Anna Shchetinina
Contracts info
Contracts: 40
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 130 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 410
Recommended: 425
Complete: Jacques Cousteau
30 Gem

Anna Ivanovna Shchetinina (26 February 1908 – 25 September 1999) was a Soviet merchant marine sailor who became the world's first woman to serve as a captain of an ocean-going vessel.

Shchetinina was born at the Okeanskaya Station near Vladivostok in a family of a railway switchman. In 1925 she entered the navigation department of the Vladivostok Marine School. After graduation she worked with a shipping company in Kamchatka Peninsula, where she started as an Ordinary Seaman (or, rather, "Seawoman"), and rose to a captain. At the age of 24 she received her navigator's license (qualifying her for a position equivalent to a Second Mate in the Western merchant marines), and at 27 became the world's first female captain of an ocean-going ship. She attracted international attention on her first voyage as a captain (in 1935), as a young woman in charge of MV Chavycha on its journey from Hamburg (where it had just been purchased) to the Russian Far East around Europe, Africa, and Asia. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Anna's journey in Seaport, check her storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 340,000 Iron x25 13,600 240,000 1,156,000 Stone
2 709,000 Wood x50 14,180 252,000 1,844,000 Fish
3 14,000 Crew x3 4,667 265,000 280,000 Iron
4 1,211,000 Coin x80 15,138 279,000 1,666,000 Wood
5 13,000 Copper x2 6,500 293,000 10 Gem
6 645,000 Stone x40 16,125 308,000 2,419,000 Coin
7 941,000 Wood x57 16,509 324,000 1,470,000 Stone
8 1,025,000 Fish x60 17,083 341,000 1,094,000 Iron
9 1,678,000 Coin x95 17,663 359,000 2,102,000 Wood
10 17,000 Crew x3 5,667 377,000 10 Gem
11 15,000 Cloth x2 7,500 396,000 1,043,000 Fish
12 538,000 Iron x28 19,214 416,000 3,228,000 Coin
13 1,314,000 Fish x67 19,612 437,000 2,511,000 Wood
14 868,000 Stone x43 20,186 459,000 1,373,000 Iron
15 2,284,000 Coin x110 20,764 482,000 10 Gem
16 1,367,000 Wood x64 21,359 507,000 1,987,000 Stone
17 18,000 Wheat x2 9,000 533,000 1,332,000 Fish
18 20,000 Crew x3 6,667 560,000 1,240,000 Coin
19 704,000 Iron x31 22,710 588,000 3,112,000 Wood
20 1,709,000 Fish x74 23,095 618,000 15 Gem
21 1,072,000 Stone x46 23,304 649,000 1,680,000 Iron
22 2,936,000 Coin x125 23,488 682,000 2,280,000 Stone
23 20,000 Cement x2 10,000 717,000 1,570,000 Fish
24 1,709,000 Wood x71 24,070 753,000 4,920,000 Coin
25 22,000 Crew x3 7,333 791,000 10 Gem
26 838,000 Iron x34 24,647 831,000 3,600,000 Wood
27 3,478,000 Coin x140 24,843 873,000 2,510,000 Stone
28 2,028,000 Fish x81 25,037 917,000 5,560,000 Coin
29 1,237,000 Stone x49 25,245 963,000 1,920,000 Iron
30 21,000 Cotton x2 10,500 1,012,000 15 Gem
31 2,014,000 Wood x78 25,821 1,063,000 4,290,000 Fish
32 963,000 Iron x37 26,027 1,117,000 6,250,000 Coin
33 24,000 Crew x3 8,000 1,173,000 1,240,000 Wood
34 4,121,000 Coin x155 26,587 1,232,000 2,800,000 Stone
35 22,000 Clay x2 11,000 1,294,000 10 Gem
36 2,391,000 Fish x88 27,170 1,359,000 2,180,000 Iron
37 1,423,000 Stone x52 27,365 1,427,000 7,070,000 Coin
38 2,343,000 Wood x85 27,565 1,499,000 4,830,000 Fish
39 23,000 Uniform x2 11,500 1,574,000 1,260,000 Stone
40 4,784,000 Coin x170 28,141 1,653,000 4,620,000 Wood


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 97,000 -97,000
Coin 20,492,000 30,687,000 10,195,000
Gem 80 80
Fish 8,467,000 14,909,000 6,442,000
Wood 9,083,000 18,851,000 9,768,000
Stone 5,245,000 13,463,000 8,218,000
Iron 3,383,000 8,527,000 5,144,000
Cloth 15,000 -15,000
Cement 20,000 -20,000
Xp 97,000 29,613,000 29,516,000


