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If you choose a ship with smaller crew than is required for one destination, they will not be shown on the map as possible destination for that ship.

There are different types of destinations:

  • Upgradeable: After collecting a set amount of resources from a destination, it will be upgraded automatically.
  • Depletable: On November 20th (2018) came to the game this type of destination. Once the player collects all the resources, the destination needs 22 hours to refill.
  • Supplier: This type of destination appeared in the July 23rd and August 13th (2019) updates. Their main feature is that they contain different types of commodities.
  • Market Town: This is a destination that allows you to exchange commodities for materials or Xp.png points.

With the 2019 Summer updates, Cocoa Plantation, Tailor and Vineyard disappeared being replaced by Suppliers.

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