, I can make a tree out of this. It's not just healthcare I am good at, I can use a hammer if needed.
3 Trouble There is a fight on the main deck. Please send your sailors there to calm the men down before anybody gets hurt. They probably had too much to drink.
4 Calm again Maybe some sweets would bring back the Christmas atmosphere to the ship once again. Meanwhile, I will be taking care of the fools who were fighting. They have some bruises.
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
V 1 Too optimistic Captain, can I speak with you? It's about Eva. She thinks that you will find her parents in America. I guess you know that is not very likely. What will happen to her then? She will need a home.
2 A real home Not just a building of bricks. She needs a family. I can see you like her but your job requires you to be at sea. That is no place for a child. Maybe one of your sailors has a family which could take her in.
3 Poor girl I worry about her. Like this, she will end up in an orphanage. It will be better than on the street but she won't be happy there. I will at least pack her some candy canes as a present, she loves them so much.
4 Looking for a home I would take her in myself but I don't have a husband. I live only with my mother. I don't know if that would be a good family for a young girl. For now, I will make sure she eats something else than candy too.
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
VI 1 It's snowing The winter is here. This time is always hard on the people without a home. I hope the Red Cross will be able to help them a bit. I can count on your cooperation in this matter, right?
2 New or old I met a gentleman who owns an older building in Washington. He offered to sell it to me as the headquarters for the Red Cross. But I still think it might be better to build a new house. What do you think?
3 New it is You are right, a new building might be better after all. I hope you will take care of the material delivery.
4 Plush toys I saw Eva eating one of those Candy Canes again. So many sweets can be bad for her health. Do you have something else that might get her attention instead?
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
VII 1 New York ahead This voyage is slowly nearing its end. We should be in New York soon. I hope you will continue working with me on the Red Cross branch. Maybe some of your sailors would be interested in helping too.
2 Unexpected problem I am going to pack up my things and get ready to disembark. Maybe you should take a look at the cargo. I heard some men talking about a broken container.
3 Goodbye gifts I see that Eva loves the teddy bear. Maybe we could make a nice present for each child on the ship. Wouldn't it be a nice touch at the end of the voyage?
4 Last meal on the ship Actually, I am sad to finish this voyage and say farewell to Eva. I would have loved spending the Christmas with her. Maybe we can at least have a last brunch together.
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
VIII 1 At the pier Thank you for the pleasant voyage, captain. I am going home now, my mother is already waiting for me. But I will contact you soon about our next business.
2 Meeting again I told my mother about Eva. She insisted that we should take her in. Do you think Eva would like that? Until she finds her parents, she could stay with us. I can prepare a room for her.
3 Let's talk business I still have to think about my work. I am going to check the land for sale where we could build the headquarters. I will let you know when I find something. Then you can start delivering the materials.
4 How is it going? Did you have any luck with finding Eva's parents yet? Not even a hint of what could have happened to them? Poor girl, she must be sad. Come and dine with us this evening and bring Eva too.
Reward I understand that you are busy but don't be afraid to get some help. Look, here is a sailor ready to assist you.
IX 1 Getting things ready Mother is already baking a cake for Eva. I should go and buy some groceries for dinner. Since we are going to the market, we can also take care of the things we need for the headquarters.
2 Looking good Anyway, the construction of the Red Cross headquarters is going well. I have already recruited a few nurses and doctors for our cause. Next, we should get some medical equipment.
3 Don't stop looking Eva is really happy about her room. She even suggested herself she will stay with us. I am glad. I will continue looking for her parents in the meantime. If you are not too busy, you can help me too.
4 Christmas dinner Merry Christmas, captain. I have a small present for you too. For all the help you have given me and Eva. We are both very grateful. Now come to the Christmas table.
Reward This is probably the most wonderful Christmas, captain. Thank you for everything. It's so great to see Eva happy.

