Beryl Smeeton
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 380
Recommended: 395
Complete: Fridtjof Nansen
30 Gem

Beryl, born in 1905, was raised in a family of British soldiers and travelled widely throughout the world, some of which is described in her 1930s books The Stars My Blanket and Winter Shoes in Springtime, written under the name Beryl Miles. Charles R. Boxer, the distinguished historian and soldier, was one of her brothers.

In 1938 Beryl married Brigadier Miles Richard Smeeton. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Beryl's journey in Seaport, check her storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 335,000 Stone x30 11,167 191,000 1,340,000 Fish
2 870,000 Coin x70 12,429 201,000 498,000 Iron
3 12,000 Crew x3 4,000 212,000 280,000 Stone
4 232,000 Iron x20 11,600 223,000 1,044,000 Wood
5 705,000 Fish x55 12,818 235,000 2,820,000 Coin
6 17,000 Cloth x2 8,500 247,000 10 Gem
7 1,160,000 Coin x85 13,647 260,000 956,000 Stone
8 484,000 Wood x40 12,100 273,000 484,000 Iron
9 419,000 Stone x30 13,967 287,000 1,676,000 Fish
10 14,000 Crew x3 4,667 302,000 1,027,000 Coin
11 297,000 Iron x20 14,850 318,000 1,337,000 Wood
12 1,000 Fuel x1 1,000 334,000 20 Gem
13 806,000 Fish x55 14,655 351,000 1,026,000 Stone
14 1,547,000 Coin x95 16,284 369,000 652,000 Iron
15 16,000 Crew x3 5,333 388,000 964,000 Fish
16 725,000 Wood x50 14,500 408,000 3,190,000 Coin
17 516,000 Stone x35 14,743 429,000 1,327,000 Wood
18 15,000 Fruit x2 7,500 451,000 10 Gem
19 1,007,000 Fish x60 16,783 474,000 1,175,000 Stone
20 361,000 Iron x20 18,050 498,000 3,971,000 Coin
21 17,000 Crew x3 5,667 523,000 1,020,000 Wood
22 4,784,000 Coin x250 19,136 550,000 1,540,000 Iron
23 1,740,000 Wood x100 17,400 578,000 3,480,000 Fish
24 18,000 Grapes x2 9,000 607,000 10 Gem
25 967,000 Stone x60 16,117 638,000 2,910,000 Wood
26 2,658,000 Fish x140 18,986 670,000 1,520,000 Iron
27 19,000 Crew x3 6,333 704,000 3,490,000 Coin
28 774,000 Iron x45 17,200 740,000 1,900,000 Stone
29 1,921,000 Wood x100 19,210 777,000 3,850,000 Fish
30 5,219,000 Coin x250 20,876 816,000 20 Gem
31 20,000 Copper x2 10,000 857,000 1,800,000 Wood
32 1,121,000 Stone x60 18,683 900,000 1,500,000 Iron
33 21,000 Crew x3 7,000 945,000 3,850,000 Coin
34 3,624,000 Fish x140 25,886 993,000 2,850,000 Stone
35 967,000 Iron x45 21,489 1,043,000 4,300,000 Fish
36 2,211,000 Wood x100 22,110 1,096,000 10 Gem
37 20,000 Grapes x2 10,000 1,151,000 1,800,000 Wood
38 6,088,000 Coin x250 24,352 1,209,000 1,950,000 Iron
39 1,276,000 Stone x60 21,267 1,270,000 4,260,000 Fish
40 23,000 Crew x3 7,667 1,334,000 4,220,000 Coin


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 122,000 -122,000
Coin 19,668,000 22,568,000 2,900,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 8,800,000 19,870,000 11,070,000
Wood 7,081,000 11,238,000 4,157,000
Stone 4,634,000 8,187,000 3,553,000
Iron 2,631,000 8,144,000 5,513,000
Cloth 17,000 -17,000
Grapes 38,000 -38,000
Fuel 1,000 -1,000
Xp 23,852,000 23,852,000


