Abel Tasman
Contracts info
Contracts: 60
Voyage: 1h
Crew: 100 Crew
Ships: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Contractor requirements
Level: 160
Recommended: 180
Complete: Isambard Kingdom Brunel
Zeemeeuw (Ship)

Abel Janszoon Tasman (1603 – 10 October 1659) was a Dutch seafarer, explorer, and merchant, best known for his voyages of 1642 and 1644 in the service of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). He was the first known European explorer to reach the islands of Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) and New Zealand, and to sight the Fiji islands. (Source: Wikipedia)

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# Required Bonus* Cargo** Xp Reward
1 12,000 Wood x12 1,000 8,500 30,000 Fish
2 2,500 Crew x2 1,250 9,300 15,000 Stone
3 30,000 Coin x25 1,200 10,100 25,000 Wood
4 1,500 Grapes x2 750 10,900 20,000 Iron
5 7,000 Stone x10 700 11,700 50,000 Coin
6 24,000 Fish x16 1,500 12,500 35,000 Wood
7 5,000 Iron x8 625 13,300 25,000 Stone
8 35,000 Coin x25 1,400 14,100 50,000 Fish
9 16,000 Wood x12 1,333 14,900 30,000 Iron
10 3,000 Crew x2 1,500 15,700 80,000 Coin
11 9,000 Stone x10 900 16,500 45,000 Wood
12 2,000 Grapes x2 1,000 17,300 40,000 Iron
13 34,000 Fish x20 1,700 18,100 120,000 Coin
14 7,500 Iron x8 938 18,900 55,000 Wood
15 70,000 Coin x40 1,750 19,700 45,000 Stone
16 45,000 Wood x24 1,875 20,900 90,000 Fish
17 19,000 Stone x20 950 22,100 55,000 Iron
18 3,500 Crew x2 1,750 23,300 25 Gem
19 3,000 Grapes x4 750 24,500 170,000 Coin
20 65,000 Fish x32 2,031 25,700 65,000 Stone
21 15,000 Iron x16 938 26,900 80,000 Wood
22 80,000 Coin x40 2,000 28,100 130,000 Fish
23 4,000 Crew x2 2,000 29,300 85,000 Stone
24 53,000 Wood x24 2,208 30,500 70,000 Iron
25 25,000 Stone x20 1,250 31,700 170,000 Fish
26 4,000 Grapes x4 1,000 32,900 100,000 Wood
27 81,000 Fish x32 2,531 34,100 230,000 Coin
28 20,000 Iron x16 1,250 35,300 105,000 Stone
29 90,000 Coin x40 2,250 36,500 210,000 Fish
30 95,000 Wood x48 1,979 37,700 90,000 Iron
31 5,000 Crew x2 2,500 39,300 300,000 Coin
32 52,000 Stone x40 1,300 40,900 150,000 Wood
33 5,250 Grapes x4 1,313 42,500 35 Gem
34 52,000 Iron x32 1,625 44,100 380,000 Coin
35 180,000 Fish x60 3,000 45,700 180,000 Wood
36 195,000 Coin x80 2,438 47,300 135,000 Stone
37 107,000 Wood x48 2,229 48,900 290,000 Fish
38 6,000 Crew x2 3,000 50,500 110,000 Iron
39 62,000 Stone x40 1,550 52,100 470,000 Coin
40 6,500 Grapes x4 1,625 53,700 210,000 Wood
41 67,000 Iron x32 2,094 55,300 370,000 Fish
42 7,000 Crew x2 3,500 56,900 165,000 Stone
43 204,000 Fish x60 3,400 58,500 130,000 Iron
44 215,000 Coin x80 2,688 60,100 250,000 Wood
45 235,000 Wood x96 2,448 61,700 570,000 Coin
46 8,000 Grapes x5 1,600 64,100 50 Gem
47 150,000 Stone x80 1,875 66,500 160,000 Iron
48 8,000 Crew x2 4,000 68,900 500,000 Fish
49 115,000 Iron x64 1,797 71,300 350,000 Wood
50 370,000 Fish x100 3,700 73,700 205,000 Stone
51 620,000 Coin x200 3,100 76,100 190,000 Iron
52 251,000 Wood x96 2,615 78,500 650,000 Fish
53 164,000 Stone x80 2,050 80,900 680,000 Coin
54 9,500 Grapes x5 1,900 83,300 450,000 Wood
55 9,000 Crew x2 4,500 85,700 245,000 Stone
56 140,000 Iron x64 2,188 88,100 800,000 Coin
57 402,000 Fish x100 4,020 90,500 220,000 Iron
58 680,000 Coin x200 3,400 92,900 285,000 Stone
59 178,000 Stone x80 2,225 95,300 800,000 Fish