Eva (Final)

# Title Story Send Get
1 A happy girl This was a great Christmas. I received so many toys I have nowhere to put them. Maybe a big crate will do, or a large shelf. Wood Iron
2 Keep looking We still did not find my parents but Clara promised to keep looking with me. We will have to travel a lot. That won't be cheap. But you can always take us on your boats, right? Coin Fish
3 Promise Clara wants to talk to you. It's probably about her project. Something about that building in the city. She probably needs your help. But promise to come with me to look for my parents later. Stone Wood
4 Take some food Clara said that mum and dad might have gone to the shelter for poor people. She also wanted to bring some food when we go there. That they always need more especially in winter. Fish Coin
5 Sweet happiness There are kids like me in here. They look very sad. Can we help them somehow? You know what made me really happy? When I tasted my first candy cane! Candycane Stone
6 Asking around It's not much but at least they have something tasty to eat. What now? We should ask someone about my parents. Crew Ornament
7 They were here! They were really here! Do you have the address that lady gave you? Let's go there right now! Why did you promise to help in the shelter? You can do that later. Iron Wood
8 Let's go already Can we go now? Please? Will we take one of your ships or do we go by train? I saw the train station when we went to the shelter. I never traveled by train before. Coin Stone
9 Getting off That train ride was fun. Is that the house? But it's on the other side of the river. How will we get across? I see no bridge nearby. Wood Fish
10 Peeking in I see an old man through the window. That can't be my dad. He is not so old. But where are they then? Knock on the door, captain! Stone Iron
11 Don't give up So they moved away. But how will we find them now? The old man did not know where they went. Maybe we can ask some fishermen here, maybe they know my dad. Fish Coin
12 Thinking of others We can make a stop at the shelter and leave them some clothes for the poor people. They will need warm things in the winter. Scarf Ornament
13 Full of hope Let's go to the port now! The fishermen will help us for sure if we get them some new harpoons. If my parents lived here, dad must have gone there to look for work. Iron Wood
14 Helpful sailors The port is so big! It's nothing like the small port at home. It will take us days to ask all the people here. If we only had someone to help us. Crew Stone
15 Greedy man There is a man and he met my dad! But he does not want to say what he knows unless we give him some money. But it's too much. Why won't he just tell us? Coin Fish
16 Next hint So he took them to another city on his boat. He will take us there if we help him deliver some marble to the factory across the river. Stone Iron
17 So close Do you see that poor man on the street? Let's give him some food and ask him about my parents. Maybe he saw them. Fish Coin
18 Lost and found again Dad? Is that you? I can't believe it! Is mum here too? Captain, captain! Come, here! I found dad! Wood Stone
19 Back together This is great. Dad says mum is working as a waitress in the tavern and they live in a room upstairs. They were too poor to come back for me. But they were saving up money. Coin Wood
20 Happy end Now I just need to get Mr. Snowflake and his siblings and we can be a happy family again. Will you help me get them, captain? And I must say goodbye to Clara too. Teddybear Iron
Reward Thank you, captain. This was really the happiest Christmas in my life. Please remember to visit us sometimes. 20 Christmastree

Grandma Barton

# Title Story Send Get
1 Hello, dear! Could you help me with the bags? I've bought too much groceries, they are heavy like stones. Stone Wood
2 Oh no! I forgot the fish! And that's why I went to the port in the first place. Could you go and get some for me, dear? Fish Coin
3 Back home These look perfect. I will just go buy some sweets for the Christmas tree and then you can accompany me home. I hope you don't mind helping an old woman a while longer. Candycane Iron
4 Homecooked You are such a sweetheart. Please stay for dinner. I will bake the fish you got for me. And I have a freshly made apple pie too. Now sit down. If you are cold, there should be some wood for the fireplace. Wood Fish
5 Puddle in kitchen Now, I hope the food was to your liking. I really don't want to bother you anymore. But my roof is leaking. My daughter promised to find someone to repair it, but she is away now. Iron Stone
6 Proud mother My daughter Clara is a nurse. She was in Europe on a business trip. It's quite hard to get by without her. I spent the whole pension already. I will have to do with what I have until she returns. Coin Wood
7 Please, stay Maybe you will meet Clara if you stay awhile. I could certainly use your help. Clara will be busy with her new project. She sent me a telegram saying that she will be working on a new charity organization. Stone Iron
8 Looking for help She is looking for people to help her. Please share the word. I would love to tell her I have already recruited volunteers once she arrives. Crew Ornament
9 Don't be shy When you have some free time, come and visit me. I will have a hot tea and freshly baked cake ready for you. And if you bring me more of those tasty fish, I can prepare them in any way you like. Fish Coin
10 Heard of it? I am sure Clara could use your help too. She will have to set up an office for the organization. It's called Red Cross, maybe you have heard of it, yes? Anyway, she will need some furniture and other things. Wood Stone
11 You're a big help I am so glad I met you. Clara is a strong woman but she has a lot to do with taking care of the house and her work in the hospital. And now there is the new project too. Candycane Fish