# Story
1 Excuse me!
Are you a sailor by any chance? I have seen you in the harbor before. I need some advice from an experienced seafarer. If you need to unload your cargo first, I will wait.
2 Captain!
So you are a captain. That is wonderful! I have been looking for someone just like you. Meet me at the Smiling Seal. It's my favorite inn. Just bring some money, they can be expensive.
3 At the Smiling Seal
So good of you to come. I am Beryl Smeeton, a farmer, adventurer, and a wife. And hopefully soon enough a sailor too. My husband and I don't have much experience in this field yet.
4 Adventurers
We love adventure and a challenge. Right now, we are looking to buy a ship. We have not yet decided what kind of vessel would be best. Should we go for a wooden boat or a metal ship?
5 Are you hungry?
I am starving. Let's eat something and I will tell you about our adventures. We were hiking up the Tirich Mir mountain in the Hindu Kush range. We didn't reach the peak but it was still a great hike.
6 Found the one
I have found one ship I like. But Miles, my husband, doesn't think we should buy her. Her sails are seriously damaged. Can you meet me at the port tomorrow and tell me your opinion?
7 It's decided
Did you bring cloth for new sails? Perfect! It's decided, we are buying this ship! I just need to borrow some money. I don't have quite enough on hand right now. I will pay you back, I promise.
8 Tzu Hang
Her name is Tzu Hang. She was built in Hong Kong, that's why the Chinese name. I think we will keep it, it's quite exotic. Tzu Hang needs a few repairs and then she will be ready to sail.
9 Boathouse
I would feel better if Tzu Hang was kept in a boathouse while she undergoes the repairs. The weather in England is unpredictable. I don't want her to sustain more damage before she is seaworthy.
10 Moving to Australia
We are thinking about moving to Australia. Miles has always wanted to live there. Tzu Hang is still not ready to sail and all our things would not fit on her anyway. Can you take us on your ship?
11 The author
We will be settling down in Melbourne. Miles will find a job and I will continue writing. I didn't mention it before? I wrote a few books about our adventures. I will send you copies.
12 Letter received
Captain, we need your help again. We have decided to sail from Melbourne to England taking the route around Cape Horn. Will you join us? Please bring some fuel for the boat too.
13 In Melbourne
It's so good to see you again. We have installed an auxiliary motor into the ship, so we need some fuel. Our friend John will be joining us and also our cat. She loves fish so let's take some with us.
14 Plans for the voyage
We also need some food and freshwater for ourselves. Can you go to the market and buy something? I still have to plan the voyage.
15 A little anxious
Before we set sail, I would like to have a few words with your crew. I know you will be joining us, captain, but I want some more reference for our first voyage. I am a bit nervous.
16 Old clipper route
Just load the crates on the ship and we are ready to go. We are taking the old clipper route, heading east through the Southern Ocean. Weight the anchor, captain!
17 Balancing
The weather is pleasant for now and the ship is sailing smoothly. However, I noticed she is listing to the side a bit. Let's take a break on the nearest island and get some rocks to balance the ship.
18 Find me some fruit
We have been eating fish and jerky for so long. I miss some fresh fruit. Once you see land on the horizon, let's change the course and refill our supplies with something tasty.
19 On to Cape Horn
Since we are already taking a rest on land, let's fill our barrels with some salted fish too. They will be good to eat for much longer than the fruit. And now we can continue to Cape Horn.
20 Dangerous waves
The waves are really massive here. I am afraid one of them could tip us over and we will all end up in the water. Please take the rudder, captain. We need your skills right now.
21 Taking on water
Captain! Help us get to the shore. Tzu Hang is badly damaged. Her mast is broken. But we can still repair her if we get her ashore. But there are too few of us to accomplish that.
22 On the beach
Thankfully we were not far from the coast. Else we could have drowned in those waves. We need to go to the nearest town and buy material for the repairs.
23 New mast
I have managed to get everything we will need and a master shipbuilder to make the repairs on Tzu Hang. Unfortunately, I was not able to get an iron mast so we will have to use a wooden one.
24 Chilean specialties
The repairs will take longer than I expected. I will use the time to continue writing about our journey. And maybe we can taste some local specialties. Chilean wine is supposed to be delicious.
25 Good deal
The master shipbuilder who is helping us with the repairs promised to help us for free. He just needs a hand with the building of his house. He needs to transport some bricks and materials.
26 Fishing time
During the accident, a lot of our supplies got destroyed by water. We need to wait for Tzu Hang to be repaired anyway, so let's use this time to catch some more fish.
27 Ready to continue
The ship is fixed. We just need a few strong people to help us get her on the water. Then we can continue our voyage. I hope we will finish it without any more accidents.
28 Devilish cape
We are nearing Cape Horn and the clouds are closing up above us. Hold on to something, the sea is like a wild horse trying to shake us of it's back. This devilish cape won't let us pass.
29 Not again!
The mast is broken again! These waves won't let us pass. We need to find some driftwood and use it as paddles to get to the shore. We can't continue with this kind of damage.
30 Back on the coast
We are not far from the town where they helped us repair our ship before. I will go there and try to negotiate a reasonable price. We don't have much money left.
31 No help this time
I have some bad news. The shipbuilder has no time to help us. We have no choice but try to fix the mast ourselves. Will you go look for some material we could use for the repairs?
32 Bad luck
Unfortunately, copper won't help us much here. And the weather is truly terrible. We need to find a shelter where we can stay and try to fix the ship before there are only cinders left of her.
33 Next time
I am afraid we won't be able to finish this voyage. But we will try again. For now, I am going to finish my accounting of this journey. Can you call your crew to come and pick us up?
34 Failure first
Don't worry, captain. I know you did your best to help us. Sometimes you must fail before you can succeed. Let's get something to eat while we wait for our ship to England.
35 I will succeed
I won't leave Tzu Hang here. We just need to fix her mast and she will be ready for another adventure. I will yet pass that Cape Horn on her. Let's find a way to load her up on your ship.
36 In England
Thank you for helping us bring Tzu Hang to England. Without you, we would have been stuck in Chile. We will repair her and plan our next voyage. Are you still interested in joining us?
37 Time to relax
Miles went to look for a good shipwright to fix Tzu Hang. I need to go to the publisher to show him my new book. But first, let's relax a bit. It was a tiring voyage.
38 Sturdy ship
The publisher liked my book and Miles found someone to fix Tzu Hang. The repairs will be expensive but this time we will make sure she withstands even the worst weather.
39 We will stay
We have decided to stay in England for a while. Miles bought a nice land on the outskirts. We will build a small house there. Perhaps you could help us with the materials.
40 See you, captain
Should we need your assistance again, I will contact you. But I understand you are busy with your own affairs. We will try to make do on our own. Say hello to your crew from us.
Before you leave, don't forget your reward, captain. You deserve it.

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