Arthur Phillip
Contracts info
Contracts: 50
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 320
Recommended: 335
Complete: Helen Barbey
HMS Buckingham (Ship)

Admiral Arthur Phillip (11 October 1738 – 31 August 1814) was a Royal Navy officer and the first Governor of New South Wales who founded the British penal colony that later became the city of Sydney, Australia.

After much experience at sea, Phillip sailed with the First Fleet as Governor-designate of the proposed British penal colony of New South Wales. In January 1788, he selected its location to be Port Jackson (encompassing Sydney Harbour).

Phillip was a far-sighted governor who soon saw that New South Wales would need a civil administration and a system for emancipating the convicts. But his plan to bring skilled tradesmen on the voyage had been rejected, and he faced immense problems of labour, discipline and supply.

The arrival of the Second and Third Fleets placed new pressures on the scarce local resources, but by the time Phillip sailed home in December 1792, the colony was taking shape, with official land-grants and systematic farming and water-supply.

Phillip retired in 1805, but continued to correspond with his friends in New South Wales and to promote the colony's interests. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 10,000 Crew x3 3,333 115,000 134,000 Wood
2 48,000 Iron x15 3,200 121,000 10 Gem
3 147,000 Wood x40 3,675 128,000 331,000 Fish
4 342,000 Coin x90 3,800 135,000 95,000 Stone
5 11,000 Cloth x2 5,500 142,000 110,000 Iron
6 237,000 Fish x60 3,950 150,000 474,000 Coin
7 94,000 Stone x30 3,133 158,000 157,000 Wood
8 600 Mechanicalpart x1 600 166,000 10 Gem
9 11,000 Crew x3 3,667 175,000 129,000 Iron
10 166,000 Wood x40 4,150 184,000 104,000 Stone
11 57,000 Iron x15 3,800 194,000 342,000 Fish
12 11,000 Grapes x2 5,500 204,000 660,000 Coin
13 105,000 Stone x30 3,500 215,000 175,000 Wood
14 276,000 Fish x60 4,600 226,000 161,000 Iron
15 14,000 Cocoa x2 7,000 238,000 10 Gem
16 396,000 Coin x90 4,400 250,000 110,000 Stone
17 12,000 Crew x3 4,000 263,000 560,000 Fish
18 132,000 Iron x25 5,280 277,000 800,000 Coin
19 409,000 Wood x80 5,113 291,000 210,000 Iron
20 13,000 Cloth x2 6,500 306,000 520,000 Wood
21 638,000 Fish x100 6,380 322,000 260,000 Stone
22 700 Mechanicalpart x1 700 339,000 15 Gem
23 149,000 Iron x25 5,960 356,000 835,000 Fish
24 972,000 Coin x120 8,100 374,000 650,000 Wood
25 302,000 Stone x60 5,033 393,000 210,000 Iron
26 18,000 Cocoa x2 9,000 413,000 1,350,000 Coin
27 821,000 Fish x100 8,210 434,000 330,000 Stone
28 13,000 Crew x3 4,333 456,000 350,000 Wood
29 14,000 Grapes x2 7,000 479,000 15 Gem
30 578,000 Wood x80 7,225 503,000 1,090,000 Coin
31 357,000 Stone x60 5,950 529,000 840,000 Fish
32 1,348,000 Coin x120 11,233 556,000 450,000 Iron
33 1,084,000 Fish x100 10,840 584,000 440,000 Stone
34 14,000 Crew x3 4,667 614,000 700,000 Coin
35 346,000 Iron x50 6,920 645,000 700,000 Wood
36 800 Mechanicalpart x1 800 678,000 20 Gem
37 1,124,000 Wood x120 9,367 712,000 2,160,000 Fish
38 2,427,000 Coin x200 12,135 748,000 610,000 Stone
39 16,000 Cloth x2 8,000 786,000 480,000 Iron
40 709,000 Stone x90 7,878 826,000 1,420,000 Coin
41 1,992,000 Fish x180 11,067 868,000 1,110,000 Wood
42 16,000 Crew x3 5,333 912,000 1,230,000 Fish
43 18,000 Cloth x2 9,000 958,000 450,000 Stone
44 491,000 Iron x50 9,820 1,006,000 1,770,000 Coin
45 18,000 Grapes x2 9,000 1,057,000 20 Gem
46 1,550,000 Wood x120 12,917 1,110,000 780,000 Iron
47 2,453,000 Fish x180 13,628 1,166,000 1,370,000 Wood
48 577,000 Iron x50 11,540 1,225,000 2,080,000 Coin
49 20,000 Crew x3 6,667 1,287,000 1,540,000 Fish
50 3,808,000 Coin x250 15,232 1,352,000 770,000 Stone