60 263,000 Wood x96 2,740 97,700 930,000 Coin


Sent Reward Difference
Crew 48,000 -48,000
Coin 2,015,000 4,780,000 2,765,000
Gem 110 110
Fish 1,360,000 3,290,000 1,930,000
Wood 1,077,000 1,930,000 853,000
Stone 666,000 1,375,000 709,000
Iron 421,500 1,115,000 693,500
Grapes 39,750 -39,750
Xp 2,622,000 2,622,000


Level required: 160
Limit: 1
Type: Sailing (Anchor slot 1)
Museum reward: 660,000 Xp
Eachie Cost OR Gem Crew Capacity Xp
1 110 59
2 1,300,000 Coin 400,000 Wood 60,000 Stone 120 120 65 200,000
3 1,600,000 Coin 500,000 Wood 40,000 Iron 130 130 77 225,000
4 2,200,000 Coin 600,000 Wood 180,000 Stone 140 140 94 275,000
5 3,300,000 Coin 750,000 Wood 120,000 Iron 150 150 117 400,000
8,400,000 Coin
2,250,000 Wood
240,000 Stone
160,000 Iron
540 Gem
1,100,000 Xp


# Story
1 Hey, you there!
Help! We have been attacked. Send a boat for us before the savages kill us all!
2 My saviour
Thank God you were around. A few of my men are still on the beach. Please send some of your sailors to help them. They are good men, I would feel horrible if I left them here to die.
3 Trading troubles
This has been a really unsuccessful trade voyage. We were supposed to buy spices from the natives. But something must have made them angry. Now I don't have the money, nor the spices.
4 You decide
Well, thank you, captain. We could try to buy some spices with the money you gave me on another island. But I am not sure if we want to risk a new attack. I will leave the decision to you.
5 Right you are
Let's not take any more risks and head back to Amsterdam. I don't look forward to explaining this to the company. If I could at least get some precious materials, that might placate them a bit.
This was actually my first contract for the VOC. Don't you know the Dutch East Indies Company? If you want to mean something in the sea trade, you have to be one of them. I'll tell you about it while we eat.
7 Pacifist
I am not a fan of weapons so I went completely unarmed on this mission. It might have been a mistake. Next time I will take at least a kitchen knife to the negotiations. I have learned my lesson.
8 Here we are
You can come with me. I will introduce you to the higher-ups. They might even give you a contract too when I tell them how you helped me. Just wear something more respectable.
9 Got a job
VOC needs a lot of captains to sail to the Indies right now. The spice trade is flourishing. We can sail together to Batavia, the capital of Dutch East Indies, as soon as our fleet is in shape.
10 Gone for long
I got a contract for 10 years in Batavia. I can't leave my wife alone here for so long. She will come with me. I will introduce you tonight. You can let your sailors take care of the preparations.
11 For sale
We will be away for a long time and I will need some money for the life in Batavia. I think we should sell our house here. It's not exactly new, so we could renovate it a little before selling it.
12 No buyer found
Selling a house is no easy task. I will leave it in the care of a friend. Maybe he can sell it while we are gone. I should probably bring him a bottle of wine or something for the trouble.
13 Pleasant voyage
My wife has never been on such a long voyage. But I bet if she has her favorite food, she will enjoy the time at sea. Let's just hope she doesn't get the seasickness.
