Charles Dickens
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 2h
Crew: 30 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 20
Recommended: 30
Sailor Swift
(Crew capacity)

Available during the Christmas event in 2016 (Nov 29th - Jan 20th, 2017).


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 600 Wood x12 50 180 290 Fish
2 1,000 Coin x20 50 200 300 Stone
3 400 Iron x8 50 220 550 Wood
4 30 Pony x3 10 240 1,500 Coin
5 700 Fish x14 50 260 450 Iron
6 100 Crew x1 100 290 750 Wood
7 500 Stone x10 50 320 860 Fish
8 900 Wood x12 75 350 2,200 Coin
9 600 Iron x8 75 380 650 Stone
10 1,500 Coin x20 75 410 1,000 Wood
11 1,050 Fish x14 75 450 800 Iron
12 150 Crew x1 150 490 3,300 Coin
13 60 Pony x3 20 530 1,680 Fish
14 1,200 Wood x12 100 570 1,000 Iron
15 800 Stone x10 80 610 10 Sock
16 2,000 Coin x20 100 660 1,450 Wood
17 1,400 Fish x14 100 710 1,000 Stone
18 800 Iron x8 100 760 3,900 Coin
19 60 Ctree x3 20 810 1,950 Fish
20 200 Crew x1 200 860 1,500 Iron
21 1,100 Stone x10 110 920 2,000 Wood
22 2,500 Coin x20 125 980 10 Sock
23 1,500 Wood x12 125 1,040 1,750 Iron
24 1,750 Fish x14 125 1,100 1,500 Stone
25 1,000 Iron x8 125 1,160 4,800 Coin
26 90 Ctree x3 30 1,250 2,740 Fish
27 300 Crew x1 300 1,320 2,650 Wood
28 1,400 Stone x10 140 1,390 2,000 Iron
29 3,000 Coin x20 150 1,460 3,400 Fish
30 1,800 Wood x12 150 1,530 2,000 Stone
31 1,200 Iron x8 150 1,620 10 Sock
32 2,100 Fish x14 150 1,710 7,600 Coin
33 120 Ctree x3 40 1,800 2,400 Iron
34 500 Crew x1 500 1,890 2,500 Stone
35 4,000 Coin x20 200 1,980 5,000 Wood
36 2,000 Stone x10 200 2,080 6,320 Fish
37 2,400 Wood x12 200 2,180 10 Sock
38 1,600 Iron x8 200 2,280 10,000 Coin
39 2,800 Fish x14 200 2,380 3,500 Stone
40 150 Ctree x3 50 2,480 3,000 Iron


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 1,250 -1,250
Coin 14,000 33,300 19,300
Fish 9,800 17,240 7,440
Wood 8,400 13,400 5,000
Stone 5,800 11,450 5,650
Iron 5,600 12,900 7,300
Pony 90 -90
Ctree 420 -420
Sock 40 40
Xp 41,850 41,850


