Bartolomeu Dias
Contracts info
Contracts: 60
Voyage: 30m
Crew: 80 Crew
Ships: Sailing (1 slot)
Contractor requirements
Level: 85
Complete: Fernão de Magalhães
São Cristóvão (Ship)

Bartolomeu Dias (1450 – 29 May 1500), a nobleman of the Portuguese royal household, was a Portuguese explorer. He sailed around the southernmost tip of Africa in 1488, the first to do so, setting up the route from Europe to Asia later on. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Bartolomeu's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 4,500 Wood x12 375 1,500 2,000 Stone
2 4,200 Fish x10 420 1,550 1,500 Iron
3 3,000 Stone x8 375 1,600 10,000 Coin
4 2,400 Iron x6 400 1,650 5,000 Fish
5 8,000 Coin x16 500 1,700 10,000 Wood
6 2,000 Crew x2 1,000 1,750 4,000 Stone
7 400 Cocoa x2 200 1,800 25,000 Coin
8 5,600 Fish x10 560 1,850 3,000 Iron
9 5,100 Wood x12 425 1,900 35,000 Coin
10 3,500 Stone x8 438 1,950 10 Gem
11 12,000 Coin x20 600 2,000 7,500 Fish
12 3,600 Iron x8 450 2,050 6,000 Stone
13 500 Cocoa x2 250 2,100 15,000 Wood
14 3,000 Crew x2 1,500 2,150 50,000 Coin
15 4,200 Stone x8 525 2,200 5,000 Iron
16 7,000 Wood x14 500 2,300 10,000 Fish
17 15,000 Coin x24 625 2,400 6,000 Iron
18 9,000 Fish x15 600 2,500 8,000 Stone
19 4,800 Iron x10 480 2,600 10 Gem
20 600 Cocoa x2 300 2,700 75,000 Coin
21 5,400 Stone x10 540 2,800 20,000 Wood
22 3,500 Crew x2 1,750 2,900 15,000 Fish
23 7,700 Wood x14 550 3,000 8,000 Iron
24 18,000 Coin x24 750 3,100 20,000 Fish
25 7,500 Iron x12 625 3,200 10,000 Stone
26 15,000 Fish x20 750 3,300 30,000 Wood
27 6,600 Stone x10 660 3,400 15 Gem
28 10,500 Wood x14 750 3,500 25,000 Fish
29 4,000 Crew x2 2,000 3,600 15,000 Stone
30 900 Cocoa x3 300 3,800 10,000 Iron
31 24,000 Coin x30 800 4,000 35,000 Wood
32 8,400 Iron x12 700 4,200 30,000 Fish
33 9,100 Stone x13 700 4,400 100,000 Coin
34 19,500 Fish x25 780 4,600 20,000 Stone
35 16,000 Wood x20 800 4,800 120,000 Coin
36 4,500 Crew x2 2,250 5,000 15,000 Iron
37 32,000 Coin x32 1,000 5,200 35,000 Fish
38 1,200 Cocoa x3 400 5,400 40,000 Wood
39 12,000 Iron x16 750 5,600 15 Gem
40 20,000 Wood x20 1,000 5,800 40,000 Fish
41 14,000 Stone x16 875 6,000 20,000 Iron
42 26,400 Fish x30 880 6,200 145,000 Coin
43 5,000 Crew x2 2,500 6,400 25,000 Stone
44 1,800 Cocoa x3 600 6,600 50,000 Fish
45 45,000 Coin x40 1,125 7,000 25 Gem
46 15,000 Iron x20 750 7,400 45,000 Wood
47 33,000 Fish x30 1,100 7,800 30,000 Stone
48 24,000 Wood x20 1,200 8,200 25,000 Iron
49 18,000 Stone x20 900 8,600 60,000 Fish
50 6,000 Crew x2 3,000 9,000 160,000 Coin
51 18,000 Iron x20 900 9,400 35,000 Stone
52 60,000 Coin x50 1,200 9,800 50,000 Wood
53 48,000 Fish x40 1,200 10,200 30,000 Iron
54 33,000 Wood x24 1,375 10,600 180,000 Coin
55 24,000 Stone x24 1,000 11,000 25 Gem
56 7,000 Crew x2 3,500 11,400 80,000 Fish
57 24,000 Iron x20 1,200 11,800 60,000 Wood
58 80,000 Coin x64 1,250 12,200 40,000 Stone
59 60,000 Fish x48 1,250 12,600 35,000 Iron
60 32,000 Stone x25 1,280 13,000 200,000 Coin


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 35,000 -35,000
Coin 294,000 1,100,000 806,000
Gem 100 100
Fish 220,700 377,500 156,800
Wood 127,800 305,000 177,200
Stone 119,800 195,000 75,200
Iron 95,700 158,500 62,800
Cocoa 5,400 -5,400
Xp 307,050 307,050


São Cristóvão
Level required: 85
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 33,400 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 70 32
2 195,000 Coin 70,000 Wood 18,000 Stone 180 80 35 15,000
3 285,000 Coin 100,000 Wood 17,500 Iron 190 90 41 17,500
4 393,000 Coin 118,000 Wood 29,000 Stone 210 100 50 21,000
5 580,000 Coin 128,000 Wood 24,000 Iron 220 110 63 30,000
1,453,000 Coin
416,000 Wood
47,000 Stone
41,500 Iron
800 Gem
83,500 Xp


# Story
1 It's a pleasure
My name is Bartolomeu Dias, a seasoned navigator from Portugal. I need to ask for your help. My ship has sustained some damage in a storm and I am missing wood for repairs.