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 96,000 -96,000
Coin 9,293,000 10,344,000 1,051,000
Gem 100 100
Fish 7,501,000 7,838,000 337,000
Wood 3,974,000 5,166,000 1,192,000
Stone 1,567,000 3,169,000 1,602,000
Iron 1,800,000 2,530,000 730,000
Cocoa 32,000 -32,000
Cloth 58,000 -58,000
Grapes 43,000 -43,000
Mechanicalpart 2,100 -2,100
Xp 25,626,000 25,626,000


HMS Buckingham was a 70-gun third-rate ship of the Royal Navy, launched in 1751. She was in service during the Seven Years' War with France. In 1771 Buckingham was converted to a storeship and renamed Grampus. On 11 November 1779, during a return voyage from Newfoundland, Grampus foundered in North Atlantic.

HMS Buckingham
Level required: 360
Limit: 2
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 9,800,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
5 270 430 16,600,000


# Story
1 A new opportunity
Ahoy, captain! I'm Arthur Phillip, a lieutenant of the British Navy. Your bravery and prowess in battle are well-known, so I have a proposition for you. Would you and your crew join our war efforts?
2 Weapons
I'm glad to have you on board, captain! The war is yet to ramp up, but we had to get you on our side early. Couldn't risk losing you to France or Spain. Meanwhile, we can continue to make weapons.
3 Accommodation
While we prepare for war, your men need a place to stay. It doesn't make sense to build permanent accommodation as we should be deployed shortly. Some huts will have to do.
4 Contributions
We are soon to be assigned the ship of our command, but waging war is an expensive business. We all need to chip in.
5 Uniforms
The time has come, captain! Tomorrow, we take charge of HMS Buckingham and begin our defence preparations. It's time to get into the Navy uniform!
6 HMS Buckingham
Here she is, HMS Buckingham! All ours to command, captain. Let's have a celebratory meal before we are assigned our first mission.
7 Stationing crew
War is breaking out with France, we need to station some of our crew around the South coast and help them build defence outposts in case the French launch a surprise attack.
8 Preparing for battle
We are set to clash with the French fleet near Minorca. We must fix up HMS Buckingham and rush there to support our fleet. This battle might be the first of many for us.
9 Fall back!
The French have destroyed half our fleet! Three of our men have died and our ship has taken severe damage! We need to fall back to Gibraltar with the rest of our ships before we lose more men.
10 Repairing Buckingham
Now that we've escaped to Gibraltar without any further casualties, we should try to repair her quickly. We never know when the next battle will hit us.
11 Admiral's orders
We've received word from Admiral Byng that we are to return to Portsmouth as soon as possible. However, I believe we should help HMS Weazel repair her guns and then sail together.
12 New assignment
Our ship has been assigned to join the British fleet in the Caribbean with HMS Weazel. The war hasn't really reached that far, so we should be able to enjoy the paradise for a while… let's celebrate!
13 Montserrat
Oh, no! A French ship, Florissant, and two frigates have intercepted us on our way to Montserrat. They outnumber us, but we must try to blast through them to warn the rest of the fleet!
14 Successful escape
Both of our ships suffered damage, but we managed to disentangle and make it out of there. Now that we have arrived at the port of Montserrat and alerted them, let's get some lunch. We have earned it.
15 Trying chocolate
Our fleet managed to capture the French ships that attacked us while we have been working on repairing HMS Buckingham, and there are no other ones near us. We can relax and have some chocolate.
16 HMS Stirling Castle
The captain of HMS Stirling Castle heard of our contributions at Montserrat and has requested our ship in his squadron. Let's have one last crazy night here and then sail to the British Virgin Islands.
17 Battle of Havana
Now that the Spanish have allied themselves with the French, we are to attack their port in Havana with all our Caribbean firepower. We will need every man we can get!
18 Victory!
We have done it! We have captured Havana and obliterated the Spanish Navy. There is also word that treaties have been signed, ending the war. Once we repair our ship, we can return to Britain!
19 Farm getaway
Now that we're back home, I shall return to my family farm. Maybe I will build a new hut on my property! However, this is not farewell, captain, as I'm sure our paths will cross again.
20 Portuguese Navy
Hello, captain, long time no see! We have both been asked to join Portugal in their war against Spain and offered joint command of the Nossa Senhora do Pilar. Time to get back in uniform!
21 Travelling to Rio
We are going to travel to Rio to pick up a detachment of troops and a consignment of convicts to transfer them to Colonia del Sacramento. Let's get supplies and get on our way.
22 Picking up convicts
Alright captain, let's help the troops load the convicts onto the ship. There aren't many of them, but we best keep them bound, just to be safe. Now let's fix up the ship and sail to Colonia.
23 An unexpected storm
A strong storm has hit us! Free the prisoners from their shackles! We need every man we can get, or we will all die. It's all hands on deck now, boys!
24 Colonia Sacramento
Thanks to the convicts, we made it out of the storm unscathed. They've proven themselves to be good men and I will advocate for their release. They should join the Portuguese ranks and be properly paid.