14 Beautiful Batavia
Weigh the anchor, captain, and let's head for Batavia. I have been there before. It's a lovely exotic town full of coconut trees, wooden houses, and colorful flowers. Just beware of the mosquitos.
15 New home
Welcome to Batavia, our new home. I have bought a house in town with the help of one of my friends here. I advise you do the same. Houses are pretty cheap here and it is a good investment.
16 Sailor's house
A lovely house you have here. It's a bit smaller than ours but you are at sea most of the time anyway, right, captain? Now just to fill it with some furniture. I know an excellent local carpenter.
17 Planning a pool
I am building a small pool in my garden. This hot weather just asks for a cooldown in the water. Do you want to help? I promise I will invite you for a pool party once it's finished.
18 Adventure time
I had a meeting with the Council of the Indies this morning. They are sending me on an expedition. You can come with us, captain. I know you love adventure. Just gather your sailors and we can set out to sea.
19 The mission
I know you must be dying from curiosity. So bring a bottle of wine and I will tell you about our mission. But keep it to yourself. The VOC likes to keep their plans secret.
20 New Holland
We are going to explore the Beach. This is the northern part of Terra Australis or New Holland, as we call it. I will show it to you on the map. But first let's take a break, I got hungry from all the talking.
21 Schedule shipment
We are ready to set sails. Before you join me, make sure your fleet is busy. The Council requested a shipment of iron scheduled in a few weeks. Make the arrangements and let's go.
22 I need a loan
The VOC is financing this expedition but they are skimpy. We can hardly pay the crew with what they gave us. Of course, once we return with something valuable the reward will be worth it.
23 At sea
We have now been at sea for almost a month. I would welcome solid ground under my feet again. And we need to refill our water supplies. Tell the men to look out for land.
24 Land on the horizon!
There! Let's anchor in the bay. This island looks pretty large and green. I bet there will be a river or two. And we could also use some timber to repair the ships.
25 Heading east
We must continue east. Don't forget to send a part of your fleet back to Batavia. The VOC is expecting shipments of resources we find on this voyage. Look out for precious stones, metal ores, or exotic woods.
26 I am freezing
We must have ventured too far south. I did not expect a snowstorm on this expedition. I have no warm clothing with me. Set the course northeast and bring something that will warm us up.
27 Southern land
The weather has calmed and look there! Can you see it? It's the first land we have sighted in the Southern Sea. The waters here are full of fish. We should make use of this and replenish food supplies.
28 Point me north
Let's get a bit closer to the island so we can have a better look. However, we should continue north. Do you have a working compass? Mine fell into the water yesterday.
29 Van Diemen's Land
I will record this as Van Diemen's Land. Mr. Van Diemen sponsored this expedition, so we should honor him by naming this land after him. Still, he could have been a bit more generous with the money.
30 Prepare the flag
We are supposed to claim this land for the Dutch so we will have to anchor in the bay in front of us. Prepare the Dutch flag. Make sure the pole is sturdy and stays up even in the coming storm.
31 We have to get wet
This storm blows us away from the bay each time we want to enter. And I have seen a lot of rocks in the water. If we want to plant that flag on the beach, a few men will have to swim there.
32 I trust you most
Can you accompany the sailors swimming to the beach and make sure they fasten the flag among the rocks? The sand could be easily washed away by the sea. I know I can trust you to take care of it.
33 A drink to discovery
Good job, captain. Now we can sail on. But first, come into my cabin. We should drink to our first discovery on this voyage.
34 Harpoon in hand
The winds are unfavorable here. We can't continue north. We must go east. If you spot some fish, make sure you have a harpoon on hand. We are running out of supplies again.
35 Wild wind
Any luck with the fish? I think the ones we acquired during the last fishing stop have gotten foul. I have enough trouble trying to keep the course. If I fail, the winds will blow us who knows where.
36 Are we in America?
I see land ahead again. I guess this will be the southern tip of the South Americas. There is supposed to be an island there. Do you think there will be some people willing to sell us food and water?