12 Tireless Please, sit down for a while. You are running around or sailing all the time. Christmas is a time of rest. I am sure you can take some time off. Well, there is this orphanage that could use your help but Coin Wood
13 Generosity You never fail to impress me with your generosity. But you can be sure I won't let you leave with empty hands either. Now if you can, have a look at that roof of mine once again. Iron Stone
14 Be careful I am no expert but I don't think you can make the repairs alone? Don't you have some friends to help you with that? Crew Coin
15 It was the chimney You might need some bricks too to fill up that hole in the chimney. I guess that is the source of the leak. Stone Iron
16 Finished You are a dear. The roof looks as good as new. Now we will stay warm and dry inside even during a snowstorm. You must be starving after all that work, let me make you some dinner. Fish Christmastree
17 Time for a walk Let's go for a walk, captain. I must keep moving or these old bones will stay stiff like twigs. Come, help me put on my coat. And where did I put that scarf? Scarf Stone
18 Stay warm No, no, I don't need so many scarves. You know what? We can donate them to the local orphanage. I am sure the kids can use them. Let's just pack them up in some crates so they don't get wet in the snow. Wood Fish
19 Gift for Clara Look at that beautiful coat in the shop window! Clara would love it. And it looks like we will have a cold winter. She could definitely use a warm coat like that. It's a pity I don't have so much money. Coin Iron
20 What happened? Clara will be pleased when she finds the coat under the Christmas tree. She likes practical presents. Hmm, there is a commotion at the port. Why don't we go there and see what is going on? Crew Wood
21 Collision Oh my! Two ships have collided. I hope it is none of yours. The owners will need to make some serious repairs before those vessels can get afloat again. Iron Stone
22 Damages That is really unfortunate that it happened to be your ship there too. Is there any way I can help? I don't know much about ships but I could cook some food for the workers repairing the damage. Fish Coin
23 Fixing things So how are the repairs going, captain? I hope you did not suffer a large financial loss. If you need some more materials for the repairs, there is a fine mine outside the city. Stone Iron
24 Christmas Market Do you like to go to the Christmas Market? I used to have my own stand there and sell homemade cookies and jam. But I have not made enough this year. Do you have something we could sell there? Scarf Ornament
25 Perfect goods These scarves are perfect, I am sure they will sell well. I just love the atmosphere of the Christmas Market. I have already rented a place on the square, we just need to get the stall now. Wood Fish
26 Sweet gingerbread Have you tasted the gingerbread cookies from the stall across ours? They are so good! Almost like mine. I might not have enough time to bake them before Christmas. How about we buy some instead? Coin Stone
27 Invite everyone And where are your hard-working sailors? Call them to the Christmas Market. They should take their families too. The market is a great place for young and old too. Crew Wood
28 Extending the offer Maybe we could try making some food too. You have access to wonderful fresh fish. How about we get a grill and cook them on fire? I am sure a lot of people would like a tasty grilled fish. Fish Coin
29 Missing grill You forgot about the grill. The fish will stay fresh in this cold, but please be quick about it. I kind of hope to get some warmth from the fire too. This cold seeps right into your bones. Iron Fish
30 Ready to cook Perfect! Just get some wood or coal, dear. In the meantime, I will prepare the fish for cooking. Wood Iron
31 Sold out Both our fish and scarves were really popular even though it was an unusual combination. Actually, I would love to have a stone grill at home on the terrace to grill the fish anytime I feel like. Stone Wood
32 A pile of toys The Christmas Eve is almost here. How about we make some nice donation to the orphanage. I know you have already given the kids scarves but they would probably be more happy about some toys. Teddybear Christmastree
33 Tree troubles Let's decorate the Christmas tree. Let me just get the decorations... Oh no! They are all broken. We must buy new ornaments. But will there be any left in the shops this close to the Christmas day? Coin Stone
34 I will make it You are a true savior, dear. I will decorate the tree and give you some time off. You should not spend the whole holidays helping an old woman. I am sure you have your own business to attend to as well. Iron Coin
35 Word from Clara I got another telegram from Clara. She met an orphan girl on the ship. I'd love to meet her. I'm sad Clara never married and had her own kids. Let me check the pantry if we have enough food for another visitor. Fish Wood
36 Family time You are a sweetheart. You help me with everything I could possibly need. I would love to have you here for Christmas dinner. But you probably want to spend it with your own family, right? Crew Iron
37 It's fine, dear I won't be alone. Clara's ship should arrive shortly. And I hope she will bring little Eva too. Let's prepare a nice surprise for the girl. I am sure she would like a teddy or two. Teddybear Ornament
38 Captain's life I will let you go back to your business. But don't work so much you forget to spend time with your family. Christmas is all about some quality family time. Stone Coin
39 Just for you I have prepared a present for you, dear. You will receive it in a moment. Just help this old woman to gather some wood for the fireplace. Wood Fish
40 Your present Yes, yes, I know you want the presents already. Just give me a hug and it will be yours. But please don't forget to stop by sometime and help Clara with her charity project. She would appreciate it. Coin Stone
Reward Here it is, dear. Merry Christmas! 30 Christmastree