Amerigo Vespucci
Contracts info
Contracts: 60
Voyage: 30m
Crew: 50 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 40
Complete: Vasco da Gama
San Antiago (Ship)

Amerigo Vespucci (March 9, 1454 – February 22, 1512) was an Italian explorer, financier, navigator and cartographer. Born in the Republic of Florence, he became a naturalized citizen of the Crown of Castile in 1505. (Source: Wikipedia)

To read more about Amerigo's journey in Seaport, check his storylines.


# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 400 Stone x5 80 500 1 Gem
2 200 Coin x5 40 520 12,000 Fish
3 80 Cocoa x3 27 540 1,000 Stone
4 200 Wood x4 50 560 10,000 Coin
5 140 Iron x3 47 580 2 Gem
6 300 Coin x5 60 600 8,000 Wood
7 250 Fish x4 63 620 400 Iron
8 250 Wood x4 63 640 12,000 Coin
9 410 Stone x5 82 660 3 Gem
10 350 Coin x5 70 680 18,000 Fish
11 110 Cocoa x3 37 700 1,200 Stone
12 300 Wood x4 75 720 14,000 Coin
13 160 Iron x3 53 740 4 Gem
14 500 Coin x6 83 760 10,000 Wood
15 300 Fish x4 75 780 700 Iron
16 350 Wood x4 88 800 16,000 Coin
17 430 Stone x5 86 820 5 Gem
18 600 Coin x6 100 840 24,000 Fish
19 140 Cocoa x3 47 860 1,600 Stone
20 400 Stone x4 100 880 18,000 Coin
21 180 Iron x3 60 900 6 Gem
22 700 Coin x6 117 920 15,000 Wood
23 400 Fish x4 100 940 800 Iron
24 450 Wood x4 113 960 20,000 Coin
25 450 Stone x4 113 980 7 Gem
26 800 Coin x6 133 1,000 30,000 Fish
27 170 Cocoa x3 57 1,020 2,000 Stone
28 500 Stone x4 125 1,040 22,000 Coin
29 200 Iron x3 67 1,060 8 Gem
30 900 Coin x6 150 1,080 18,000 Wood
31 600 Fish x4 150 1,100 1,000 Iron
32 550 Wood x5 110 1,120 24,000 Coin
33 470 Stone x4 118 1,140 9 Gem
34 1,000 Fish x6 167 1,160 36,000 Fish
35 200 Cocoa x3 67 1,180 3,000 Stone
36 600 Wood x5 120 1,200 26,000 Coin
37 250 Iron x3 83 1,220 10 Gem
38 1,100 Coin x7 157 1,240 23,000 Wood
39 800 Fish x5 160 1,260 1,500 Iron
40 650 Wood x5 130 1,280 28,000 Coin
41 490 Stone x4 123 1,300 11 Gem
42 1,200 Coin x7 171 1,320 42,000 Fish
43 230 Cocoa x3 77 1,340 6,000 Stone
44 700 Wood x5 140 1,360 30,000 Coin
45 270 Iron x3 90 1,380 12 Gem
46 1,300 Coin x7 186 1,400 26,000 Wood
47 1,000 Wood x6 167 1,420 2,000 Iron
48 750 Fish x5 150 1,440 33,000 Coin
49 420 Stone x3 140 1,460 13 Gem
50 1,400 Wood x6 233 1,480 48,000 Fish
51 260 Cocoa x3 87 1,500 8,000 Stone
52 800 Coin x6 133 1,520 36,000 Coin
53 300 Iron x3 100 1,540 14 Gem
54 1,500 Coin x8 188 1,560 30,000 Wood
55 1,200 Fish x6 200 1,580 3,000 Iron
56 850 Wood x6 142 1,600 40,000 Coin
57 450 Stone x3 150 1,620 20 Gem
58 1,600 Coin x8 200 1,640 54,000 Fish
59 290 Cocoa x3 97 1,660 12,000 Stone
60 900 Wood x6 150 1,680 45,000 Coin


Sent Reward Difference
Coin 11,850 374,000 362,150
Gem 125 125
Fish 5,300 264,000 258,700
Wood 8,200 130,000 121,800
Stone 4,420 34,800 30,380
Iron 1,500 9,400 7,900
Cocoa 1,480 -1,480
Xp 65,400 65,400