25 Accommodation
The Portuguese officers agreed to my proposal and have allowed the former convicts to enlist. Now we just have to build some housing for them, as they are all to be stationed here.
26 Recalled
Captain, we've been recalled to active service by Britain! Unfortunately, we must abandon our Brazilian adventure, but let's harvest some cocoa before we go and bring it with us to London.
27 Meeting Lord Sydney
We are about to go for a lunch meeting with Lord Sydney, Secretary of State for Home and American Affairs. He wants to discuss a plan for our offensive on Spanish America, with us spearheading it.
28 The plan
With four ships, we will mount a raid on Montevideo. Then we can maraud the coast until we cross the Pacific to join with our East India squadron to attack Manila. We will need all the men we can get.
29 Setting sail
Alright, captain, I will take charge of HMS Europa and you will command HMS Basilisk. Your sailors will control the two frigates under our command. The journey to America is long, so let's drink!
30 Repair stop
The storm we hit on the way has given my ship some minor damage, so we should make a repair stop in Rio just to be safe. We should also refill our supplies.
31 Armistice
I've just received a letter from Lord Sydney. England and Spain have reached an armistice. The plan is off officially, but I think we should stick around just in case. We'll need a place to stay.
32 Reward
Though I'm disappointed we didn't get our naval glory in this war, we should still reward your men for their loyalty in joining us once we return. It may cost us now, but be handy for us down the road.
33 Lord Sydney's plan
Hi captain, long time no see! Lord Sydney has come up with a very intriguing proposition for us. Let's discuss it over lunch.
34 Governorship
Sydney wants to establish a colony on the coast of Australia with mostly convicts and nominated me to be the governor and commodore of the fleet. I would love for you and your men to come with me.
35 Securing convicts
The 100 officers that will help us with colonizing Botany Bay have just arrived with all 772 convicts that we are bringing with us. However, they will need new shackles for the voyage.
36 Repair stop
Before we set out on the longest leg of our journey, we should make a stop with our allies in Porto. We need to make repairs, wouldn't want to get caught out in the middle of the Pacific.
37 Sydney
We have arrived, so I hereby name this bay after Lord Sydney, Sydney Cove! Now, 40 of our convicts died and though they deserve a burial, there are more pressing matters. We need to start building huts.
38 Norfolk colony
We should send your first mate with some of the men to establish a colony, so the French don't claim it. We should also give them our money so they can trade with South America as they are closer.
39 The colony's future
I don't want New South Wales to just be a prison camp, I want an actual town. We should stop distinguishing between the prisoners and regular marines by giving them all uniform clothing.
40 Building a city
We found a large supply of stone, so once we mine it, we can start building more durable houses, a courthouse, and all else our city will need. Sydney is starting to take shape!
41 Lack of food
The weather has not been kind to our crops, so we need to get fishing or our people will starve. We should catch as many as we can now and salt them. The fish will need to last us the whole winter.
42 The natives
Do you see them? There is a group of natives on the beach! Go get your men for back-up! I want to try and talk to their leader, but we must be careful. We cannot afford a war with them at our weakest.
43 Establishing contact
I will try to approach their leader to communicate-- ARGH! I have been speared! Do not retaliate! We cannot fight them. Just fall back to camp and find me some cloth for this wound!
44 Protection
I do not want to war with the natives. If the colony is to survive the winter, we might very well need their help. However, we should still make some weapons in case we have to defend ourselves.
45 Bennelong
One of the natives by the name of Bennelong paid us a visit. He seems to want to learn our language and culture to act as a middle man between us and the natives. Let's have a drink with him!
46 More convicts
Britain sent us more convicts for the colony and barely any supplies. This will be a tough winter. Can you see if the natives would help us with building huts for the newcomers?
47 Job division
Now that there are over four thousand of us, it is time we get some specialist fisherman. Have your men and the natives teach some of the new recruits how to fish properly in the local waters.
48 Borders
Though it would be foolish to bound New South Wales as we can continue to expand unchallenged for now, we should create a border around Sydney in case of foreign attacks.
49 Returning to London
Starting this colony from scratch has taken a real toll on me. I think it is time for me to retire and return to England with Bennelong. Would you mind if some of your men came with us on the voyage?
50 Retirement
The worst is behind us here in New South Wales. Thank you so much for all your help, captain! Without you, I could not have built this colony. It's time for me to enjoy my plentiful pension. Farewell!
I leave my beautiful ship in your gentle care. I hope you have no complaints about that. So long, captain!
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