# Story
1 Captain!
I am captain Anna Shchetinina of the Soviet merchant marine. I understand you have been assigned to oversee my first mission as a captain. I can assure you it will be accomplished without issues.
2 First mission
We are sailing to Hamburg to pick up the new ship MV Chavycha. I will then take her to Vladivostok. The vessel will join the merchant fleet there. Permission to get aboard?
3 Female captain
I may be the first woman to be made a captain of an oceangoing vessel but I am ready for this task. I have earned this title and I will prove it. I can work with any crew and vessel.
4 Arrival in Hamburg
I am going to pick up Chavycha. Will you accompany me? However, we still need to pay the rest of the price of the ship. Only a part was paid upfront.
5 Heading East
I will be taking Chavycha around Africa and up north to the Soviet coast. You don't need to accompany me all the way. But if you do, load up some cargo you can sell in Vladivostok.
6 In Vladivostok
As you can see, the voyage went smoothly. I am perfectly capable to captain a ship without any supervision. You can return to your usual business. Farewell, captain.
7 Hello again!
Can we have a talk, captain? I apologize for being so stiff last time. I just needed to prove myself on that first mission. Please, take a seat and I will explain why I approached you.
8 Back to school
I have been made the manager of the fishing port here in Vladivostok. But I would like to return to school and finish my studies. I need someone with experience to take care of the port.
9 Thank you
I apologize for my previous behavior. I hope we can work together as colleagues and friends. When you take over here, don't forget to pay the fishermen. There have been some complaints lately.
10 The great war
I have chosen a bad time to go back to school. The war has started and all sailors are needed to help with the war efforts. I have been sent to Europe to help evacuate people. Will you join me?
11 Evacuation
We need to evacuate the people from Tallinn. Do you know where it is? Just follow my ship and make sure you have enough blankets and food for the people we take aboard.
12 War service
The evacuation went smoothly given the circumstances. Now that the people are safe, we should help with transporting cargo for the troops.
13 Transferred
I have been sent to the Pacific to help with supplying the Soviet ports on the Far East. You should stay here and help with the food shipments. I will seek you out once this is over.
14 Peace again
I am glad to see you are alive and well. Now that the war is over, it's time to rebuild. A lot of cities have been damaged. I am going to help out with the shipment of materials. Will you join me?
15 New employer
It's terrible how much war can destroy. That's why I decided not to be a captain of a navy ship but only of merchant vessels. I have agreed to work as a captain for the Baltic Shipping Company.
16 New ship
I am going to pick up a shipment of goods from Riga. Will you join me? I have just been assigned a new ship too. Askold is anchored in the port. Let's go see her.
17 Dangerous cargo
We are also taking a cargo of wheat with us. Can you check if it has already been loaded? It can catch fire very easily, so make sure it's stored safely.
18 Human strength
In Riga, we will unload the wheat and take up a cargo of iron. We will need some strong men for that. Of course, there are the loading ramps, but it's good to have some human strength too.
19 Riga
It's a pleasure being a captain in times of peace. Just sailing the sea and transporting cargo that will be helpful to someone. No unnecessary suffering and destruction. Now let's get that iron on the ships.
20 Interesting offer
I have been offered to teach at the Marine Engineering College in Leningrad. It's an interesting opportunity but I wouldn't be able to be out at sea so often. I need to think about this over dinner.
21 New career
I decided I will take them up on that offer. Becoming an instructor at college will give me a lot of new opportunities. I am starting in September. Until then I will still sail the sea and transport goods.
22 Place to live
Since I will be teaching in Leningrad, I decided to buy an apartment in the city. Something small will suffice. I don't have a lot of money on hand. Actually, I wanted to ask you for a small loan.
23 First lesson
I have been thinking about my lessons at college. I will probably start by explaining the basics of shipbuilding and types of ships, pointing out unexpected details and materials used.
24 Fixing ships
We will have a lesson on repairing ships with basic materials. A good captain knows how to fix his ship in a time of need. It will be good to have some lumber on hand for this lesson.
25 Never stop learning
My first lesson is tomorrow. You are welcome to attend and your sailors too. A good sailor never stops learning. Many think that experience is essential, but the theory is important too.
26 Interactive class
Tell your sailors to bring some equipment they use on ships. It will be good to show the other students some real stuff and let them talk to experienced crew members.
27 Celebrating
I dare say the lesson was a success. Care to join me for some pelmeni and maybe a cup of something strong? There is this wonderful bar in the city. Meet me there, captain.
28 Fishing trip
The next lesson will be based on practical skills again. I want to let the students try to command a small ship like a fishing boat. Can you lend us some of your vessels and join us on this fishing trip?
29 Back to sea
I really like teaching. It's a great feeling to know you are helping to make the next great captains. But I long for the deck under my feet and sea breeze. How about I help you with a shipment?
30 Fixing sails
During the next lesson, I will explain how to fix ripped sails. I know many ships don't have sails anymore, but you never know when this skill might be useful.
31 Short break
I have taken a short leave from teaching. I just miss sailing too much. Let's go to the port and see if there is any ship in need of a captain. I am ready to get back behind the rudder.
32 Vessel inspection
The Baltic Shipping Company found a new ship for me. Are you interested in going to check up on her with me? I always inspect my ships on damage before taking them to the sea.
33 New mission
My ship, Dniester, is in perfect shape. I have already been given a new mission. The cargo is loaded and we are ready to set sail when the whole crew arrives.
34 The greatest reward
I have just received a notice I will be awarded a prize. This is a real surprise, I never expected such a recognition. I just do my job and enjoy it. For me, that's the greatest reward of all.
35 In a hurry
On my next voyage, I am going to transport a shipment of clay. But I need to be back in time for the students exams. Can you help me out a bit?
36 Holiday
What do you think about a short holiday? I have been working almost every day and I need some rest. Of course, it will be a holiday on a ship. What do you say to a relaxing fishing trip?
37 Building a home
Maybe it's time to get something bigger than my small apartment in Leningrad. I have been looking at land for sale. It will be good to have a nice refuge when I can't be at sea.
38 Exam period
The school year is coming to an end. I have a lot of exams scheduled so I won't be able to captain ships for a few weeks. Could you take over some of my shipments?
39 Special gift
It's great to see how much my students have learned over the past year. I had an idea to give each one a special gift. Their own marine uniform, custom made just for my students.
40 Last drink
Thank you, captain. I have no idea we would become such good friends. I hope you will find time to visit me in the future. How about one last drink together at our favorite place?
Did you think I would let you leave without a proper goodbye gift? Never!
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