2 That was kind of you
I was purchasing marble in a nearby port. Right now I am sailing home with the cargo but unfortunately my food reserves are almost empty.
3 Searching for stone
You are a real savior, friend! I was lucky to meet you at the sea. Perhaps we can help each other out even further. Will you help me collect marble for our stonemasons?
4 A good trade
I see you are quite resourceful. If you also know where to get some good iron, it can be sold for a great price in Portugal. So don't hesitate to bring me some.
5 You must pay a fee
The port of Lisbon is not far now. If you mean to accompany me you should prepare a bit of gold for the docking fee. It's not cheap in my home town.
6 In the city
Lisbon is a beautiful city. I'm sure you will fall in love with it just like me. We will need help unloading our cargo now. If you have some strong men send them to help.
7 You helped me
So I want to invite you for dinner at my house. It's customary to bring a gift. My wife loves chocolate, you will certainly make her happy with such a sweet present.
8 Bring your own fish
We will have chicken, beef or pork for dinner. If you prefer fish I am afraid you have to get your own. We missed the morning fish market and I eat only fresh fish.
9 Blue or pink?
My wife took a liking to you as well. I am sure you noticed. She bid me to ask you if you would help us furnish the room for the baby we are expecting.
10 Prepare for Winter
You have found beautiful furniture. Missing is only a cozy fireplace. Even though Lisbon is pretty warm most of the year, the winters can be freezing.
11 King's summons
While you were busy with the fireplace a messenger came. The king wants to see us. Buy us some nice clothes so we don't look shabby before His Highness.
12 No weapons allowed
Don't forget to give up your weapons before going to the king. The guards won't let anyone armed near His Highness. The security is really tight.
13 King's order
So the king gave me an important task. To lead an expedition around Africa and to find a mythical king Prester John with whom he wishes to make an alliance.
14 Join me
There is also a second reason to this voyage. We should find a new way to the Indies. I am hoping you will join me on this journey. You and your men too.
15 My responsibility
My job here in the port is taking care of the royal warehouses. It looks like we will be gone for a long time so the warehouse must be in top condition when we leave.
16 Renovation continues
We have strengthened the walls of the warehouse. Now to patch up the roof. Bring some wooden shingles and my men will do the rest.
17 Reliable substitute
Someone needs to watch the warehouse while I am gone. I have entrusted my friend to take care of it. As this is a regular job he should be paid for it.
18 Helping a friend
I have already told you about the morning fish market. I have a friend fisherman there. He has had a streak of bad luck recently and caught no fish. Let's help him a bit.
19 Special fishing rod
I see you are at least as competent fisherman as you are a good sailor. Maybe if we get a new fishing equipment for my friend he will have better luck again too.
20 Chocolate deficit
Chocolate has become quite popular in the city lately. The people have bought it all and my wife can't find any in the shops. Could you perhaps get her some again?
21 King's statue
The stonemasons for whom I collected marble have contacted me with a request for more materials. They still need more marble to finish the monument for our king.
22 Hiring sailors now
It's time we start preparing for our journey. I have my loyal men, but I plan to sail with three ships so I will need more. We want only skilled and experienced sailors.
23 A small fleet
I'll take my own ship São Cristóvão and two ships that were given to me by the king. My ship is in perfect state but the king's ships could use a bit of maintenance.
24 Important tool
Now I have a special task for you. I need a new compass and it can't be a cheap toy. You are a seasoned sailor so I hope you can buy me the right one.
25 Pots and plates
I know a great cook who could join our crew. He has only one request: a well equipped kitchen. All the kitchen equipment should be from metal so it won't break easily.
26 Food supplies
The kitchen is equipped. Now we just need food. I will get some salted meat and you get dried fish. We will have to buy other food on the road so it won't get spoiled.
27 Earthquake alert
I received some bad news from home. Our cellar has caved in. Fortunately nobody is hurt. But the damage needs to be removed. Can you help me with the reconstruction?
28 Build me some boats
The ships are in good condition and ready to set sails. Now we just need a few small boats that can be used to explore shallow waters and for fishing.