37 We need water
The supplies of fresh water are depleted. We either find people willing to sell us some or we need to get to a river. Let's get the empty barrels on a boat and head for the island.
38 Attacked again
We have been attacked! Call the men back! We are not equipped to fight the natives and we don't want to make enemies anyway. We should avoid them if possible.
39 Poor lads
They have killed a few of our men. Let's look for a better place for landing. We must find water or we will all die. We can bury the unlucky lads on the other side of the island.
40 Murderer's Bay
They were good men, fine sailors, and loving husbands. We will honor them by naming this shore the Murderer's Bay so that everyone knows what happened here. Now let's have a toast to our fallen comrades!
41 They want results
It's time we head back to Batavia. We have made some discoveries and regretfully lost a few men. But Board of VOC will want to see material results. We should take some of the ore we found near the shore.
42 Careful!
We have scratched some rocks under water. We need to send out survey boats to check the water ahead. Select a few men who will take care of it. This is a dangerous terrain.
43 Out of the danger
We made it but it was not easy. The men did a good job navigating us between the rocks. Let's make them a nice dinner from the remaining supplies. We should be home soon anyway.
44 Back in Batavia
It seems nothing has changed here. I am in a hurry to get home to my wife. But then we should freshen up a bit and go visit the Council. They are surely waiting impatiently for a report from us.
45 Show them everything
If you have something interesting from our expedition, be sure to bring it with you. The Council will be interested in all records and notes we have made. Pack it all in a box and let's go.
46 Disappointment
So we have failed. At least in the eyes of the Council. We have brought no promising trade partners or new trade routes. That's all they have interest in. It made me kind of frustrated. Let's go get a drink.
47 Be convincing
Do you have some materials from the voyage back on your ship? I need to convince the Company to sponsor another voyage. I know there are still important things to discover.
48 Approval received
Round up the guys! We are going on a second voyage. We will have three ships so make sure we have enough people to have a full crew in all of them.
49 Start to pack
Let's take some weapons this time. We can't get deterred by a few armed natives. Most of our sailors are not very experienced with a weapon, but I will feel safer if we have them.
50 We will do better
Our ships are in a surprisingly good shape after the last voyage. We need only to get supplies of fresh water and food and we are ready to go. I hope we can make a significant discovery this time.
51 Gather knowledge
We are going to map the eastern coast of New Holland. We need to find any notes or maps concerning the coast made by previous explorers. Just have some money at hand, they won't give it to us for free.
52 Passage to the east
There should be a passage to the east somewhere between these islands. Let's send out a few boats to survey the area here. From here I can see only rocky reefs and islands scattered around.
53 Rocky shores
We must have missed the passage. We are already on the rocky shores of New Holland. Let's follow the coast. But we must be extremely careful not to hit a reef.
54 Mapping the coast
I have started drawing a precise map of the coast. Will you take a look at it tonight? Maybe you remember some more details about the coast. A glass of wine might help your memory.
55 Your advice?
There are some people on the shore. I have seen smoke rising up to the sky. I am thinking of sending a few guys to explore the place, but we should stay here where it's safe. What do you think?
56 Peaceful encounter
Everything went smoothly and our sailors even got some metal items as presents. The natives have access to iron ore and they don't want to kill us. This here has the potential to become a good business.
57 Good results
Let's give the natives some food in return and head home. We have made some new contacts and mapped the northern coast. Originally we were headed east but I still think these are good results.
58 Everyone is happy
The VOC Council was happy. I was even voted to be the new member of the Council of Justice. We ought to celebrate that in my favorite inn. I would pay for it, but I have not yet received my pay.
59 Family time
I think I can afford to rebuild the house now. My wife wants to have kids and our house is too small for that. With the new position on the Council, I will be spending more time here with family.
60 Little sailor
My wife is pregnant, I hope it will be a son. I will give him a wooden rudder to play with and make a proper sailor out of him. My place is here now but there are still more adventures for you out there.
That's all partner! I'm really surprised that you managed to fulfill all assigned tasks. As a token of my gratitude, I give you my most favourite ship.
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