San Antiago
Level required: 53
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 6,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 50 22 800
2 28,000 Coin 13,500 Wood 1,600 Stone 170 60 24 2,000
3 45,000 Coin 18,000 Wood 1,400 Iron 140 70 28 2,500
4 70,000 Coin 22,000 Wood 1,500 Iron 150 80 35 2,800
5 85,000 Coin 26,000 Wood 1,600 Iron 160 90 43 4,000
228,000 Coin
79,500 Wood
1,600 Stone
4,500 Iron
620 Gem
12,100 Xp


# Story
1 New School
Ahoy, captain! My name is Amerigo Vespucci. I’m sorry, but I’m too busy to talk to you right now. I want to build a new school and I’m desperately looking for some stone.
2 You’re still here?
Oh, that’s great! My workers have just arrived and they need their money. You know what it’s like these days - people don’t lift a finger unless they’re paid.
3 Cocoa over gold
Did you know that cocoa is good for your health? I didn’t know it either. Do you think you could get me some? My men would like to taste it.
4 A roof over head
Amico, you’re still here! That is splendid. My navigation school urgently needs wood for the roof and the delivery is over 2 weeks late! Can you do something about it?
5 Nails
First the wood, now the nails! All of them have become rusty. Can you believe that? However, if you bring me some iron, we can make new ones.
6 A break
It was a very long and hard month, but we’ve made it. Come, my amici, let’s go to a pub together. We deserve a bit of fun, don’t we?
7 A friendly feast
I’d like to prepare a huge dinner for the whole town, but I’m afraid that I’ve miscalculated a bit. Could you help me out?
8 School Equipment
The school I’m building... pardon, WE are building together is almost finished! What we need now is some wood for the basic equipment like chairs and tables.
9 Self-flattery
I have an idea! Let’s build statues of ourselves in front of the school. If you get the materials, I’ll take care of the rest. It will be marvellous!
10 Contest
Next week, there’s going to be a fishing contest at the lake near the town. Everyone is excited, but we have a problem - there are hardly any fish in the lake...
11 It’s a miracle!
The cocoa is truly magical. My stone cutters work like horses when I give them some. It seems like it’s giving them energy...
12 A beautiful view
Our school is almost done. Now we need to fit the windows and I’m looking for more wood. Don’t worry, I’ll reward you generously!
13 Too cold!
The school is nice. It really is! But it’s terribly cold inside and I hate cold. We'd better get some nice stoves.
14 Opening Ceremony
We should get prepared for the school opening ceremony. Many things need to be considered - especially finances!
15 Bring the food
We should cook some traditional local food for the ceremony. Bring ingredients that can be easily prepared and taste good too.
16 A proper Bonfire
The opening ceremony won’t do without a huge bonfire. We’ll make a fire that no one has ever seen before!
17 A beautiful present
Each of our guests has to get a gift. My friend is a jeweller and he’ll make us beautiful marble necklaces and rings.
18 Charges
The town wants us to pay fees for the ceremony. Can you believe that?! What a scandal! They won’t get any presents from us. We’ve done enough for them!
19 Surprise
Do you think our guests would be pleased if we brought them cocoa? They have never eaten anything like that before. They will surely be excited! At least I hope so.¦
20 Best Ceremony
I don’t remember much, but everyone is saying that it was a great evening! I’ve also met a guy who would like to buy some stone from you.
21 Iron Needed
The city council is desperately looking for some high quality iron. Do you think you can get them what they need? For the sake of a good relationship...and a good reward!
22 Lumber Mill
Local lumber mill needs some equipment upgrades, but they lack financial resources. They will supply us with high quality wood in return.
23 Top-notch fish
You surely know what a compass is, right? Well we need some iron for that. Luckily, I have some friends who will trade sufficient iron for some top-notch tuna. Deal?
24 Ships Needed
Our students will also learn how to repair a ship. We need a lot of wood for these lessons. Who would have thought that running a navigation school would be this hard?
25 Precious stone
The jeweller, who made us the necklaces for the ceremony, would like to buy more stone from you. It was the best one he’s ever worked with!
26 Pricey tutors
My marine navigation lessons have become really popular! It seems like I’ll need an assistant soon. Can you get me someone? I’ll reward you with a fresh batch of fish!
27 Cocoa expedition
Soon, I’ll be dispatching my ships with various goods to Rome. This means, that your cocoa must be shipped too!
28 Amerigo from Florence
Did you know that I’m from an Italian town called Florence? Well, now you know! From there I will be transporting some precious stone. Help me deliver it to Rome with your ships.
29 New anchor needed
They must be joking! My crew has just told me that some monster ate their anchor. A ship can’t sail without an anchor.¦ well, actually it can, but it definitely shouldn’t!
30 Gift for the temple
