Available during the Pirates event in 2016 (Apr 11th - May 10th).

Edward Teach (Blackbeard)
Contracts info
Contracts: 20
Voyage: 2h
Crew: 20 Crew
Ships: Sailing (1 slot)
Contractor requirements
Level: 15
3 Sskull


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 280 Fish x7 40 100 450 Coin
2 300 Coin x10 30 120 700 Wood
3 200 Stone x5 40 140 550 Coin
4 240 Wood x6 40 160 350 Stone
5 400 Crew x1 400 180 950 Wood
6 250 Stone x5 50 200 350 Iron
7 120 Pirate Hat x7 17 220 700 Coin
8 500 Coin x10 50 240 5 Gem
9 450 Wood x6 75 260 800 Coin
10 420 Iron x7 60 280 1,200 Wood
11 420 Fish x4 105 300 1,000 Coin
12 600 Coin x5 120 320 2,500 Fish
13 400 Stone x5 80 340 500 Iron
14 500 Crew x1 500 360 1,400 Coin
15 1,000 Wood x10 100 400 10 Gem
16 180 Pirate Hat x2 90 450 1,600 Coin
17 700 Fish x7 100 500 600 Stone
18 480 Iron x4 120 550 1,400 Wood
19 240 Pirate Hat x2 120 600 2,000 Coin
20 1,200 Wood x6 200 650 4,000 Coin


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 900 -900
Coin 1,400 12,500 11,100
Gem 15 15
Fish 1,400 2,500 1,100
Wood 2,890 4,250 1,360
Stone 850 950 100
Iron 900 850 -50
Xp 6,370 6,370


# Story
1 Ahoy, me heartie!
Me name is Edward Teach, but all the men know me as the terrible captain Blackbeard. Arrr that's me. Now bring me somethin' to eat before I throw ye to the sharks.
2 Pirate life
So ye wanna be a pirate, matey? I've got an offer for ye. Get me some gold and I might show ye how to get into the sweet trade.
3 Starting the lessons
The first lesson is a lesson of value. Ye can rob a ship full of gold and precious stones or one full of rocks. But don't despair, ye can sell everything for a price.
4 Old but good
A most important thing for a pirate is a ship. Ye don't need to build a new one from the scratch, just patch up the one ye...find on yer adventures.
5 The crew
Ye can't do this business alone, matey. Ye need some men ye can trust. With them and a fast ship yer journey to become a pirate can start.
6 Weapon of choice
No pirate goes around unarmed. Ye need a nice cutlass and a pair of pistols. For a few precious stones I will give you a good material for the blacksmith to make them.
7 Appropriate looks
Let's not forget one more important thing and that are the looks. Ye need to inspire fright in yer enemies on sight. A good hat will help ye with that.
8 Gold on the horizon
It's time for yer first action. Ye see that Spanish galley to the east? That will be our target. If I got the right information, she should be full of gold.
9 A beautiful ship
Got meself a new ship, she is a real beauty. Her name is Queen Ann's Revenge. She got a bit scratched durin' the fight. So let's get her nice and shinin' again.
10 Sickness
Me men are sick. Some rotten illness's spreadin'. But we can't get to the medicine because the rich folks keep it all to themselves. So we're gonna kidnap some of them.
11 Harsh negotiations
If they wanna get back their people they have to give us the medicine. We ain't gonna hurt them and we can't let them starve either. But they better give us the pills.
12 Cured and healthy
Arr good, good. We have the medicine, so let's get the scallywags back to work. No excuses of sickness will do now. I expect a nice pile of gold from ye.
13 Royal pardon
Rumours of a royal pardon for all pirates have gotten to me. It could be a good deal for an old seadog like me. Let's send one of me scallywags thar first and we'll see.
14 Let's take it
It went well. They pardoned him and let him go. It ain't a trap. I would like to rest me weary bones in some small calm village. I will take that pardon for meself too.
15 A place to call home
I will build meself a nice comfortable home here on the islands. No need for a stone mansion, wooden villa will do just fine.
16 Return of the pirate
Arrr layin on me ass ain't nothin' for a pirate like me. Let's get back to me favourite trade and steal some gold. A new hat to signify the new beginning would be nice.
17 A pleasant visit
Look who came to visit me! My fellow pirate and friend, captain Charles Vane. He must have worried about me retirement. This calls for a party with lots of food and rum.
18 A persistent pursuer
Ha! I have heard about a captain who is lookin' to capture me. Foolish dog! He will never succeed! Get some cutlasses and pistols so we can give him a proper welcome.
19 Job done
Our dear captain feeds the fish at the bottom of the sea. And what do ye know? I made a real pirate out of ye. All ye need now are some pirate accessories and we are done.
20 Still here?
What are ye still doin' here? I have taught ye all I know about piracy. Leave me the wooden leg, ye don't need it yet. And now go bother someone else.
Well done, me hearty! Ye have finished all me contracts and become a fine pirate. Take this precious skull as a parting gift. Ye can trade it in the market for a reward ye like. Choose well!