In the Nov 20th 2018 update, two new destinations were added to the game: the Oil Field and Cement Factory. These destinations are unique in a number of ways.

  • Requirements. You can only collect:
Oil Oil with 2-slot steamships and/or 3-slot motor ships.
Cement Cement with 3-slot motor ships.
  • Depletion. Once you've collected all the resources, the destination is depleted. It will take 22 hours to refill.
IMPORTANT: the 22h timer only starts AFTER:
1. Your ship has picked up the last of the product, and
2. You have opened the destination (showing the depletion message) and selected "GOT IT".
  • Destination levels. These destinations do not level up themselves, but the outputs depend on player's level.
Constants: travel time (1 hour), refill time (22 hours).
Variables: crew requirement, cargo bonus, amount available, XP reward for depleting destination.

  • Player levels. Based on the observations posted in the comments section, we think the level brackets are as follows: (please let us know if this data is incorrect!)

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