I used to live in a temple for a couple of months in Florence. All I can tell you is, that the place means a lot to me. Therefore, I’d like to donate them some money.
31 Sea monster
I was thinking about the missing anchor. This has never happened to me. We have to find out what caused it. Let’s bait a trap with fish and wait to see what shows up.
32 A wooden cage
We'll build a wooden trap and bait it with fish. When the monster arrives it will be caught in the trap, then we can sell it!
33 It’s a trap!
We have to weigh the cage so it doesn’t float away. Stone is exactly what we need! Don’t worry, you’ll get paid.
34 Nothing there?!
It seems like the sea monster tricked us! The trap stayed at the same place, but the fish are gone. How is this possible? Let’s try it again.
35 That is enough!
AGAIN NOTHING?! I, Amerigo Vespucci, the most famous navigator and explorer won’t be tricked that easily! Let’s set the cocoa as a bait closer to the shore and watch it.
36 Damn thieves!
No monster! Just some ordinary local thieves! I caught them with my men while they were trying to steal our cocoa bait out from the trap. Can you believe it? Haha!
37 Unexpected bounty
I've got some surprising news; there’s a bounty on the heads of these thieves! I suggest transporting them in an iron cage, so they can’t escape.
38 New subject
I guess you know what cartography is. You probably also know that I’m a master of cartography. I’d like to teach the students in our school how to draw maps correctly.
39 First things first
I’m making a dinner and I’ve invited a couple of experienced navigators too. I’d like to plan the content for our new school subject and I want to hear your opinion.
40 New ship
I’m designing a new ship, but we don’t have enough materials. Don’t you have some wood for sale? I’ll pay you well.
41 Precious Marble
The town is building a church but it suffers from lack of marble. They told me to ask you for help. In return, they will give you the most precious thing they have!
42 Fish market
The annual fish market takes place in the town again. It’s really important to support the local market - the fishermen will be thankful for every coin.
43 Stone
The stone cutters have already managed to eat all of their cocoa supplies. They would love to buy some more if you have it in your stock.
44 A new bell-house
The town needs more wood to build the bell-house. The architects have totally miscalculated the materials. It seems like you’re slowly going to build the whole town!
45 Holy bell
The church is almost ready but there’s still one thing missing. A church bell! The iron supplies have been insufficient lately.¦ Will you sort it out?
46 Expensive architect
My new ship is almost ready! Now, we have to pay the main architect. Will you help me? I’ll give you the money back as soon as my ships return from Rome.
47 Wood for fire
Blacksmiths urgently need wood. They burnt all of their supplies when they were making the church bell. They said that they would reward you with iron.
48 School ceremony
Our school has been open for almost 1 year! We’re preparing a great ceremony for all the students and sailors. You, our main sponsor, can’t be missing!
49 Honor
Unbelievable! The town has decided to build us statues on the main square! They said that we deserve it. They only need some good stone supplies.
50 The ship mast
My ship is already under construction! We need to get some wood for the masts. You’re a wood expert so I count on you.
51 Chocolate?
My ships have returned from Rome and they have sold all the cocoa! People over there can turn it into something very tasty. They call it .œchocolate..
52 I’ll pay you back!
My new ship will take the first cruise soon! I just need a few coins for the authorities who will approve it. If you lend me a bit of money, I’ll pay you back as soon as I can!
53 Treasure chest
The architects have designed a beautiful treasure chest. I’d be glad if they could enhance our new ship too. I’m sure you’ll like it.
54 Lumber-mill strikes
Is this what happens when we’re so close to finishing the ship?! Could you do something about it? I’ll be really thankful!
55 Fish over iron
The ironworkers would like to thank you for the wood you’ve provided them with. They’re inviting you for a dinner. Will you come?
56 Captain’s desk
If you provide me with high-quality wood, I’ll get us beautiful captain desks. They will be even more beautiful than those from Columbus!
57 Jeweller's request
The jeweller would like to know, if you could bring him some of your precious stone. He said that this should be the last time and that he’d give you a break afterwards.
58 (Almost) farewell
Our roads are slowly splitting. We should celebrate it like true successful navigators!
59 Cocoa addiction
Maybe you could leave me here some cocoa before you leave. I’ve really got used to it! The new ship will be ready next week. See you there!
60 Arrivederci!
We’ve built a new school, caught the thieves, built up the town and got prestigious awards. Thank you my friend, it was a marvellous journey! Just a little more wood and the special reward is yours!
That's all partner! I'm really surprised that you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude, I give you my most favourite ship.
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