29 Sick seamen
Some of my men are feeling sick. I am afraid they won't be able to join us on the journey. We need a replacement for them and quickly!
30 Sweet chocolate
We are ready to go now. I should have taken some chocolate with me. It would remind me of my wife's sweet chocolate cake. Do you have some by any chance?
31 Banana binge
Let's turn south and sail for the western coast of Africa. I can't wait to buy some exotic fruit there. Prepare a few coins so we can buy bananas and mangoes.
32 First meeting
Do you see the village on the beach? Let's stop there and try to trade for food. I am a bit nervous about meeting the natives. A few weapons would make me feel more safe.
33 Coins or gems?
I was afraid for nothing. The local people are friendly and willing to trade with us. However, they don't like our coins. We will have to pay with some precious stones.
34 Eating healthy
Now that we are supplied with fresh fruit and vegetables I would like to enjoy a tasty meal. If you could also catch some fish it would be a perfect dinner.
35 Castaways
There are some men in the sea clinging to a piece of wood. Their ship must have had an accident. Let's send a boat for them and take them on board.
36 Sailors need help
The rescued men say their ship sunk in a storm. There can be some more sailors alive after this unfortunate accident. Take some men and try looking around.
37 A successful rescue
We have found more sailors. We don't have enough place on our ships to take them with us. Let's leave them in a village with some money so they can return home.
38 Sugar cravings
Now we can continue in our voyage. But first we should replenish our supplies. Could you also bring me more of the chocolate? I've already eaten it all.
39 Storm ahead
I see a storm not far from us. It looks like a real beast. We should nail all equipment to the ships so we don't lose it in the storm. But I didn't take any nails with me.
40 We were lucky
All of our ships got away without any serious damage. Still small repairs will be necessary. I have some nails left, but I will also need a few planks for the repairs.
41 Other kind of money
The western wind should take us in the right direction. If we find land I would like to trade with the villagers again. Can you get me more of the precious stones?
42 Explore the land
We are near the coast again. Let's look around on the shore for a village or a settlement. Some food might serve well to befriend the local people.
43 No one here?
Surprisingly this beautiful beach seems uninhabited. Let's search the jungle and maybe we will find a village after all. I'll go this way and you send some men that way.
44 Run!
There were no people only wild monkeys. They attacked us thinking we have some food. Throw my chocolate at them, they might get distracted and leave us alone.
45 We are saved
I had to throw my coin pouch at the monkeys and thankfully the shiny gold caught their attention. Unfortunately I am broke now. Can you lend me some money?
46 Rusty pots
The cook has come to complain to me. The kitchenware has gone rusty. These are the risks of metal equipment. We will need some new one if we want to eat well again.
47 Let's cook something
Now that the kitchen is equipped once more we should make use of it and prepare a lunch for my crew. Every sailor loves fish. So let's catch us a few fresh ones.
48 Fish barrels
That's a lot of fish you have caught. Even if the crew eats until they are full we won't be able to eat them all now. We will need a few barrels to store them in.
49 Gift for a king
I've been thinking about meeting this mythical king we were sent to find. We can make a small statue of our king for him so he knows with whom he shall make an alliance.
50 Heavy cargo
You have brought a lot of stone. Take some men to help you bring it on my ship and we can get to work. I am no master stonemason but I will do my best.
51 Hands are not enough
Before I can start working on the sculpture I will need some tools. I am sure people in Africa make statues too. Try looking for the tools in the nearest village.
52 Talent is missing
Who would have thought making a statue is so difficult? This looks more like a tree stump than our king. Please hire a sculptor from the village to make the statue for us.
53 Malcontent crew
My men are complaining. They say we have been sailing for too long and still no mythical king or Indies on the horizon. I will try to placate them with some nice dinner.
54 Just three more days
The crew won't relent. So I made a deal with them. Three more days sailing and then we turn back. Prepare a boat for me in case they decide to throw me overboard anyway.
55 This is it
This is as far as we go, even though we didn't reach our goal. Let's leave the statue of our king here. Make a pedestal for it so it can be seen from the sea.
56 Stormy sea
I must admit I am a bit sad we had to turn around and go home. It will be hard to stand before my king. There is a storm again before us. Get our men to prepare for it.
57 Southern land
That must be the southernmost part of the continent. Cape of Storms would be an accurate name for it. Can you fetch me a spyglass so I can inspect it?
58 Souvenirs
We will be home soon. It would be good to at least bring something from the journey. Let's buy some spices and items from the natives to show how far we ventured.
59 We are back
I am a bit nervous to tell the king about my failure. Let's eat something before we set off to see him. A good meal always makes me calm down.
60 I am so relieved!
The king was not angry at all. He even promised to make a statue built in my honor. He said that the southern land should be called Cape of Good Hope. It sounds better.
That's all partner! I'm really surprised that you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude, I give you my most favourite ship.
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