# Story
1 Oh! I am sorry!
I did not see you. The port is full of people at this time of the day. I am looking for a ship to take us to America. Me and my wife don't require much, just a small cabin with a bed.
2 Let's go aboard
I am Charles, a writer, and this is my wife Catherine. You look like a well-read person. Have you perhaps read some of my works? If not, I am sure the bookstore will have a book or two by me.
3 Dangerous lands
I was invited to give a few lectures in New York. I plan to do a bit of sightseeing, too. The vast prairies in the West seem especially intriguing. But I heard, it can be dangerous there.
4 Lodging secured
I will be staying with a friend and his family in New York. I carry a few of my signed books for him and his wife, but their children would probably enjoy something different.
5 Smooth voyage
I see you are an experienced captain. The voyage could not be smoother. Usually, I have a seasickness while sailing. But on your ship, I feel fine. I can eat whatever I want without fear.
6 Profitable business
I hope you will take us back to England in a few months. In the meantime, you can make use of the profitable sea trade here. If you hire a few more workers, you can earn a small fortune.
7 Building homes
Just a small suggestion before we part. There are still many people coming to America and building their new homes here. If you import stone and bricks, you will surely not lose on it.
8 Back to England
Good to see you again. I hope you had a good time here, just like me. I have a lot of memories and an idea for a new book. Will you add a table and a chair to our cabin, so I can start writing?
9 Cold cabin
I apologise for disturbing you, when you are at the helm, captain. But my wife Catherine feels that it's very cold in our cabin. Do you have some heater we could use?
10 Little detour
You are heading for the port in Manchester? No problem, from there we can go home by train. I am not sure if we have enough money for the ticket. But don't worry, we will think of something.
11 Thank you, captain
You did not have to return part of the fee we paid for the voyage to England. I wish there were more people as generous and kind as you. Let me at least invite you for lunch.
12 City of the poor
There are so many destitute people here. The conditions they live in are terrible. If you can, please send your sailors to the city and try to help the poor people. We should help each other.
13 This makes me angry
While I am here, I will make an inspection of the local factory. I heard they make children work there. That is horrible! Let's take something for them, to make them feel better.
14 Beds missing
I took the children who looked sick with me to the hospital. They will take care of them there. But the head nurse mentioned they don't have enough beds for all of them.
15 Have to go
If you have some time, help the workers with the tiles for the new roof on the hospital. I have to go home now, and write a story that will open people's eyes. You are always welcome to visit me.
16 Come inside!
It's good of you to come visit me. You can help me with my new story. It's about Christmas. I am sorry, but you will have to pay for a room at the inn, I don't have a free bed at home.
17 Stave one
We begin our story on a cold Christmas evening in London, where we meet the greedy hero, Mr. Scrooge. Wait! I think Catherine is calling. The dinner is ready. We will continue afterwards.
18 Ghostly visit
Mr. Scrooge will be visited by a ghost. You don't believe in ghosts? It will surely catch readers' attention. Oh no! The wind has broken the shutters on the window. Bring nails so we can repair them.
19 The perfect tree
I write a Christmas story, and yet I totally neglected the decoration of our home. Catherine takes care of cooking and baking, but the tree is my responsibility. Help me find the right one.
20 Back to the story
The ghost will warn our anti-hero of the fate that's awaiting him if he doesn't change his ways. Take the first chapter and read it to your crew, then tell me how they liked it.
21 Stave two
Now comes a spirit, who will take Scrooge to his past. This will be an idyllic Christmas time, before he became a greedy old man. Anyway, my neighbour is rebuilding his porch. Can you get some flagstones for him?
22 Wondrous technology
I heard of a new invention to make writing easier, a typewriter. I would love to try it, my hand hurts from writing all the time. There are only a few prototypes, so it will be expensive.
23 Where to put it?
You acquired it! The typewriter is bigger than I expected, and won't fit on my writing table. I will have to get a new table and place it in the living room.
24 Stave three
In the third part we will visit more scenes. First we will go to a Christmas market. Let's go to the town, and get some inspiration from a real market. We can also buy some food for tomorrow.
25 Let's go on a tour
I also want to write a scene in a lighthouse. There is one on the cliffs beyond the town. Let's take some oil lamps for the lighthouse keeper, so he will be more willing to take us on a tour.
26 Tree business
Now, that Christmas is getting closer, the demand for pine trees is getting higher. The lighthouse keeper wanted one, too. While I finish the third chapter, deliver some trees from the forest up north.
27 Seeking inspiration
A big part of my stories focuses on children. I can't leave them out of this story either. Ask your crew about their children, maybe there is a great story hidden, which I could use.
28 Stave Four
In the next chapter we will look into the future, to Scrooge's funeral. That reminds me, Grandpa's grave is in need of a new headstone. It will be a kind of Christmas gift for poor Gramps.
29 Gifts for everyone
This will be a very sad part of the story, but it will serve to change the mind of our main character. Still, I feel a bit glum after writing it. I could use a little break, let's go buy Christmas gifts.
30 Cosy fireplace
Our family has a tradition. On the Christmas eve we start a fire in the fireplace. The warm light creates the true Christmas atmosphere. But first, we need a few logs for the fire.
31 Kitchen assistant
I am going to lock myself up in the room, and finish the book. Meanwhile, you can help Catherine in the kitchen. I am sure she has some work for you. I think she needs a few new baking pans.
32 Not again
She has send you for fish? Catherine knows I dislike them. But they are healthy, I know, especially for our kids. If they are baked with bacon and herbs, I will manage.
33 Necessary moisture
Did you put our tree into water? No? That's why the needles are already all over the floor. I still have some money, please, go buy a new one, and place it in a bowl of water.
34 Stave Five
We are nearing the end of my story. A good Christmas story needs a happy ending to leave a pleasant feeling in the readers. How about you indulge your sailors, and take them for an eggnog?
35 Important difference
I think you already guessed it. Scrooge is going to redeem himself and share his gold with his family and friends to prevent the unpleasant future. He will still die someday, but people will care.
36 Heart of stone
I hope none who reads my story will be able to retain his heart of stone like Scrooge. With the theme of Christmas, the book will surely have the impact I wished for.
37 Book is finished
Of course, I still need to review it, change some passages, and correct some misspellings. Then we just cut the wood for the fire and enjoy this lovely winter evening.
38 Christmas Carol
A catching title might be even more important than the story itself. How else will you pick the interest of your readers, even before they open the book?
39 Unwelcome fish
Just like our story we will finish this with a pleasant Christmas dinner. But, please, don't bring fish anymore. I have had enough of them for a lifetime.
40 Homework
Should you have a few free moments during this Christmas season, read my book. I assure you it's a classic, and will stay popular even in a 100 years and longer.
I would have given you my book, but I think you will find my friend more useful. I met him in the Tavern, he is an experienced captain, and can serve on one of your ships. I am sure his skills will come in handy.